DEW Attack: S. Gibbs: Enough is enough!

DEW Attack: S. Gibbs: Enough is enough!
“Shane Gibbs Targeted Survivor from the UK.”
Elevated Artificially Induced Ultra Panic Attacks, accompanied with nausea, sweating, elevated pulse and convulsions induced due to RF/HF/Scalarwaves/ELF/DEWs and/or other Neuro Weaponry, Satellite/Gwen Tower Attacks or radiation and frequency based weaponry and Military-Medical-Silicon-Valley-Mafia-Chemtrail Nano-Implants. A typical way how they (Shadow Gov Corporate Crime Syndicate Alphabet Gangsters (Highly Criminal Rogue Factions of MIC/EMIC/Deep State/Medical Cointelpro/Pharmamilitary Mafia/USAF/NAVY/Zionazis/CIA/FBI/DIA/DOD/ARPA/NSA/NASA/MI/GCHQ etc..)) attack TIs in a most cruel way.
PS: This statement seems to be highly watched by the Alphabet NWO One Criminal Agency of the World…because my Computer got a Cyberterror Freeze after trying to post this.
PS2: Remember I am an IT Security Expert I could completely block out this stupid Alphabet Gang Conglomerate…but I have to open the Mainstream Internet Gates of the Corporate Crime Syndicate and lower my quadruple ids and firewalls to bring your messages out.. that´s the only reason why they can shoot my Computers, because they sit on all fronts as man-in-the-middle of all major famous corporate crime cartel owned Internet pages. (Zionbook, Ziontube, Google, it´s all Akamai, Cloud14 and Cloudfront, all major internet lanes that are owned by CIA.GOV aka The Big Corporate Mafia Mob Tentacle of the World)
PS3: If you didn´t know: Tuesday is Pentagon day.
RF-Radiation and its effects...

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