Free Natural Systems and/or Collective Care vs Financial Terrorism and Coerced Financial Fatherhood and Forced Artificial Slave Systems

Free Natural Systems and/or Collective Care vs Financial Terrorism and Coerced Financial Fatherhood and Forced Artificial Slave Systems:
In a progressive society the enlightened collective will take care of all children, similar to the Zeta collective and not using a rigid financial punishment slave system (that prints money out of hot air then globally creates a huge chaotic imbalance between the haves and have-nots, the rich and the poor) that women can exploit to create a doubled slave checkmate for males without capitalistic interests and that only gives people the possibility for genetic survival and genetic spreading when they adapt to a fraudulent, highly exploitative corporative slave system… for people who eventually have zero ressources or zero interest in the capitalistic system, but still are super highly productive members of society and very important for the global stability, but not recognized due to their disinterest in submitting to a outdated debt-fed-capitalistic slavery system that needs a complete renewal for a new humanity. You will see in the future tons of men (with no financial ressources or not well adapted to the capitalistic system due to its unnatural and unjust exploitative essence) who will make the John Galt, out of protest and disbalancement, because of this coercive capitalistic forced legal claw system, when they have no capital ressources, simply because reason cannot accept the way they subdue the natural world with artificial and financial prison tactics and financial terrorism. Nature is free of charge and priceless and nature does not pay a rent, nor does it restricts freedom with a legal claw system. Many serious social problems will vanish when juridical coercive financial pressure will be alleviated or removed.
The comparative reasoning in this case is not quite correct, because abortion should usually not happen at all when a healthy child can be born in the world…
..but preemptive measures and informing acts should be taken, when people don´t want children and also to prevent uncontrolled population explosion.
“Should Men Be Able to Opt Out of Fatherhood? Weighing the pros and cons of a man’s right to “financial abortion.””
“Matt Dubay and Lauren Wells had broken up by the time she discovered she was pregnant. The two had only dated for a few months and had polar opposite views on parenthood: Wells wanted to keep the child; Dubay didn’t want to become a father. When the state of Michigan pressed him to pay child support, he refused.
The resulting legal battle became one of the most high-profile cases on men’s reproductive rights to date. But since the case, which reached its ten-year anniversary this year, not much has changed.
In court, then 25-year-old Dubay put forward a novel legal argument: When a child is unplanned, men should have an equivalent right to a woman’s right to abortion. In other words, women can choose if they want to opt out of the legal and financial responsibilities that come with parenthood—by aborting a fetus—and therefore, so should men.!
To be clear, Dubay wasn’t arguing that a man should actually be able to decide whether or not a woman should have an abortion. Rather, if a woman decides to have the child, the man involved should have the ability to opt out of the legal obligations of fatherhood. That means no legal relationship with the child and no liability to pay child support for the next 18 years.
The presiding judge ruled against Dubay, noting: “If chivalry is not dead, its viability is gravely imperiled by the plaintiff in this case.”
The case was dubbed “the male equivalent of Roe v. Wade,” with both the National Center for Men and the National Organization for Women chiming in as a media circus unfolded.”
“Roe v. Wade gave women control of their reproductive lives, but nothing in the law changed for men,” Mel Feit, Director of the National Center for Men, wrote in a press release at the time. “Women now have control of their lives after an unplanned conception but men are routinely forced to give up control, forced to be financially responsible for choices only women are permitted to make, forced to relinquish reproductive choice.”
“Kim Gandy, then president of the National Organization of Women, told CNN, “Men have been trying to get out of responsibility for their children for years. This one shouldn’t get away with it.”
Dubay, for his part, would explain his side of the story in a live interview on Dr. Phil:”Forcing me to be a father financially, mentally, and physically is definitely not something that I feel is fair,” he said on the show. When grilled about the elephant in the room—contraception—Dubay said they had used condoms initially but not towards the end of their brief relationship. Wells also told him she was on the pill.”

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