Gangstalkers living in a own slavement game. TI are no slaves
“Gangstalkers living in a own slavement game. TI are no slaves”
Am 02.06.2017 veröffentlicht – Trankryption 9.12.2018
“Just imagine you in a simulation in a it’s some kind of a dream and they’re manipulating the things that happen to you in this dream from another dimension with a machine
and they’re inserting things… and the people that are doing all this they think that they’re at the top of the food chain and they’re being handled and they’re being made to
do all this they don’t even know it but they’re the buttons are being pushed and they were they’re part of the high they have no will of their own anymore
so they just have to do what they’re programmed to do and that’s what they’re doing so they have no freedom but they delight and then when you’re scared
thank God I think he’s talking about me you know all the way across town here I don’t know me hearing it’s like they knew I’d be here or something how could
they coordinate that ..are they following me no man you’re on The Truman Show buddy they’re controlling the whole thing from off camera that’s it hello it’s not contiguous it’s it’s it says
make believe here…I already know.. well, how do you know? Oh, you’re dealing with another world that knows a lot of things you don’t know and you never get an answer from that person because it would be illegal for them to say anything even if they did it wouldn’t make sense because it’s multi-dimensional they would just say it’s your choice to be miserable
don’t you understand it’s your freewill choice to be miserable and I’m saying well, what did I choose that’s make you be miserable?.. and then of course you’ll get
no answer because the fact of the matter is you know most people in that situation have not made a choice they’re in the valley of decision they haven’t
chosen they don’t believe there’s a matrix there with the devil running it and that most of their friends are part of they don’t believe that they don’t
believe it, they don’t believe it then they wind up targeted and then skies the bank it’s the dentist it’s them there’s nowhere they can go there’s nowhere they
can run to know where they can hide it’s coordinated that it doesn’t matter what person you run into they’re all part of it is it billions? I’ve flown thousands
of miles away only to have the bartender and hotel somewhere else say we know who you are? ,,, things like that and then act like hello Mr. bartender…
that button was pushed: he said what he said .. but the point is it scared you didn’t it? It altered your course didn’t it? It did harm to you didn’t it?
It’s been a plague to you hasn’t it? It never seems to stop, they kept messing with you and messing with you and your life has been ruined and you haven´t slept, haven´t you?
…and everything is just wrecked and nobody you can trust all the old friends you have there they’re not trustworthy anymore either there’s nowhere to go it’s just terrible!!!
So I think we’ve exhausted this topic there is only one solution and no as far as Dr. Hall concerning said that usually you’re not going to get out of it he wanted me to be in kind of joining the community because I’m not going to get out of it he said, you know once they got you in their system they just keep as if it’s some kind of terrestrial thing and you know that’s where we disagree and I don’t know where is that now he may be completely you know evolved on it I don’t know all I know is what I know and my result has been great..I acted
on my result, it has been great knows I acted on what I know and then what I know is proven to be true and workable and the practical and that’s why I’m laying on you because you know I’ve been set free by the Lord and no I never heard any more Navy fight songss or anything else he said I’m going to hear those for the rest of my life..I need group support..and they had all kinds of songs and things in their head …. they never get over it again, this ruins lives, I mean these people have died they committed suicide they’ve they’ve had car accidents I mean that’s what happens when a when a child of God puts them back on their heels because they know what’s wrong what they’re doing they’re looking for an excuse to punish themselves because they feel guilty
don’t you understand that? That´s why the criminals always get caught so when you put them back on their heels meaning you can see any of their lives they’re not they you know
what happens to them how the Lord uses us as we tag them and then once they’re tagged their own people reject them they might even become TI’s themselves at that point, it’s all for the good because you see in their misery they can repent, just like my misery and he thought they put a lot of ministry I mean a lot I could be really bitter for the rest of my life but I’m not and I wasn’t even over the last ten years even though there was still going on you know, poisonings and things like that have happened over the last ten years but I’m still not bitter
even though these are traumatic things you know when people try to kill you or hurt you or you know it’s weird like in surepitious or deceptive or gang stalking manner then of course you know you could finally just be so paranoid and bitter that everything sucks it is just always going to suck it will just blow your brains out and if you try to go to a shrink and explain it all you
know like that will help you so they’ll tell me all about it boy you really have issues with betrayal don’t you now that’s just sounds like crazy talk those
people weren’t waiting there at the gas station for you you just missed it you’re just delusional here you need to be on medication that’s what you’re good, even though they know full well what you’re describing is real that’s right that’s how your psychiatrists role, great, great job and that’s why they commit suicide more than the other group why? Because they feel guilty is why guilt guilt guilt guilt guilt, psychiatrists have guilt they have guilt in all this they’ve been perpetrators in all this !!!!! They got a hand and evil, they’re liars!!!!!.. and so they feel guilty about misleading their patients many of whom are targeted individuals who they end up labeling as mentally ill and that becomes a social stigma and they become victims for the rest of their lives.
.. and then when I got invited to this friends for dinner and something that triggered in me something crazy and I just bolted from there and when ran and hid in my apartment..they were heaving weeds…and then there was a manifestation of this house, it was at this house, it was like this Doctor’s house and later I found out he and the misses were having at it on the side [Laughter] it cranks me up ..but no everything cracks me
up all that kind of stuff … she was such a jerk because she didn’t backed me up.. when I suddenly was accusing them I was like.they were coordinating in on me…I was just like I am just here enjoying the party .. they’re a bunch of people all professionals and wealthy people you know what I mean kind of a kind of a high high-end kind of a party thing… and then after that I’d see this guy this doctor..he was kind of an asshole …but I mean he was
not doing that what he was doing then and what happened there at the party to explain it is that all they all manifested whatever is in them he’s being controlled by another source and so they were starting to be coordinated in
other words I saw glimpses of something that I got thought I got over 20 years ago and I told my wife at the time I said you know I think I need help I think I’m kind of slipping back into you know being delusional …I need
some help.. maybe I got to go see a shrink … or something “I think that’s a good idea.” she would say something’s wrong with you so she was not nice, okay, right, meanwhile there’s this whole other world but I know
nothing about going on all around me that I was actually a TI of in my own house with my own wife she was one of them with all of them and none of them were actually the people that I had known I’d see the doctor and he wasn’t
the one that was at the party that they’re two different people, now that you could say is that an interdimensional shift or is that people of a demon within the person taking over. Well, I think it’s a little of both I
think it’s definitely a dimensional shift with meaning the whole set changes all the people change it’s not just like one change if they all change so it can’t be just individual demons manifesting that
theory doesn’t work in that case, they all changed at the same moment and they all change back at the same moment, and when they change then they’re after me, yeah, that’s it, they changed back then they’re not, they appeared not to be but they still have a secret, you knowm that you’re not one of them, they’re not one of you, so you still have that and they all have their secret they’re all on the same team, they all have sex with each other and all that, so when have like a marriage, the marriage was considered fake, my wife was simply assigned to me, it was all one big fake stupid thing, they think I’ve forgotten about it all they think that I don’t remember but I do remember exactly what happened, they think it was.. something good came from that marriage I mean like a year lasted about a year, but I did get a daughter out of the deal, but you know it wasn’t a marriage I mean this was just just like a was
like having uh I I don’t even know whatr you would call it I have no idea it wasbasically I’m the idiot Truman and they all have another life, they live and they all have boyfriends and girlfriends and other life
that isn’t the one you share in your house with them and they’re keeping eyes on you, keeping control of you, right, your entire reality is them, all the parties, all the socializing, all the things you’re involved with, all
being controlled by them that would be controlled elsewhere and the weird stuff that happens the interdimensionality, the set changes, you know, the alien stuff which is also part of it, that’s all going on but then no one will tell you, they’ll say I think you might need a little refresher, you need some help, maybe some medication, it looks like you’re slipping again when all you’re doing is seeing what’s there all you’re
doing is reacting to what’s there all you’re doing is saying outch when they hurt you and you’re saying hey please stop hurting me you’re not supposed to see that that we’re doing that it’s you that’s hurting yourself don’t you
remember? It´s time for your medication well you’re not going to take your medication we’ll tell the doctor, right, right and then one way or another you know we’re in your house and then they have their own
secret life you know they all go meet you know your wife isn’t your wife she goes to desert and has another boyfriend somewhere else right they all have their lives right? Do you understand what I’m telling you? It’s very critical that you understand this story exactly, if you’ve understood it exactly to a tee you just let me know, email me and meadows at I can’t handle hundreds and thousands of emails if that’s what it turns out to be but if you know exactly I’d be to the teeth just say yay or nay in our you know you can you could explain because see what I’m saying is this discreditation of people and the psychiatric community and all that this
year today do you realize how many target individuals in the past that you didn’t know? Not part of this current batch of professional victims, but people before it was even called that? Do you realize how many people end up being
victims of the psychiatric establishment because they were trying to tell the story of what was happening to them do you understand that? How tragic, how awful, they came before you then that one when
they’re trying to bring that back again, so when people have a problem accepting reality that is what they’ll call it, in other words once you see the way the world really is that you give your consent and
you become a team player and then you will be the stalker, you’ll be the gas lighter, you won’t be the one it’s happening to, there’s a whole world you know nothing about and all the people that come into your world
they pretend to be your wife, they pretend, they’re all like CIA undercover people you know, they pretend to be the plumber, they pretend to be the undercover people you know they pretend roofer, they pretend to be you know the
maid, the housekeeper, the ..whatever whatever you do they pretend to be your best friend from high school or your good friends that you work with in the film industry they pretend that there’s this like agreed on reality that
they’ll participate it as soon as they step off the set they’re back with their bodies again you see you’re just the one on the movie set and they think that they run the show and they have this big world that they belong to and they’re
happy and they’re having fun and then they got to go deal with.. the various movie sets around the town and what they don’t realize when they feel so confident, so cocky, so above it all, so far superior to you.. just
pathetic.. they don’t realize every single one of them is a slave, every single one of them has no life of their own, every single one of them is being led to tragedy then when they get older they get dropped.
And if they ever say anything about this, this conspiracy, this interdimensional thing, this whole thing that deals with it all of it deals with every conspiracy, .. I’m not going to mention what the conspiracies are but
take your pick anyway it leads to all, if they say anything then their children or grandchildren will be cursed upon and will be the full laugh on this machine will be on them, so they keep their mouths shut
unto death and the secret remains, no it’s not like the game where they have a place to go meet, they don’t need to meet, their meeting places is the globe .. the earth be the world as it were, no I’m not discouraging it
even people pursuing the Flat Earth of this earth a holographic boom, whatever, I say it’s all good , it’s all leading to this awakening, so I’m all for all of it to me it’s always been a movie’s a booth, see they don’t know that they’re on the movie set being used as sock puppets and proud that they have no life of their own they have no thought of their own, they’re just hive, we’re not HIVE, you and me, we’re not hives, we’re going with the Lord, where we’re going to wake up, we’re going to wind up, a world without them okay, a world without going without the intertwining, without you know the fall of man and Genesis to the to the devil basically which is the intertwining of the DNA all that’s going to be over with. Well you know the Buddhists are obsessed with escaping this wheel 10,000 hell’s .. this wheel of suffering of being recycled again and again and again he can’t get out it’s just pure hell and
tortures because that’s what they harvest to live they need your trauma to live, they employ these people to traumatize you the targeted individual, so they can live, it’s all part of a chain, so what are they doing it and then
I will I always tell them to live is he rich like me has he taken the time to show you what you need to live?
Fathers throwing their sons in the fire great great dad, way to go buddy, it’s just saddest candy, but I’m not here to mock them I don’t want to mock them I realize that many of them are you know friends I’ve
had and people that I have hope and that I pray over that they’re going to get free you know they’re going to get free of that but yes if that’s the team you’re on you’re going to you know
everything around you is going to have to be in that because you don’t want them targeted and hurt like yous people people that you have to go hurt yourself you don’t want your kids to go through that kind of
suffering and become a social pariah and all that you don’t want that so you you know you hope it goes like you just tell them to keep their mouths shut and look going to work out alright and you know
you make sure that you get that done when they’re teenagers in more elite families that gets done when you’re five it starts with sexual arm training by adults and you know eventually those that thrive in that environment become
the bloomers and shakers of the world. I’m sorry ..if you really know how evil it really always you wouldn’t even be able to stand it one more day because it gets, it gets worse than that, that’s just the surface, anyway just like
the light can be just overpowering, the darkness can also be overpowering, understand, and so you need a way to get through this darkness and the only way is the Lord and if you’re a tweener where you’re kind of going in and out
they ow n your ass, don’t even talk to me about it, they own your ass, you know , you do not have your own life, you know, you think well I’m married and that really is my wife but we really are on the same team and you know these are my friend not like that guy over there where it’s all kind of the fake Truman Show where we pretend to be his friends and she pretends to be his wife but she’s really my wife mmm-hmm but then someone’s undercover around you too buddy see the chain is endless, you’re completely totally 100% hornswoggled..[Laughing].. you’re strapped, you can’t make a move dude, you believed all that rock music that was a free ride, huh, yeah buddy, I know
you very well because you know you’re always trying to mess with our people so I have had to study you over the years and I realized you’re just a coward you didn’t want trouble you just kind of got
to do what your parents did and you don’t want to you know you’re not here to save the world you just tried to you know get along well there’s a lot of our people out there too working in the world, having jobs, having bosses, having
to contend with this stuff it’s very difficult they’re toeing the line how about you you say you believe in the Lord yet you’re really one of them but you’ve got to do more than put you you have to put some skin in the game man
30:17you know you have to actually have a relationship with God and then trust him to get you to work trust him to get you through the watercooler issues trust him to get you through the issues trust him to get you through the
cafeteria trust him to get you to the you know to the gym through the TSA at the airport trust the Lord to get you through you know a simple shopping experience or whatever trust the Lord when you know they’re out
there waiting for you that could happen at any moment trust the Lord and the joyous would be grateful that’s what you want to do a real overcomer joy despite all this yes it’s possible, thriving despite it all yes
there’s a gal on the radio on terrestrial radio talking about you know chastising parents for selling their kids up and I couldn’t believe that and then she was off the air she’s never on the Air again and she’s substituted for
somebody and she she just flat-out said it’s just like matter of fact I was like I wish I remembered what her name was you know I mean I think we all know there’s a right way and a wrong way you know the right ways to teach the kids
about the Lord and have them beholden to the Lord when they’re going to school when they’re getting their you know their fortify easing their going into business school and they’re going you know or whatever it is whether you’re
going to be around a lot of people that are really greedy..and compromised in some way you know you’ve got to have you if you’ve got a strong relationship with the Lord you know and all those things and dealings you will thrive you will
survive you will do well you’ll do better than them in the end. I’ve been trying to tell people this for the longest time if you want to really be successful you’re going to have to have that relation with Lord and God’s Word and you know the Proverbs and.. you just have to know all this stuff and lead a good life, now all the things that happened to me before you know the fake wife to fake, the fake this, the fake that, the fake friends, right, people actually were you know hard to be fake patience with me and you know they were all actors, yes, I’m sorry that it does happen but I you know live to tell about it mattered and I live to understand and I live to put my my
understanding out there and I’m proven to them absolutely beyond beyond all doubt I don’t get into all the conspiracies you know I just talk about this is a spiritual battle and then unfortunately a lot of like I say the
hive is run from that other side and that other side is very sophisticated and it’s a offworld it’s not in this world so you just have to this world so you just have to understand that and and once you
understand that then you’ll be very very grateful that you’re a targeted individual and not one of them, okay, you’re targeted because you know you’re aware of it, but I mean there’s billions and trillions and billions of
people targeted that it’s because that’s how they feed, it’s just basicallyc comes down to that. I know it’s’s sick , we’re kind of like a food source or battery source or whatever
you want to say, it that’s sort of the whole idea, yeah, I mean you know the answer a long last one not these fantastical you know it won’t be yeah you know it won’t be this big …like oh my god wow it’s just as
mad it just comes down to simple you know exist, simply an organism that wants to exist and has to do certain things to exist and that’s basically what you’re looking at, so the the earth becomes a cattle farm, right, and the cattle that’s being ranched are the targeted individuals which are , you know, potentially a billion or two or three, you know, I mean there’s like half I mean so the weed the tears go together the people that are coordinating around
all those TIs are basically, they’re aiding and abetting the rancher for the purpose of the slaughter, they don’t want to be slaughtered, so they agree to help you know round them up and pretend to be their friend set up a
false reality, it’s all to deliver the goods, so why why do people get targeted, you it’s what they get off of your torture and then they would have been ordered to do that .. get to live another day, I guess that’s they can´t survive unless they agree to follow orders , say, so it’s just it’s just it’s the most bizarre thing it’s very magical, it’s very occult, it’s very multi-dimensional, it’s very awful but in my life I’ve had a lot of you know I
mean I’ve had a lot of them theatrics I mean you know mega theatrics so we’ve been bizarre mega you know beyond I mean just completely supernatural mega theatrics involving extraterrestrial things and you
know it’s uh and then’s not like they don’t know you know what I mean it’s like people I direct with now it’s like I don’t care what they know or don’t know you don’t say I don’t care
what they do, if they’re working for me I don’t care if they’re on some side that side the other side I expect them to do the job you know whatever their thoughts are if they’re going to
try to target me and they try to triangle I won’t let them because I just did I’m not interested if that MIG in my life I don’t have people in my life because so many are compromised and can be used for the wrong thing I don’t I
don’t you know they’re there to do a job they get paid for that job that told to go home that’s it okay there’s only going further than that with people, the reason it’s like that I don’t even try and the reason why is because people
are weak and they can be used and if you were targeted then they can be used against you even people that you are friendly with they’re nice people, they’re still not strong and they might be used if they’re compromised at all
you know they you know to to betray you so you know. I try to keep things professional there is that things like that can happen I try to keep things professional maybe sometimes there are problems and betrayals
and things than that for that I can’t chase all that down I have to trust the Lord but I’m sure there’s been all kinds of shenanigans but the Lord keeps it in check but he doesn’t say it you’re going to be free of it completely no you never will be on that Dr. John Hall was correct we never are free of it completely he said that to me you know a few years prior to my getting really attacked, so he was right it’s just that I’ve not paid not going to those meetings, because I don’t feel that they talking about a supernatural reality and natural you supernatural reality and natural you know kind of 3d terms of linear terms does not help me since I understand so much
more about this than just somebody you know aiming a beam thing at you which happens on that happens I’ve reported when it’s happened and other people .. said I got it – yeah okay you know you know that’s still going on and
but it’s not it’s not like it was though. I trust that God’s going to deliver me because.. I trusted he’s going to be true to his word and I’ve nothing to worry about I trust the Psalms I trust the words. I trust that he will deliver us I can’t worry about every Tom Dick and Harry and .. Allison and Jane you know trying to come into my life with…but I’m not desperate to be personally tied up with a lot of people, I don’t really have time, .. what gives me the most pleasure is just being able to love the Lord through his creation, it’s very beautiful in the desert here, it’s just lovely I very bummed out when I see you know this Pope thing … In Jesus name I pray right now for the protection
of all the lambs for the protection of all the in for the protection of the ones walking through this world right now Lord they’re all being targeted and used and abused Lord I pray for all I have to stop and for them to have good lives good productive lives where yes is yes and no is no Lord the way that you want us to live please Lord like it setting the word that you gave us today gather your people defeat Babylon and Lord we’ve been scattered and wounded heal us all Lord in Jesus name and keep us walking in your protection in Jesus and amen. That’s all I can say, it’s the most messed up thing in the world when you have people appointed to you, to be your friends to be people that work with you and all that it’s who then worked for the hive and then it’s you know your year you’re being targeted to be a victim of some sort it’s a terrible thing to have to to comprehend and it causes people to question their lives usually they get shunted off into psychiatrist and you know what I mean and then further handle and control that way I’m you know if they bleed through and see a little reality if they if the mind control
breaks just slightly you know what I mean there’s all kinds of people waited to put him under control you know Obama is a completely mind controlled you know what I mean he has many of his own thoughts or anything he may be in very intelligent and all that very talented at what he does no one’s saying he isn’t but just that you can tell that you know you can tell but I can tell with people well the people he deals with are too so he must feel a common friendship or bond or kinship but it’s if you know him and you know McConnell and the Republicans and the Democrats the all people that are part of this elite group that are have been working like he said for decades for this New World Order they’re on both sides of the aisle and they’re right now though you see there’s there’s a there’s a fight on very happy to see it and it will be successful this this thing is represented by John Wayne or Donald Trump or whatever is also the thing that’s going to put Isis out of existence and it’s going to put any of Obama’s policies out of existence at you know those policies that go back decades and decades and many many many you know years they’ve been vying for this new world order which is a left-wing thing and most of the big perpetrators of it pose as conservatives because that’s how they can fool you right like when Bush he said he was a conservative and then before you know it you got shackled with the Patriot Act homeland security you know the Gestapo you got all of it wasn’t much huh and he was like a Republican conservative can you believe it oh you know but this is you know pure evil did Obama who criticized Bush totally get rid of Homeland Security and all the rest of it did he get rid of did he get the taxes or did anybody is there any relief anybody know the reason for the taxes and everything that’s happening to the people are because number one the people um have proven to be weak, have proven to be stupid, many of them have go along to get along with the devil so that but not not wing quick they’ll never tell the secret because they’re all afraid so basically they’re going to get their ass kicked right now this whole country is going to get it.
I’m not going to go into politics that, enough people talking politics, I know everything about politics, so in terms of all the motives all the outs, everything. but it’s not my job you know what I mean there’s plenty of Paul Craig Robertson sky you listen to he knows Washington better than anybody he writes brilliant articles he reads this and he does a much better job than I
could ever do so um but a spiritual war gang stalking this issue this is this is the source right here and what you can come away with is a great faith in the Lord will quell the whole thing .. I don’t think you’re going to get a better broadcast on gang stalking you have to be patient but I think we well there’s a have to be some follow-up yeah but I’ll give you the best to my
knowledge of what it is and why they’re so frightened of you figuring out which is why they bring their their armies of psychiatrist at you to try to keep the agreed upon reality in place because what I’m talking about polls at the very set of The Truman Show it starts you know taking down the lights, banging at the back booth at the back sets at the back painted sets you know
tearing down the props that are storefronts you know destroying you know they’re getting into the central casting office and calling them all on it and it
just starts carrying off the whole thing is fake so rejoice that you know that, now you just give it all the Lord and you know he wants you to be at the end I’m so happy
that what I’m screaming I would like a little more sleep, I’m so happy what I’m screaming when I’m making music when I’m singing I sing about all this too you know and I’m
involved with you know musicians who write about all this and they sing about it too so you know somehow you will eventually realize there’s a whole other world that our world welcomes, stop
living in their world, live in our world , rather live in your world my friend , we’re in your world but you’re not yet, see we’re in your world and we’re having you know joy despite the circumstances you know and I don’t mind the sufferings, I suffer for Jesus Christ when I say I don’t like things I I do suffer people know me know I do suffer but I also
laugh and I know that I who am I to question it you know it’s real there’s a solid wall I got to live here I ..I got to be here you know not sitting on the side of the road laughing and not
participating, Paul the Apostle is very strong on that too it’s really really important that we take part in what God has given us to take part in and do the best we can but knowing what it really is at the end of the day helps increase my faith in what the Lord and as my faith increases their it decreases in the reality of the world I would even say that the Lord is the one who showed me the truth about what this really is it really comes from God because there’s no way I could have figured it out on my own amen you couldn’t either you know it
that’s what they’re so freaked out of Jesus they don’t want people waking up this has been a nice little farm for them using all of us as battery sources as a food source you like being eaten every day ? I don’t while the Lord is now announcing that he’s going to set it right so you know get your helmets on.”

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