Shocking Connection Between The Vatican & Shiva Linga

“Shocking Connection Between The Vatican & Shiva Linga”
“June 19, 2014, The Vatican city is shaped in the form of a Shiva linga! Shocking news, isn’t it? This shocking claim was made by historian P.N. Oak who said that the word Vatican has actually come from the Sanskrit word ‘Vatika’ and that Christianity has come from ‘Krishna Neeti’. We have often heard that all the religions have emerged from one Sanatana Dharma. It does not matter which faith you follow because ultimately you are praying to the same God. Dividing people in the name of faith is only way to create more chaos in the already chaotic world.”
“So, coming back to our shocking revelation, the connection between the Vatican city and Shiva linga is quite interesting. The striking similarities between the two symbols of the world’s greatest religions is sure to make your mind blow away. Let us take a look at the shocking connection between the Vatican city and the Shiva linga.”
“The Striking Similarity Take a look at the picture above. You will see the similarity between the shape of the linga and the compound of the Vatican city. The pathway is shaped like a phallus. On looking closer you will find a tripundara (three lines on Shiva’s forehead) and a bindu incorporated into the design of the Piazza San Pietro of the Vatican city. Vatican- What’s In A Name The word Vatican has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Vatika’ which means Vedic cultural centres. Such words and a few excavations prove that Vatican was actually a Hindu (Vedic) religious centre before Christianity took roots. A Shiva Linga In Vatican! A Shiva linga was discovered inside the Vatican city during the archaeological excavations. This Shiva linga is exhibited in the Gregorian Etruscan museum of the Vatican city. P.N. Oak’s Theories Famous historian P.N. Oak has claimed that Christianity and Islam are both derivatives of Hinduism. He also says that the Catholic Vatican, Kaaba and even the Taj Mahal were once Hindu temples dedicated to Shiva. Oak also claims that Christianity was originally a Vedic religion following Krishna and it was originally called Krishna-Neeti or ethics of Krishna. Further he says that even the word ‘Amen’ is derived from ‘Aum’ or ‘Om’ which is the universal cosmic sound.”
“These shocking revelations if taken in the right sense can lead to only one conclusion. There is absolutely no need to fight in the name of religion or faith because in the end they are all the same and lead to the same God.”
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