UK Targeted Individuals Television Initiative vs Shadow Govs Global Premeditated Genocide NWO Crime Cabal

UK Targeted Individuals Television Initiative vs Shadow Govs Global Premeditated Genocide NWO Crime Cabal
“Shane Gibbs Targeted Individual from the UK.
Published on Oct 14, 2017
In this episode I talk about some strange symptoms i have been experiencing for the last few days I also talk about a detailed report that shows harmful levels of radiation in this house and give an update on where we are with TI Television.
The message seems to be spreading, so we just gotta persist, we’ve just got to carry on.. the people that are doing this
absolutely despise any any connection between TIs as you can imagine you know their biggest enemy is exposure..
and ..TI television.. that’s what we’re hoping to do, we’re hoping to actually bring this topic out to into the public
domain it’s gonna take time it’s not going to be easy especially when the people involved are also targeted..
It seems like there’s some kind of top radiation that’s been emitted into this house and
it particularly targets the place where I sleep which I was quite surprised that the signals that were
registered on these on these scientific devices and meters and spectrum analyzer type things that actually are equivalent to me
having a full-body x-ray every 20·minutes , so all the time that I’m in this house somethings being emitted into
this house that’s allowing radiation to actually hit me in bed which is quite bizarre and equivalent to
like I mentioned like I just said a full-body x-ray every 20 minutes so you’ve probably all well aware that one
of the main issues and one of one of the main downsides to electronic harassment and just sneaky nastiness that these
people are quite pleased in in doing to us on a daily basis and these things actually do cause cancer…
he was absolutely eaten alive by by dozens and dozens of cancerous tumors and and eventually he
lost his battle a few weeks.. so I can only assume that if I’m getting these levels of radiation they’re coming
through this property…cancer seems to be one of the biggest killers of targeted individuals as well as the the premeditated self
assisted murder basically you know because that’s what these guys are doing you know they’re actually forcing people to to kill themselves and to take their own lives so the sooner we get this program exposed hopefully we can start
coming to the coming to the to the point where we’re actually helping save people’s lives you know this program has
been going on for so many years now yet I dread to think how many targeted individuals lives have been stolen how
many targeted individuals lives have been destroyed, how many targeted individuals have got cancer and have got all of these and nasty illnesses that this program seems to be be able to bring out in people so I can only assume that the
I don’t know what devices they’re using I don’t know what this radiation is that’s coming to this house all I know
now is I’ve got scientific evidence to actually back up and a report to actually show that the the levels of radiation and frequency type things that are coming into this house on normal and you shouldn’t be getting any high levels of readings of microwave radiation anywhere in your home, apart from possibly inside your microwave, but something needs to be done about this
and hopefully what we’re doing through to TI television we can start remedy and then remedy in the
issues that have basically, these people are disgusting.. they’ve got no shame, they don’t hold any value to human life they seem to
think that this is some big game a game of life and death basically when it comes down to to the victims point of view..
this is the level of mentality that we’re faced with on a daily basis all TIs are faced with on a daily basis so the sooner that this program starts getting exposed to the masses and even then you know this is just taking a shot in the dark it you
know which we’re trying to put a platform together for targeted individuals to just start exposing the program to to the general public in the UK so and there’s no guarantee you know there’s no guarantees that this is going to work…
there’s no guarantees that this is going to prevent any any other poor victims lives being destroyed for this program, but we’ve got try and because if what’s the alternative you know you sit back and do nothing and if you sit back and do nothing then basically you’re giving up the fight and you’re allowing them to get away with murder, because that’s what they’re doing, you know it is a no touch torture program and the reason why they call it a no touch torture program is because of the electronic harassment sort of the program… and I am yet actually to find a TI that’s been physically attacked by one of their gang stalkers
and I believe the reason why that is is because I don’t think allowed to actually get physical with we’ve been any of their
targets it goes against the grain of the program… this is going to be upsetting a hell of a lot of people and no doubt there
are going to be tortured levels of torture is going to be increased for certain people, harassment is going to be
increased for certain people, but ultimately for me personally what that does it just Spurs me on even more…what they actually don’t understand is the more that they apply the the electronic harassment and the
stupid games that these guys seem to enjoy playing on us is actually increasing my determination to ..fight this to my dying breath what I got to lose …what does any TI got to lose… people need to realize that unless we start making a stand unless we start showing the general populace and the general masses exactly what is happening to us and drag this pathetically life-destroying program, helping to out it into the light then they’re just going to keep getting away with it…there’s going to be more deaths, there’ll be more suicides, there will be more people’s lives destroyed where they will be falsely labeled
as some cranky mental health label, they will be stuck on antipsychotics …they let their children taken away,.. their
business is destroyed, they’ll have their homes taken away they will lose everything and that will carry on until
we start working together ..until we start forming own little resistant groups around the country and
then one day hopefully with they can then join up and and we can start forming as one collective now.. dearly
that would that would be fantastic. …what we’re doing is basically focused on the UK TI community…all the power to all of you all foreign TIs out there and feel free to come and comment and and and if you’ve got any information that you feel it would be a
benefit to for us to know then then kindly add in there..”
5 days ago (edited):
Shane when they do this to us, it is a pattern. It always seems to be on the left side. They have partially disabled all of my left side through, all this deep EMF radiation long-term exposure over many years. Every-time, they do the sounds or popping noises on me, it always seems to be on the left side too. I will be doing more in-depth research on this too. Humanity must wake up now, even David Icke speaks about this transhumanism which means being forced into TIs and using all kinds of methods to suppress us to beyond the maximum. This program does things to wreck our health, our livelihoods, our family, anyone we associate with and all aspects of our lives to disable us, then to make us into vegetated states and then, murder us. This is the slowest death life destroying process and the ones who disbelieve, I promise the deep state will use some kind method to destroy and kill you off too. SO EVERYONE MUST WAKE UP, SMELL THE COFFEE AND START FIGHTING WILL ALL OF US TI’S AND NON-TIS. WE CAN NO LONGER SIT BACK AND LET THEM GET AWAY WITH MURDER. BECAUSE, WHETHER YOU IGNORE IT OR NOT, THE HONEST TRUTH THEY WILL COME AFTER YOU TOO. NOBODY IS SAFE WITH THESE MOST EVIL DERANGED INSANE DEEP STATE IDIOTS WHO ARE NOT MENTALLY CAPABLE OF THINKING LIKE A NORMAL RATIONAL OR LOGICAL WAY AND COULD WELL BE SUICIDAL TOO. Shane is correct, we need to do some major things to stop this kind of thing from happening and no none of us, can or must give up on fighting for our lives. TI’s committing suicide is really a too easy way out and that will give, these evil bastards their full satisfaction. This must be the most evil crimes to happen to us victims and is no fun at all. They also suppress us to beyond the maximum in as many ways, as possible to wreck all aspects of our lives and to never succeed at anything we strive to achieve.
Phil Leek 5 days ago:
Same here, I have a few targeted friends who have the same stuff, tinnitus, popping, also clicking, its like they are trying to train us in some way, I get severe migraines too, like my heads been evaporated. The resistance that’s a fantastic name pal, maybe that’s a good idea to use that name, we are the resistance, nice one.
Deca Mc 5 days ago (edited):
“gangstalking” is the COINTELPRO agaist the TI comunity mind control/electronic harrassment victims and what is ” COINTELPRO” “COINTELPRO, ordering FBI agents to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise Neutralize” the activities of these movements and especially their leaders”
Signpost2Christ 5 days ago:
I experience the same type of cowardly assault, constant high levels of radiation , focused sonic tones and super high vibrations, remote neural monitoring, be interested to know what levels your friend could measure and what frequency’s are used, the equipment I have only measures up to 6 GHZ. If you go to the of com website you can get an idea of which frequency are delegated/allotted to what equipment and usage from mhz radio to super high space to space satellite Ghz frequenzy’s it covers every band, public/private/military usage.

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