Report #64: Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower Reports COINTELPRO Crimes & Ted Gunderson's Role
“Report #64: Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower Reports COINTELPRO Crimes & Ted Gunderson’s Role”
“If the Intel committee is not stopped from their unconscionable crimes now then future victims are truly doomed
by expanding and unimaginable crimes that the public is programmed to accept as normal, public policy has then become
the invisible law authorizing genocide and global crimes against humanity, perhaps such future is now upon us, the
main point that I believe all people need to realize with regard to targets of FBI, CIA, NSA neutralization campaigns
which today includes ordinary citizens with no connection to government operations.. I have uncovered this
big secret by which these federal agencies, in our case.. the FBI and CIA take over live, torture and kill people,
federal magistrate, judges, armed the FBI with secrets sealed civil court orders, citing obscure federal regulations that
even attorneys are not familiar with, these orders are effective wherever th targets travel globally, the orders are
modified whenever FBI forces any type of reaction to their assaults on target, any sign of neurosis in a beleaguered
target is presented the FMJ that’s a federal magistrate judges for horrendous assault and attempt on
his/her life, remember, at the FMJ, their jobs starting annual salary of around two hundred thousand dollars and their
careers to FBI, the FMJ permits or entertains FBI secret..meetings where fraudulent data is offered, in
order for FBI to institutionalize or imprison the target. Hoovers statement: neutralize them, that was he was famous
for making that station statement neutralize’s the rest of it: the FBI then further terrorized the target by poisonings,
pumping toxic fumes into the targets residence, attacking the target with a variety of biochemical viral agents and
DEW ELF military weaponry, everywhere the target goes, he/she is marginalized, demonized and endures character assassination, based on these secret civil court orders: no constitutional protections from civil abuse apply, in my case the FBI hijacked
my life in revenge using a secret FMJ court in El Paso Texas in 1988, from that moment to now my life is a living hell.
I was homeless for a decade, this is Jarrell now , so then listeners in case they just tuned in. I was homeless for a
decade, but for the past 25 years I have been forced to move about thirty times, from one apartment to another, the FBI
engages drug dealers, common criminals and foreign nationals to assault harass and try to pick a fight with me , all
government employees engaged in harassment, threats when I meet them, he named some of the agents .. DHS, IRS, US Marshals,
Border Patrol, police Texas, DPS and Workforce Commission ..etc.. help FBI terrorize me , even local police and their private security guards eagerly pick on me for their FBI friends, any attempt to flee the USA is a hopeless exercise .. because all
governments honor the FMJ secret orders against target.”
“FBI.. are ongoing this minute against me and perhaps thousands of others, my coronary artery disease and other
injuries are directly related to FBI attempts on my life, our nation and the world, all the world must discover the
unconscionable crimes ongoing by FBI and CIA and demand USA to stop them, this truly is a tipping point in the world and
and perhaps evolutionary history, abomination by FBI CIA MI5 MI6 .. SS etc.. abound globally and their targets have
little or no support from the general population which sometimes eagerly joins in and we know that , in the atrocities
delivered on targets.”
“we were talking about the effects physiological effects and cumulative physiological damage from the
directed-energy weapons and also from some of the chemical and biological warfare .. so many things have been done to me
… the injury is so severe from what they’ve done I mean this is just so outrageous that they are doing this and
getting away with it ..with all this kind of high-tech weaponry.”
“and you know who does a lot of it is DARPA, DARPA.. they were harassing me too..and these are death threats ..they’re pretty
old okay… these people are criminals .. and if they’re not paid they exchange harassing a target , a whistleblower target for a get out of jail free card or no jail time … here’s what she wrote okay -..”.Barbara Hartwell the Mexican Mafia the
gangs, the heroin junkies and the meth dealers, they’ll whip your ass into a pulp if we ask them to and that’s only
if you’re lucky ..”.2002..only a psychopath could write up these things.”…poor little susbee, chip in the head and a foot in the grave, making trouble for those who run the world, why do you cause so much trouble for us, little Susbee if you just conformed
it’d be so much easier we’d take that little chip out of your head and we’d stop keeping you up at night but if you
keep being bad we’ll have to turn out your light..”..psychopath, these are published online..”
“Jon Rock
7 hours ago
Ramola D… You are repeatedly bringing in the irrefutable undeniable high ranking impeccable sources…keep up the good work.
Ramola you are going to have to invite her back at least three more times. You probably haven’t scratched the surface of the wealth of information she can provide. The amount of resistance she had to go through just to get to the interview is a tip off. Also what tipped off the FED as to when to send the choppers over to her house. Was it a routine she would go through before leaving her house i.e. showering, make up? Was she aware of electrical anomalies in her residences? Did she ever set up cameras in her residence or have it sweep for hidden surveillance equipment? Any evidence of break ins? Food tampering? Items vanishing & reappearing? Could she mention specifically what engine parts were sabotaged? Did she ever hear a sonic high pitched sound pulsate in a single ear drum while in her house. Did she ever wake up with momentarily tinnitus? Didn’t she ever have mysterious problems with her eyes or a feeling resembling of perhaps a concussion? Such as sensitivity to light & sound? Was she ever a victim of any type of Defensive Energy Weapons? Was she ever waken up out of her sleep by a feeling of something shaking or yanking any of her limbs? Did they ever hit her phone with an electromagnetic pulse causing her phone to go dead? Did they tamper with her water supply? Did she find strange dust in the house or strange mold growing in the bathroom at strange rates even when you use lots of bleach it returns? Also how can we differentiate when we are being stalked and when we may not being stalked? Just a few questions…”
“sara jacobson
4 hours ago
Only closing the alphabet agencies can stop their evil.”

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