Punitive and fraudulent Psychiatry & International Fraudulent Blacklisting & Corporate Military Medical Alphabet Gang Sadism

“Katherine Horton – Stop 007
Published on May 28, 2018
In this 62nd edition of the Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum, the Joint Investigation Team discuss punitive and fraudulent psychiatry that is used by the Secret Services to commit crimes against humanity on an international scale.
This is the weekly public report of the work of the Joint Investigation Team, which is investigating crimes committed with directed energy weapons, military neuro/biotechnology and systemic corruption.”
“The first thing to reiterate is that these weapons the directed-energy weapons have been under development for sixty years or more, sixty years or more and there are people who out there who haven’t the vaguest idea that they exist whatsoever. (Karen Stewart)”
“Certain members of the media, police, judiciary and secret services are all knowingly complicit in a global Nazi extermination program and its cover-up that is using directed energy weapons, covert implants and nanotechnology to commit systematic mutilation and silent genocide against the population around the world for the sake of a Nazi ideology.”
“International Blacklisting
The victims of this program are placed on international blacklists intertwined with the terrorism watchlists. The secret services treat the people on these blacklists as outlaws with no right to life and do whatever they like with them. Once a victim gets on one of these blacklists they stay on them for life and are systematically and brutally mutilated alive and slowly murdered in the most dreadful way possible. Their family members are also placed on the blacklist and also slowly murdered off.
When a victim tries to complain about the assaults, for example by making a police report, the corrupted police turns on the victim. If a victim happens to chance on an honest police officer, the victim is retaliated against by other means. For example, after reporting brutal microwave assaults on an air plane to the Hamburg Airport police, Dr. Horton was machine-gunned with Directed Energy Weapons in the thigh in the parking lot of the airport straight after making the police report. The car was carrying Directed Energy Weapons and caused massive bruising that is still faintly visible at the time of writing, a quarter of a year later.”
“Sexual Sadism Actively Fostered
Agents from the intelligence agencies and their trainee spies mock the victims throughout the torture and sexually denigrate them. The sexual sadism is actively fostered by the secret services. It is used to groom and cultivate psychopaths and to generate the blackmail material for the control files on the perpetrators. Agents and their minions also break into homes, poison food, systematically sabotage computer equipment, digital communications, launch slander and smear campaigns and subvert the victims’ medical care to prevent victims from getting help and to hurt them even more.
Most victims experience shots with Directed Energy Weapons in the genitals and even genital mutilation. Those victims that have implants tend to have them in the genital and rectal regions too. These can be used for remote-controlled rape and sadistic torture. Both can also be done with Directed Energy Weapons alone, but once the chips are used it is almost impossible to shield from it and the victim becomes entirely helpless against the attack. What remote-controlled rape sounds like on high-frequency measuring equipment is shown below, where Dr. Horton was raped by the Swiss Secret Services, NDB, in her home near Zurich. Like mamny victims, Dr. Horton is raped on a daily basis.”
“This is the sound of being raped…it´s the signal sent to the chips..so right now I am trying to work and I am being raped. ..If your body chips are accessed..So, this is it people..You just saw rape live..Sorry, I am talking about this really openly, because I know, I know that pretty much everybody is raped by remote control, so there is absolutely no point trying to be..embarrassed about this, we have to talk about it, because this is what the secret services are doing now with people and I am telling you they are doing this with people en masse, I still have to meet the victim who ..tells me that they have never been sexually violated when they have become a victim of the intelligence agencies, it´s basically one of their favorite things they do, because they are psychopathic degenerates and serial killers… Live war report..the intelligence agencies have become absolutely totally insane.”
“Nazi Eugenics and Genocide
The goal is to entirely subjugate the healthy population by crippling them with health problems and financial difficulties so that they are entirely subservient to a core network of clinical psychopaths who, as a result of their mental illness, consider themselves to be a super-race that should dominate everybody else.
As part of that program a large scale Intelligenzaktion (as conducted by the German Gestapo in Poland early in World War II) is run by the secret services to debilitate and murder the highly intelligent and articulate members of society, so that they cannot warn others when they spot the pattern of this development. The secret services have already murdered a lot of the best and brightest in the Western world and are continuing to expand their take-down operations to ever larger parts of society. By now, everyone of genuinely high value to society due to their insight, ingenuity and integrity is being assaulted by the criminals and degenerates in the secret services to ensure the subjugation of civil society.
War of Terror
The secret services staged fake terrorist events to expand their budgets in the War on Terror. For example, MI5’s budget doubled after 2003 and their head-count tripled (Guardian, 7th Sept 2011). The armies of weaponized morons that were recruited with that money, combined with high-tech surveillance methods, are used to demolish all Western democratic institutions and to restrain and debilitate the population. The goal is to ensure that healthy people cannot stop the psychopaths in the secret services and the military when they expand their program of systematic mutilation and murder, which is modelled on the Gestapo and the death squads run by Western secret services in Latin America and Asia.”
Source: https://stop007.org/home/death-camp-program/

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