Tony P. update your knowledge.

I personally doubt your Silica and Pea Protein Theory Tony P., Silica is a known detox tool and helps a lot of people for intestinal issues and that people use since the dawn of time with no side-effects, Pea Protein reduces inflammation and you have no clue about the Nano-Fungal-Technology, the fungus and the mold spores are essential components for these destructive dark agencies and they are also responsible for the many allergic reactions and sudden body inflammations, apart from the atmospheric aluminium poisoning, that is a fact, that they use Black Goo for Quantum Computing and as dark programmable matter, is also known.. Concerning Metaphysical processes you better let talk people who have real life experience with Quantum Mechanics, Archontic Xeno Plasma, Exopolitics and Transdimensional Holokinetics.
By the way, you discredit yourself completely the moment you say, that Humans would be naturally physical immortal, with your 7 Years renewal theory, that is really bullshit, considering the over-entropic vs negentropic effects in this world, how you like to titulate some other researchers.
Human genome has been degraded to a certain extent, that is true, but physical immortality is not known in human history, Methusalem reached allegedly 800 Years, that should be our natural Age range, because it is proven that a Human brain can live up to 800 Years, that would be a more realistic approach. Idealism is nice, but it is mostly in the range of false hopes, dreams, distortions and more often even in the range of deception or self-deception.

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