Secret Cures and Anti Aging, Tesla, Lakhovsky & Beck

Van Tassel Integraton
“Secret Cures and Anti Aging, Tesla, Lakhovsky & Beck”
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Secret Cures and Anti Aging, Tesla, Lakhovsky & Beck.
Not a well-known device, the Georges Lakhovsky multi wave oscillator (MWO) was mainly used in the 1930’s and 1940’s with very great success with terminally ill patients. Scientists measure the frequencies and voltages generated by the Lakhovsky multi wave oscillator (MWO) and assume the machine provides benefits to the body by causing the body’s cells to ring frequencies in harmony with the frequencies emitted by the MWO. But this may not be the case as it has been observed that the MWO will not work to provide good effect to an organism if the entire device and animal or human is enclosed in a Faraday cage. If true, this would indicate that the Lakhovsky multi wave oscillator (MWO) is somehow picking up and directing life-enhancing energies all around us, sometimes referred to as “orgone” to the body and it is not the frequencies of the MWO that are directly causing the effects.
The Integratron, (Inspired by Venus aliens) is a highly interesting structure that was built over many years (late 1950’s to 1978) and only a few weeks away from completion, when George Van Tassel suddenly died just a few weeks before it was scheduled to open up. The famous, eccentric, billionaire (who also had a major interest in longevity & healing) was also a major backer of the project up until the time Howard Hughes dies in 1976 – just 2 years prior to the scheduled completion of the project. The entire domed structure is made up of entirely non-metallic material (concrete, wood, Fiberglas, etc) and even the fasteners are non-metallic. George Van Tassel claimed that aliens from Venus told him how to build the structure. But it does include technology from Nicola Tesla and the Georges Lakhovsky. Supposedly it’s healing powers are extremely great and it has the power to greatly rejuvenate the body to optimal health. Thus the keen interest that Howard Hughes has in this structure also.”
“I put out a video on the …Integratron, it was made by George Van Tassel, he started it in 1950s like I think several days before the whole thing was going to be like totally operational George Van Tassel died, now this gets it to a really crazy theory, because George Van Tassel said and that’s what he said man, but the buildings there you could see it in California, it’s near to Joshua Tree out there, not too far from Twentynine Palms California, it’s in a desert, I’ll put the links on the bottom of the video, but all relates to this type of stuff I’m talking about’s supposed to direct healing energies to the body, but this is like a large building, it works on a principle of like ..they call it Orgon or whatever the hell it is.. the observations are there… where people are telling about it word-of-mouth..or George Lakhovskis multiwave oscillator, it actually was used in hospitals to treat people for a while and since it was alleged to be very much anti-aging and actually they show they have pictures, they show before and after it gets into the beautification treatment, still a lot of beauticians tried to use this device actually in the 40s, they had this as a high-end anti-wrinkle device in the 1930s and 1940s and even today a much scaled-down device called the violet ray which is like a very crude mini Tesla coil that’s in a bulb, that’s still sold, even though they, AMA, said the violet ray is no longer allowed to be used in hospitals for medical use, they allow it for cosmetical use, for taking out wrinkles and blemishes on the skin and to try to like .. help rejuvenate and heal the skin for cosmetic purposes on which kind of tells you there’s something more to than just cosmetic purposes, because how
could it heal the skin if it doesn’t have healing effect in general, right..this is one of the few things out there that I think has very powerful potential and getting back to this integratron…but basically it’s working off the same principle it’s directing these healing energies that are around us to the body and ..if you want to believe this garbage or not because I don’t like it when they start talking aliens but he says.. George’s Van Tassel said this anyway but the building does exist that’s reality, he says that the aliens told them to build this, because it’s going to save the human race by extending life 20 to 50 years and that would cause in other words knowledge to be passed down from generation to generation much better …maybe around another 50 years developing… sports cars or something right anyway but that’s the whole idea behind it and I find that… as far as the actual concept behind directing life-giving energies into the body and rejuvenating and extending life and fighting disease by strengthening the body that concept looks very valid to me and just looking at it very hardcore cold science wise and looking at it from the empirical evidence in other words and the establishment medical community, well, the establishment of medical community and some of the top-notch hospitals in the world at least a few not everywhere but in some places, high-end hospitals, top-notch doctors and stuff evaluated this device, Lakhovski Coil,the multi wave oscillator..they evaluated it in the 1930s and 40 for quite a long period of time for a couple decades and they wrote down exactly the results. This George Van Tassel Integratron, I believe how you call it in California, it kind of works off the same way, it’s not using a Tesla coil, but its concentrating the energies that are in around us, these cosmic rays or whatever the hell they are, these life-giving energies and concentrating them to the body so .. this might be very legit, so I’d like for people to keep this idea alive.”

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