Global Gestapo/5: More on MK Ultra, Past to Present, Report #99: Ramola D, Eric Karlstrom
Robert Castle: vor 2 Monaten: Mk ultra is alive and welll weaponised directed energy weapons against the civilian population .the murder harassment of whistleblowers. Dr. Eric Karlstrom does a fine job to expose the luciferian deep state pedovores.
Targeted Pride: vor 2 Monaten: Illuminati discards people over 30.
Dorothy G. Tyas: vor 2 Monaten: Beware of the ILLUMIZI?NAZIS…
Anne Montgomery:vor 2 Monaten: A lot of people stalk while they’re being stalked.
barbara guillette: vor 2 Monaten: I think your giving the intelligence agencies to much intelligence,,,I would blame the drug companies,,, for the drugs , we are given drugs from a young age taken gladly…
Jenolyn Smith: vor 2 Monaten: Great report as always. I believe that they are taking out celebrities with this tech as well. If you look at celebrities that are having problems, like shows “different strokes”, they had org. gang stalking, harassment of the girl on that show, she was bullied and ended up committing suicide. I think they are deciding who dies and when. Playing God. You look at the show “family ties” and there was a cluster of people on that show including michael that got parkinsons disease. I’m sure that it is CIA that induced cluster. Then you have Christopher Reeve falling off of a horse, how easy for them to use this tech to paralyze him and then give his wife cancer. I don’t think anyone is dying naturally. They are using many celebrities, giving them diseases so that they can be the voice to bring in the funding for this shit.
Paul Sarge: vor 2 Monaten: Stop blaming the Masons. They are the same as other organizations. They were infiltrated in certain areas.
But not in others. Most people are nice hard working people. Remember the enemy INFILTRATED EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES. do not make an ememy. Make a friend.
NikoT: vor 2 Monaten: The highlight of every month is hearing from Dr.Karlstrom. The best TI researching there is.
Gary Rayner:​ Sokolova, Russian friend of Obama..
Scott Payne: ​Many Perps are not even human!
Len Rom​: hello fellow EMPOWERED individuals.
Targeted in Ireland​: A director of a hospital told me he can’t help me because it’s too big, this program.
eXistenZ0086​: I´m not sure if me or my family are victims, but there have been interference by masons and such.
Scott Payne​: Babylon will hire you, then stab you in the back after useful service…..
Cyber George​: Why is it that when they spray chemtrails, it doesn’t rain ?
eXistenZ0086: ​babylon seems to be the system we’re under anyways.
Len Rom: ​from a very reliable source we are getting hit with light microwave pulses with subliminal messages on the crown of your head.
“So we have now the complicity of the University Psychology Programs and you know Dr. Colin Russell he’s another PhD psychologist called Bluebird about operation Bluebird says that the entire
medical and psychological professions are complicit in the MKULTRA experiments which were top secret and profitable for them and there has been no public accounting of this and I’m starting to
read articles from anthropologists and other social scientists saying hey we need to lead to fess up and say we were formed to a large extent by the CIA grant money to our Universities to carry
out these kinds of let’s call it fiendish nefarious projects. (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)”
“That’s right and the psychiatry as well and neurology now as well.. the neuroscientist and the neuro-ethicist so this is an example of a quote-unquote neuro ethicist…speaking up for weaponized
neuroscience and kind of promulgating militarized notions of what neuroscience should be, in other words invasion of the brain is perfectly okay, according to this particular neuroethicists and..
evolution of the human species via a neural smart, smart dust installed nanobiosensors in the brain etc.. promulgated again by the military is perfectly OK by his thinking which is
militarized thinking that he is attempting to push forward so we do need a citizen’s Nero ethics committee we need real human beings speaking out about
militarized neuroscience and weaponized neuroscience and true ethics and true human rights. (Ramola D.)”
“Yeah, well you know the whole society now has been weaponized through the global Gestapo and this is quite deliberate … you mentioned DHS..the FBI fusion centers…there’s this entire terrorism economy now just by this phony war on terrorism which of course is a fraud is just like the war on communism was a fraud it’s a way to strike fear into the public heart, so they will pay more money
to the Defense Department… which is partners with the Bush Banks and many many projects you know so we’re dealing with a level of deception here that you know is outrageous. (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)”
“Always there’s this attempt to deny of course and put up false fronts and whatnot oh no we’re not doing that we’re protecting the American citizen but the CIA always was
working for Wall Street and Wall Street is always associated with the City of London and the City of London is this you know global machine that wants to gobble up the world and establish the
Empire and many would say it’s run by the the Jewish money Kings …the Rothschilds etc.. so there you have the real power center and they’re supported by the the Masonic secret societies, including Satanists, so you have this… this infiltration of all these secret societies into governments and not just America, not just England, not just Germany, not just Russia, but those
are the principal ones who are among them.. he is a 32nd degree Mason okay .. and Cameron 33rd degree Mason friend of Sir John Rawlings Reese who was head of the Tavistock Institute, who founded the Tavistock Institute as a branch of the British Army’s psychological warfare division in 1941, right after World War one and the goal was again to figure out how to create disassociatio, PTSD,
shell-shocked in the mass population to control the population, so always the elite wants control of individuals and and groups and always in the MK ULTRA documents it says we want to find ways to get individuals to do our bidding, even if it’s against their self-interest or sense of self-preservation, in other words to turn a human being who is you know a created son of the creator or
daughter and and beloved as such and who is the highest achievement of the creator, we’re going to turn them into a robot slave for our benefit, we’re going to take away their free will we’re going
to create a weapons platform in a human being and this of course is what the Illuminati was doing before the Nazis whiich is a very very high-level Jewish secret society, very occult
this is what they’ve been doing to their kids, the Nazis improved on that systematically, the CIA improved on that systematically so there’s this satanic connection, this is all deeply satanic
trauma-based mind control is based on satanic ritual abuse. (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)”
“So you have the CIA ganged up with the Mafia as soon as they started in 1947.. they ganged up with the Nazis as soon as they started and they ganged up with the satanic cults, my goodness, and of course they took over the narcotics industry right at the beginning and because they needed a huge black budget, they needed to control a big stash of secret money and, so then they decided: well , okay, we need to get a hold of world narcotics, so there’s a great little interesting moment where one of these nuts of these mafia families was on the stand and somebody asked him well does your family deal in drugs? He said: no, we can’t compete with the government… so the CIA has been the principal controller..-we could do a whole show on that.. Douglass Valentine talks a lot about that in his book the CIA has organized crime ..they are a cult…the cult of intelligence… so yeah it is a satanic cult by all definitions and the work that they’ve been doing now you know if
people knew that you suppose they want to continue funding the activities of the CIA well is there any possible way to getting get a handle on the operations of the CIA. I mean they have
been controlling this country they’ve been controlling our politicians our presidents…the CIA runs the country.. since the fifties, the CIA ran the Eisenhower administration I was growing up in the 50s and so I can connect with all these .. bits and pieces here and reevaluate everything in my life including of course the sex drugs and rock and roll hippie culture which was imposed on us by the Tavistock Institute, the CIA and the Frankfurt School, in order to satanize the culture and discredit the legitimate social movements like the civil rights movement which were going on in the 60s and the anti-vietnam war movement which is going on in the 60s all of that was to create a controlled opposition.. the Laurel Canyon, a rock and roll scene in the 60s and 70s with some of the most famous rock stars you’ve ever heard of well it turns out these guys were the sons and daughters of military and intelligence people and they themselves were agents and they themselves were agents, they themselves were spies, but also many of them were MK Ultra, they were the enhanced Übermensch, the Monarchs, they were the people that could be controlled and a lot of these people
died at the round the age of 27, 28, where they disappeared about that age and you know young tragic deaths and the whole sixties needs to be reevaluated in light of the information that this very very intelligent guy David McGowan put together you know just by doing a lot of research. (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)”

Report #99: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Defamation Campaign
“Melanie advises that no victim trust Katherine Horton for their court cases, and I do the same, with the added remark of my substantiated opinion that she is a double agent operating as a saboteur in the midst of genuine victims of the Intel, Military, and fusion centers. I am working on two articles to further address aspects of counterintelligence sabotage and infiltration as related to Katherine’s activities against me and against others and will publish them shortly on my website, –Ramola D/12/2/2018”
“Ani Kaspar: vor 4 Tagen: Ladies, thank you. KH’s unethical behavior since I first spoke with her in January 2017, has only continued to harm our community more. I sit here with 2-3 cancers from radiation poisoning directed related to SURREAL DEW since working for our mutual goals, & I know too well how controlled opposition destroys us daily. CO must be recognized & OUTTED as immediately possible. We’re losing too much time, success & POWER to these ‘Andersons’ & their absurd criminality. Blessings.”
“Dr. Soulless Dead: vor 3 Tagen: In an early video Dr. Horton said Alfred Webre is probably a plant or bad guy because he went to Yale. This may have been on the pineconeutopia videos.”
“I. Sokolov: vor 4 Tagen: Who is behind the Mind Control programs? We all know this has been mostly a military funded program, but some private Foundations have contributed funding the research. This is public record. We know more than one hundred Universities, research centers, Military entities, and private companies. According to former head of NSA research Colonel Michael Aquino the intention with weaponized neuroscience was to develop an alternative to nuclear weapons. … What is a tragedy is the illegal use of weaponized neuroscience. The tormenting and murders of TI’s. I also think this technology has ended up in the hands of cults and organized crime.”

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