Evil MPD Advanced Switch Witch MK Alter Ego Demonic Attack

“How An Advanced Occultist And Client Inflicted Me With A Knee Infection From Neg Attacks… Why A Victim Of Attack Needs To Break Contact And Incinerate Any Gifts Or Connections Immediately
To celebrate the launch of the Defense Against Dark Arts video program I am sharing things that I don’t usually speak about in public. I’ve had many requests to elaborate on something I mentioned in the last newsletter where I said:
The first time I encountered it, I delayed action in a “WTF moment” which allowed IT to act first. Never again!
This story started over ten years ago, when a woman in EU contacted me, requesting help in fighting off a suspected magical attack. She had recently split from a magical group in a non-amicable way, which put her at high risk. My senses told me to be wary, but I did what I could to help. I wondered at the time, though, why an advanced occultist would even want my advice on something like this. She should know how to take care of herself. About a year later, her situation had steadily improved and our relationship had changed into one of normal life counseling and support, as she was going through some difficult times. I suspected she may have wanted more than just friendship, so I made sure to keep things professional.
I did not hear from this woman for a few days, and then received an email telling me that she had been in hospital with double pneumonia. This had started within a few hours of my doing the banishment and reversal. I said nothing, but was becoming suspicious. She seemed like such a nice person, I could not imagine her harming anyone. I recovered from the lung condition and was feeling much better after a week.
About two weeks later, a similar thing happened. The same messy ball of string appeared in my room and struck me in the right knee. This time, I did not notice it right away, and again delayed in taking action. This resulted in a peculiar infection in my right knee joint, needing more antibiotics. Again, this woman was struck down with sudden infections in both her knees at the same time.
This situation continued for several months, with attack after attack, and reversal after reversal. Everything I got, she got double. She was almost dead by the time this peculiar dance ended. She had spent several weeks in and out of hospital and her doctors were completely perplexed at why she was getting so many sudden infections.
I did not tell her about the string of infections I had also had that matched hers, or what I had been doing after I got the first infection. I decided to just be on my guard and continue observing. I was learning a great deal from this, albeit along with a total of seven peculiar infection. Then she suddenly got upset and broke contact with me, for no particular reason, and the attacks ended.
Several years passed with no sign of the evil string ball thingy. Then, just over a year ago, the same woman contacted me and apologized for breaking contact earlier. She was going through a new round of life problems, including a messy divorce, and wanted my advice and support. My instincts again told me that this situation was not what it appeared to be, but, again, I agreed. Everything seemed to go well for a year or so, and we got to know each other fairly well. Then she had a car accident and was quite badly injured. She could not work, lost her job, and was in a lot of pain. I tried to be supportive, but I now seemed to be dealing with a totally different person. I could not talk to her without making her angry. My every sentence seemed to upset her. She demanded that she wanted to deal with things on her own. So I quietly withdrew and just observed. Then, I got a series of angry emails accusing me of all kinds of things that were totally untrue. Before I had time to address these, she broke all contact. One week later, the major attack I described in last week’s newsletter occurred.
Putting two and two together, I think it is obvious that this woman was the source of the attacks on me all along. I do not think this was deliberate on her part. I had come to know her fairly well and she appeared to be a very kind and compassionate soul. I think she may have something like multiple personality disorder. One aspect of her was very nice, the other was quite hateful. And these different aspects seemed oblivious of each other. Remember, this woman was an advanced occultist. So, either the attacks were deliberately sent by her evil aspect, or, she had an entity attached to her that was acting independently. I suspect that a Round Three may be possible in the future, and then I may learn more.
Breaking contact with a potential source of psychic/neg attacks is Rule #1 in Defense Against Dark Arts. When you do this, it is also wise to return, destroy, or give away any gifts you might have received from that person. This helps to remove any unwritten agreements that might exist, as well as any magical ‘traces’ that such objects might contain. This advice goes double if the giver is a known occultist.
As I become older, it becomes clearer than ever the need to utilize psychic self-defense. We see a dramatic rise in vampiric attacks, neg infections, and occultism at large. While magic by itself is neither good nor bad, you need to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones.
If your child complains that a ghost harasses them at night in bed, will you believe them and defend them? Or will you shrug it off as wild imagination and leave them to suffer this trauma alone?
Just as a bully in a schoolyard picks on a defenseless victim, so too negative entities target children in particular due to their younger energy and defenselessness. As such, these kids suffer severe nighttime terrors and experience undiagnosed PTSD in adulthood. If your child tells you that a ghost haunts them—investigate it!

Topics like this tend to cause a lot of discomfort in spiritual people, and I fully sympathize. It unveils a very scary side to the astral plane and the interactions of etheric entities with humans. That said, it seems more prudent to defend ourselves instead of stick our heads in the sand.
Talk again soon,
Robert Bruce.”
Source: AstralDynamics.com

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