Paul Hellyer The Extraterrestrial Takeover will Begin in 2018
“Paul Hellyer The Extraterrestrial Takeover will Begin in 2018 Tom De Longue Background in Box”
“Paul Hellyer Final Anouncement..”
3 months ago
Paul Hellyer you are an amazing speaker. I think you bring not only credibility but also respect to ufology. :)
3 months ago (edited)
they were not mistakes of the 1930’s , that was intentional sabotage of the people of the earth by the cabal, and now they are trying to repeat that scam on us all. Maybe if they could find the over 20 trillion dollars that went missing since JFK was eliminated for threatening to expose the cabal’s scam on us
Fekete-Kiss Sándor HangDala
3 months ago (edited)
The Occupy movements as a solution is naive. Blockchain technology can do something into the good direction to get away from the banking disasters.
3 months ago
Occupy is destructive and a dangerous group!
David James
3 months ago
As long as Private Central Banking exists we will NEVER have prosperity. PERIOD, end of story. These Central banking families have fortunes in the Hundreds of TRILLIONS of Dollars, all STOLEN from the People Of The World.
Gene Ellis
3 months ago
If you mean mostly Jewish Central Bankers I agree 1000 %.
big Cahuna
1 month ago
there are many organized crime groups/families other than the Banking Cartel that have been around for centuries.
David James
3 months ago
The Cabal is a bunch of PSYCHOPATHS,.. Only interested in their OWN wealth and power. They have NO REGARD for their fellow beings, and never will.
Robin Small
3 months ago
The current money system is inverted as a debt system in a world of abundance …. nonsense unless an AI is playing organic life off on each other …. although the Saturn people would probably live far longer than us for many reasons and that alone is huge … unless we awaken to our true power … the arm of source …

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