“I had to release viruses from my brain, I don´t know if you know this or not, but there are Viruses in the Vaccines and they are injected directly into our arms as babies and those viruses take harbour in our body.
Now of Course Viruses that are exposed to radiation lead to cancer and that´s a very well documented phenomenon which dates way back to the 1960s, it´s just for the most part we don´t get exposed to any knowledge or data that would change our lkives in a bbeneficial way, so you really need to dig and find the Truth..and with the newest and latest understandings in microbiology… using the virucides,.. the pure water, the fresh air and the oxygen which of course are concentrated in these living foods…simply look it up and study the phenomenon of bio-luminescence and then you will be enlightened and then you can understand the true power of the living food.”
“We are an extremely unhealthy society and we have extremely unhealthy patterns..and we have gotten extremely out of balance with Nature and now Mr. Extremo want 100% natural foods of the trees, out of the ground, into your stomach, prebiotic fiber..not decomposing flesh, not starches that are going to fermen, no cooked fats.”
“To clean your blood and clean out your kidneys and regenerate your intestinal tract, there is a conspiracy for your intestinal tract because the establishment realizes that your immunity is in your gut so if you eat the living foods in and day out with the proper fiber and the living foods fruits and herbs are the best nuts and seeds are secondary and I use a lot of different tools
supplements and herbs to help get people back so they don’t die and then they can get stabilized and get on a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.”
“If you really want to lose weight or heal diseases you need to understand one thing: live foods, live food, why? Why is that? Let me tell you something these oranges were picked one hour ago these grapefruits were picked just this afternoon,
what is, what’s the big deal Dan? The big deal is that the living hydrogen is in this right now. I’m juicing it, that
hydrogen is going into the juice and in about five minutes it’s going to go into my body hydrogen is concentrated sunlight
and okay there we go so hydrogen is the number one
antioxidant so what does that mean that means it’s going to keep you clean and it’s going to keep you young and where
does that come from only from the live foods, if you heat it you kill it, the hydrogen goes out, the antioxidants go out, the youthening properties go out, the blood cleansing properties go out. 99.9% of humanity is killing their food and expecting themselves to have life and have it divine and it will never be, because the living life force is in the living food and we live in a world of ZOMBIES!!! ..and I don’t fit in anywhere and you know what that’s not my problem. I fit into the nature, I fit into the god truth, I fit in to the mother nature and harmony, with no shoes and no shirt and fresh air and I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, I’m just saying that I have reverence for the law and this is how we cure our cancer and this is how we loose weight and this is how we feel the best and this is how we glow with the radiant light, not by turning our back on the truth, we think we can just get away with it, everybody’s trying to get away with it, but God is the one, the holy truth forevermore, to try to break the laws of the universe and get away with it. You can break the laws of men and maybe you won’t go to prison, ripping people off, no integrity, selling women.. maybe you never get caught by
the laws of man, but in your heart and in your spirit you’re dying and that is what matters not what the men think but
what you think and what you feel when you’re by yourself are you filled with the light of life are you living your
purpose are you alive do you have reverence for the laws of nature. Do you have reverence for the laws of nature? We all pay no one gets away with it and I will live in reverence for those laws to the best of my ability otherwise I will consider myself a fool. Show me the law, Show me the law, Master, the great law. We will never escape the Law. ..Dude, I am infinitely grateful every day for the path I’ve been on, the world has made me felt like I was a stranger in it, that was not because I was not aligned.”
“That was the wisest decision I have ever made, by far, because I am feeling so good and so blessed and I went through a lot of shit in this life and I made a lot of bad decisions, because the whole thing was pain, pain, pain, pain, pain and
when I came in there was nothing but pain and so I’m going through the pain of generations and let me tell you what
I got angels on my side and whenever you show up to show up, to grow up and to blow up with your spirit the Angels will
arrive and they will roll out the red carpet for you, you will be assisted in your intentions to reach higher states of health, consciousness, abundance and freedom and bliss and joy
you have to be courageous enough…”
“You want that stuff out of you, but you have to stop putting it in, you have to take control of the
parasites that have built themselves up in your body through me eating starchy carbohydrate eating and cooked fat
eating you’ve got purification of animal flesh, you’ve got rancidity of cooked high heated low quality oils and you have the fermentation and the drunkenness from the sugars and the candida and the yeasts from the grains and the breads, what does that leave us: fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds the same thing the Bible said I mean God is a smart dude like he knows everything and he said it right there on the first fricking page: fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds don’t deviate from the plan you see, but you did ,now you’re all sick and fat and dying of cancer, we must return to the law now we are got it..”oh my god you’re so extreme”
No, I’m not, I’m the only sane one in the whole goddamn room, because every animal the nation will tell you oh yes I’m a hundred percent raw I have no plan of baking my grass, well, humans have really big brains, well, they’re not
fucking using it, well how that was intense, okay, so relaxation you will not be able to lose weight unless you learn how to relax and let go of the stress have to learn how to let go of the stress last but not least therapy there is something inside of you if you are obese that is hidden away: a fear of being beautiful, a fear of being seen, whatever it is you got to dive into it and you got to feel it trust me I’m a feeler I’ve been feeling the pain and the anger and the frustration and the resentments and all the other things that I got to experience as a young boy and obviously I’m not completely cured yet or I’d be standing here like Jesus just blessing you all or whatever, so I’m doing the work too and we all need to do the work I will never going to get through it Starbucks Coffee, Ding Dongs, cocaine and marijuana and red wine and donuts and adrenaline and sex and all the things that we use to escape the pain and don’t ever really get the pain gone, you got to dive into it, feel it and release it, you got to trust me I know this very well. I go through days weeks at a time in the dysfunctional state of conscious diving into the pain, my name is Dan McDonald. I got to go because my time is up thank you very much for watching this video
and I’ll talk with you very soon.”

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