Jeff And Brian Tew – Supercomputer Mind Control

“Jeff And Brian Tew – Supercomputer Mind Control”
The People so far in the Videos that I posted in this Conspiracy Revelation Archive – during the last 6 years – are or have been very real!
“I appreciate that you having me on, when I was working with as a contractor for the US Department of Defense and FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency I was actually targeted with this technology but had no idea ..did not understand anything about bio communications technology and my first
year of law school at the University of Liverpool is when I first noticed that I was being.. targeted but at that time I still had no understanding of this bio communications technology since the V2k .. There are many people who are targeted… connect the dots…it took a while…it’s been around for quite a while and mind control technologies have been around for thousands of years, now education is a form of mind control..organized religion is the most .. probably the greatest mind control instrument ever created..
//what an engine of death yeah you got it and suffering and pedophilia and corruption and criminality and satanic
Luciferian worship behind the scenes // and
so you know various forms of this technology existed in various forms… for millennia, it goes back we can trace it all the way back to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, but mind control technologies today which.. basically depend on two things: electromagnetic energy, electromagnetic low-frequency waves interfacing with nanotechnology …has been around
roughly since the nineteen sixties and so you know we don’t know exactly what form it started with how evolved and
modified to what they have now but today mind-control technologies today … this is a weapon system now, this is not for the betterment of humanity to turn America and the industrialized nations of the world into a neuro society where people can communicate with each other and with computers via their brain waves..
//they’re going to sell this so easily to people, it’s a joke, not everybody, but the great majority, they’ll sell it to them in five seconds with the technology they have and the media dominance they have //
..and the travesty is that the sheepish masses will accept it …the greatest travesty in American of civil rights history, it’s happening right under our nose every day and people don’t even know that it exists and by the time they do it will be too late, it’s basically two things consist of two things..
they’ve been involved in the training research and development of it to fully implement it and the government who is first in the world could do so to fully implement and deploy this technology will have an incomparable advantage over every other government on earth, so basically what you have is an arms race : you have essentially the Americans and its allies on one side and the Russians and the Chinese and their allies on the other
side ….this is a directed-energy, a neuro warfare cold war
2.0, if you will, and people people don’t even know that it exists yet based on…again a fabricated falsified stream of electromagnetic low-frequency waves interfacing with the human mind, the brainwave patterns of their victims, so they’ve been spraying this nanotechnology and //
spraying nanotechnology.. chemtrails ladies and gentlemen
…nanotech and that includes…Morgellons under that umbrella we’ve got chemtrails we have the dispersion of things machines nano machines self-replicating machines that can be inhaled you can drink it with water or you can eat it with food and you’re
getting at all three ways believe it and it’s been going on for what since the mid 90s I guess is when I started in earnest deploying this //
Yes they are spraying it go ahead yeah they’ve been
living spraying the nanotech and the biotech.. into the hydrosphere for the last we know at least 25 years the
nanotechnology and the biotechnology filters down from the hydrosphere into the water supplying the food change and
now is infected..
they’re not just infected, they’re infested and when you you people think about well I’m not going to get chipped..
you’re already chipped, its way down the road past that, go ahead Brian
Dr. Robert Duncan who I’m a student of his his writings of his work he said you know in an interview that he gave it’s just too late it’s too late to stop it because one reason but it’s
because you know the technology has advanced so far and it’s so
sophisticated now that there’s no turning back and secondly you know there are other reasons , but primarily everyone’s already infected with nanotechnology // we don’t need chips no
way // no it’s not based on microchips it never was and in fact they don’t even need nanotech, but in a real world environment they do need what’s called an amplifier a bio amplifier and that’s what the nanotechnology is what’s consumed in the water of the food consumed in the water of the food the nanotechnology migrates to the bloodstream to the brain and begins to adhere to the neurotransmitters of our victims brain of the person’s brain and then through a process called
transcranial brain stimulation interfacing with streams of
electromagnetic low-frequency waves..the nano technology
begins to speak to them…and decode those neurotransmitters through a process called transcranial brain stimulation
and that’s how they’re able to ..the supercomputers that are are doing most of the torturing, assassination, these CIA and DOD super computers, these extra scale systems, that’s how they’re able to build a cognitive model of their victims brains to eventually achieve direct behavioral control over their victims… for that reason alone we can say we probably passed the point of no return…
// there’s another way to look at it we are we have
moved into a new epoch of not only the human condition but of human evolution and the potential for Humanity to remain
that’s now questionable, it was not questionable two or three generations ago to most people…//
basically what they’ve done is they weaponized neuroscience neuroscience is no longer just a field of medicine it’s
crossed the threshold of medical science and it’s now a chief weapons platform used by the major intelligence agencies of the world you know mind control technologies are based
off three things neuroscience psychology and what it’s called satanic ritual abuse and that’s what they’ve done they
weaponized neuroscience and ..four main agencies or organizations who are behind it all , at least if you’re
American and those four organizations and agencies behind it all start with the Department of Defense, my former
employer, who provides all the money, all the funding for their black ops budget then it’s the National Security
Agency which are hiring the top scientists… but primarily it’s the CIA and the DIA, the Central Intelligence Agency and
the Defense Intelligence Agency which provides the contractors , the handlers, the operators, these hive mind
teams ..they’re the ones that are basically responsible for the torture and assassination of mind-control Victims for the purposes of the training, research and development, it’s the CIA and DIA that’s targeting and attacking people and they’re using contractors, these government contractors that they’re using are hive mind teams ..are mainly cognitive researchers people who have some degree of expertise in the area of the mind, particularly as it relates to memory and thought process
you’re talking about these hive teams, these government contractors, these cognitive researchers being Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Neuroscientists, behavioral scientists and so on and they are they are responsible for mainly responsible for
the training research and development behind all of this and .. they operate in what are called hive mind teams, these hive mind teams are dedicated to the victims, the target, now not
everyone is you know if has hired mine teams that are dedicated to them most people just tied remotely tied to a
supercomputer, I will get into that shortly
// now you’re talking about ti´s, some ti´s have a hive mind team working on them, that’s what you’re saying // right
well as soon as a person is selected for this for this technology all the other than that the empty or available
apartments, homes, offices, hotel rooms etc.. in and around, they are leased, they are subleased then the hive mind teams move in, the surveillance teams move in … on and on down to the organised stalkers at the street level surround
the victim and they keep the victim at that point in what’s called a floating box, it’s called a psychotronic concentration camp, the science behind mind control technologies is called
psychophysics, the technology behind mind control technologies it’s called psychotronics.”
Talking about the invisible world of mass mind control and individual mind control that is it’s just extraordinary
They’re not in some underground base, somewhere, they’re in every town, every city ..they’re hiding in plain sight, the best secret is that which is hidden in plain sight
and these hive mind teams are hiding in plain, they’re psychiatrist at the local mental hospital, they’re the psychologists at the local Children’s Clinic, they’re ..
neuroscientists at the local university etc.. okay, they’re hiding in plain sight and these cognitive researchers are the ones that are responsible for a lot of the torture and assassination that goes on for the purposes of training , research and development and mind-control technology they’re using two interfaces like we said their brain to computer
interface, that’s the supercomputer, the sophisticated and advanced access trail system, downloads all electromagnetic activity , all these synaptic responses, the electromagnetic emissions of the victims brain is downloaded at the speed of light, energy travels at the speed of light, so they can download upload the speed of light back into
a database as they build .. the supercomputer is programmed to build using various software programs a cognitive model of your brain to eventually achieve direct behavioral
control over you and… the second interface, these hive-mind
teams, these cognitive researchers are using is the electronic brain the brain interface , it’s basically a neuro chip a little smaller than a grain of sand inside the body or gear of the hive mind team members, so they’re some
office somewhere no they’re actually out in the field around you trying to interact with you constantly and that’s part of the organized stalking, so the electronic b2b interface allows them to inject to manipulate the the brainwave signature
of the victim, to inject, once they have been able to build a cognitive model of the victims brain, they begin to to clone one of the one the people involved in the teams is called a clone this is basically you know psychiatrist psychologist excited a cognitive researcher that basically clones his brainwave signature to that of the victim so that he can begin to inject with his thoughts, his memories, his sensations
into the victims subconscious to manipulate the mental substrate of the victim the self… .. they’re
trying to achieve many things with this technology , such as interdimensional communications, training, research and
development and interdimensional communications, like synthetic telepathy, remote viewing etc.. they’re trying to learn how to manipulate matter, energy and space with their brainwaves, they’re trying to learn how to achieve knowledge by mere contemplation, such as accelerated learning where you turn the
brain of the person into a giant search engine like Google or .. encyclopedia etc etc it just goes on and on, there are a lot of reasons this is going on, but they’re using three platforms to target their victims people think they’re being attacked with cell
phones I’ve heard them say that and they’re being attacked with drones and helicopters.. no … the provocations..the stalking may include such things to provoke the victim into emotional responses which can be remotely measured and integrated back into rmn data..their
constant mind games which are necessary but you’re being attacked by a supercomputer and it’s using one of
three platforms it’s using a tower a satellite or what’s called a mobile platform okay..
//Brian can they not can they not also just use the
Gwen towers for a national coverage or the grid for regional or local coverage they can introduce any frequency they want into the grid it goes right into the home or the office or the location of the individual and emanates and radiates from the wiring in the house that’s another possible platform isn’t it?
the composition habits of a victim but all that goes back to the mapping of the brain of the victim , they’re using
physical and psychological trauma.. they’re using physical trauma and psychological trauma to map out and reverse-engineer the sensory and neural pathways of the victims brain and central nervous system, so constant you know torture to map out
trauma to the victims anatomy to map out each region of the victims.. directed-energy torture your skin begin to modulate the stream of energy causing targeting the cerebral cortex causing your skin to burn well your skin is not really
burning, the sensation is just as real okay or do you know they can cause you know other forms of pain you know pulsating pain to the head and ears you know they can basically but by simple modulation of the stream the phase frequency and amplitude of this bi-directional stream of energy they can target any region any organ of the human anatomy because each of the human anatomy is a vibratory organism each area each region each
organ has its own vibration //can they not also induce in that individual severe states of anxiety depression elation whatever
they want they can play with that person and make them feel like they’re having a nervous breakdown //
yeah all of that, all of that is part of their tactics..
I learn how to defeat them to disrupt their technologies to understand the non-cooperative gaming theorem, it’s called the monikerm, it is called the hyper game theory basically hyper game theory is essentially two models two models combined into one it’s game theory applied to decision tree modeling and
John Nash used that that model.”
“..response statistics and then from the statistical data those
response statistics a coherent pattern can be determined which then can be identified, developed and integrated back into rnm data, they are constantly forcing the victim to respond and these government informants.. provocateurs, these low-level thugs on the street … that’s what they are… low-level informants that are used to constantly harass and provoke, remember they’re using not just physical trauma but psychological trauma ..remember they’re using not just physical trauma but psychological trauma.. force the victim..the technology torture for example is designed to be brutal , precisely so no one will believe it’s happened well so tactics the the violence the harassment the threats of violence the hostak they’re designed to create a hostile environment everywhere the victim goes to force the victim into isolation to force the victim back into the home of their apartment where there’s no external activities going on a chaotic and random events going on around the victim which entrains the victims brain away from their –their neuro program the visual of verbal and treaments the system is using 24 hours a day to keep your brain a train to the system-.”
“censorship, memory management and direct behavioral control,
that’s what they’re doing to them and they’re doing it for they’re using them as guinea pigs for training, research and
development censorship is simply to restrict the victim from engaging in any type of activity, external activity which
disrupts or interferes with their technology, okay, that’s called censorship so they use trauma and pain they’ll use drowsiness etc by modulation of the .. amplitude of the stream though they’ll use you know pain stimulus//
we talking about like arthritis pain symptoms headaches backaches..//”

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