The Depopulation Agenda

“The Depopulation Agenda – The Plan to Kill You and Your Family”
“We saw the Planet codify a Plan to not push for expanding wealth and expanding human success and expanding the living standard, but to reducing it and setting up a society based on making the people poor and setting up a global structure where having children is next to near impossible. That is the world we are living in. (Alex Jones)”
“The World Wildlife Fund is a Eugenics Anti-Human Organization set up by Prince Bernhard who also founded the Bilderberg Group and he was a Nazi Officer, he was also cousins and best friends with Prince Philip, Queen Elisabeths husband… he also doesn´t believe that Africans are People. This Organization sells environmentalism to make the Elite look like Heroes saving the Earth when in Truth they are ushering in a Planetary Tyranny that is irrevocably damaging the fabric of Earth. (Alex Jones)”

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