What the heck are they spraying on us? Mycoplasma Explained..

“What the heck are they spraying on us? Mycoplasma Explained.. Part 1”

“What the heck are they spraying on us? Mycoplasma Explained.. Part 2”
Biff Danielson
1 year ago
CFS is caused by ebv, hhv6, Chlamydia Pneumonia, mycoplasma, and some tickborne pathogens. Do me a fave and check out Dr. Montoya at Stanford and Dr. Harrowitz in MA. That info should help.
11 months ago
start shutting off your WIFI and learn about EMF sensitivity. This can magnify illness and fatigue and symptoms with a compromised immune. also start taking iodine and magnesium. we are getting zapped on a daily basis from radiation in our gadgets and dirty electricity and magnetic fields from power lines… transdermal magnesium therapy, start sleeping in linen sheets and natural fibers. Remove all synthetic materials as much as you can from your environment. i started

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