Alex Jones – Exclusive Interview After Being Banned

“Alex Jones – Exclusive Interview After Being Banned”
Am 13.09.2018 veröffentlicht
Alex Jones opens up to Patrick Bet-David amidst all the large social media platforms banning him and his conspiracy theories.”
“This name Alex Jones who is recognized I think it’s pretty fair to say you are the most controversial political figure in America today is that fair to say?”
“I’m the most banned person in the 21st century there’s no doubt that I’m the most demonized most attacked person in the world today. (Alex Jones)(2018)(13.9.)”
“So you’ve been now banned off what Facebook Twitter YouTube redit Instagram every single one of these things over a hundred platforms over a hundred platforms all have banned you take our Apple app we just launched.”
A week before we got banned a month ago it had over 2 million downloads so they just banned it they went to number one so we’re banned for being number one and then they want us banned so they can lie about what I supposedly stand for see that’s what they do they ban you and then they demonize you.
“Your YouTube channel has roughly 1.5 billion views give or take that was just one up well that’s just one one they had 5 billion views total 5 billion views total…
Look I had a big audience and I’m on a couple hundred radio stations still and 500 TV stations…”
“I’ve had conversations with people high level in the campaign and in the White House and I’ve just said listen they’ve demonized me as a strong man with 18 million dollars during the campaign now it’s tens of thousands of articles a month everywhere lying about me never showing what I supposedly said just claiming I said something and I said this is clearly just like the Nazis did you pick a group and then you demonize that minority group and then once you’ve set the pressure that people accept going after them then it’s everybody else so I’m the first domino because I’ve studied history I was learning to understand that I’m not just supporting they picked me because I’m flamboyant and stuff out of context to demonize Trump now that he won they have ramped it up that I’m this horrible person and then now they are going to try to shut me down and then once they shut me down over a hundred plus platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google, iTunes, you name, it it’ll be everybody else and just like I predicted as soon as I was shut down it was a domino effect for everybody else so that’s the plan when he say domino effect…
I mean it’s everybody has been shadow banned or blocked my family will …it’s everyone I know it’s it’s like Trump said the tweets millions of people are being blocked from the digital Commons.”
“The truth is this world governments coming down, this whole vampiric system, it’s coming down, I feel damn good about it… this whole government is coming down, this whole corrupt system is coming down “define corrupt system ran by who?” The private interest, the Federal Reserve, the big Vatican systems, the traffic… that ship narcotics
into America, the corrupt system is in the spawn line … what I’m saying is is that I’m dead already I already passed the River Styx, so everything I’m doing now is pure victory, see this is the kamikaze mission, people
think humanity just takes this stuff, no, the spirit of humanity manifests itself in resistance .. it’s not about
me it’s about what do we do to Hollywood what do we do the corrupt blueblood Republicans what do we do the Democrats
what do we do to let them know we’re still alive and that’s what I’ve done it.”
“I love it, yeah, very close to God, very close to God baseless .. effect I always felt my heart, stomach, knots, my bones, like every moment is like close to God, I can’t explain it I’m
so close to God right now I am “are you in prayer mode right now” ..I feel good so you rely on the piece I am it now I’m now at peace I’m now at peace it’s not my name or Who I am the enemy knows I love God I love Jesus and so I’ve already passed on and that’s why the enemy hates me, because I’m well beyond the grass mill, far beyond that rest I.. but I trust God, so it’s God’s will now.”
“Nugget’s News: vor 4 Monaten: Regardless of what you think of Alex, it’s scary how fast the tech giants are silencing certain narratives.”
“NoCopyrightMusic: vor 1 Monat:
Alex Jones won. They took away his free speech. If they can take away his free speech, then no of us are safe either.”
“Perdido Atlantic: vor 3 Monaten: Silenced by American companies. Alex’s case has been made. Alex is right.”
“Urban Farmer Curtis Stone: vor 4 Monaten:
Dude, you crushed that interview. You pulled more out of Jones than I’ve ever seen anyone else do. Thanks for having the balls to ask good questions and put it out there when we all know that it’s risky.”
“Debra P Blackwell: vor 6 Tagen:
Wow!! Like being on social network is the lifeline to Heaven!! I closed/ deleted/ banned my own Facebook account, and… thinking about doing the same thing with Youtube!! So what!!!”
“Craig Scott: vor 3 Tagen (bearbeitet):
Amphibians reproduce sexually with either external or internal fertilization. estrogen and dioxins in the water supply are known to cause hermaphrodism in Fish. not heard the case for Frogs? I do know the study of Amphibians is a strong source of gathering information about various issues in the Environment. We don’t know enough about what pharma corps chemicals do to the various systems.”
“Sondra Polk: vor 1 Woche:
everyone needs to understand that you best save important information. Because. Gov will and has already started to remove many things from the internet. Keep info from you, keep you dumb down is the goal and it is going to happen in your life time.”
“No.9 TV: vor 3 Monaten: Alex Jones, is the quintessential beta test by the globalist technocrats who decide who stays and goes. There will be more right wing platforms and speakers who are and will be silenced. Free speech is no longer free speech. It becomes hate speech if you’re a conservative or anything other than a far left progressive.”
“M MMM: vor 3 Monaten: He better start taking more Super Male Vitality.”
“VAC2: vor 1 Woche: Guy is nuts but silencing him is so wrong and scary, everyone should be following this and fighting for are freedom of speech.”
“O4KAST: vor 1 Monat: In 2018 Russia we have people getting thrown in jail for a decade for political statements
I think this censorship issue is a global thing these days.”
“JDubinCali: vor 1 Monat: He’s eating an apple in the middle of the interview?! Alex has gained a lot of weight…”
“Danielle Stewart: vor 4 Wochen: Alex is crazy smart ! The arseholes think they are invincible.. We lovers of true mankind will win !”
“trump HELL 666: vor 10 Stunden: Alex Jones is a SLAVE PUPPET!”
“Dom private: vor 1 Monat: I can’t stand Alex Jones. He is an annoying narcissistic drama queen (much like Trump.).
Having said that, I can’t stand the thought of him or anyone else getting banned. RIP free speech. it was nice knowing you.”
“ThaGreaT FranK: vor 1 Woche: Crazy how fast they everybody turned on him…”
“Tef Poe: vor 5 Tagen: I hate the guy, infowars has printed false stories about me personally on their website but silencing him is dead wrong. Even wiping his old stuff from the net is wrong.”
“Louie Bojorquez: vor 1 Woche: Watching Alex Jones chew on that Apple has to be one of the annoyingest things I’ve witnessed today ! 😂”
Dusty Tapes: vor 4 Monaten (bearbeitet) :I´ve never heard of this guy Alex Jones. But I seem to really like him a lot.”
“Cesar Milstief: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet): The Globalists hate anything that they can’t control. They are Control Freaks. That is why they hate Alex… Anybody that is independent of their control structures. Social Media is something that they don’t control so here they come for Alex… Who represent what they want control of, but they will never have. That is why they hate it!”
“Rich Peacock: vor 2 Wochen:
It is undeniable that the Democrats have turned very hard left and the left wing media (ie 90%) plus top elements of the FBI & CIA are using Maoist/Police State tactics to control/frighten/arrest/intimidate/spy on/exclude any one who goes against them. Alex Jones is a canary in a coal mine.”
“Gladys Brierley: vor 3 Wochen: Such a good interview. Alex Jones is resolute God is given him peace. He fulfilled his mission.”
“Drex Mason: vor 3 Tagen:..It wasn’t about free speech, it was about a contagious mind virus.
Zombie Prodigy: vor 4 Wochen: I dont agree with Mr. Jones, but I will defend his right to freedom of speech til I die. It sickens me how he was banned for having unpopular opinions…”

“Alex Jones To Release The Secrets of Bird Box”
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