Billy Corgan Shapeshifter Witness / Warns of Weaponized Zombies / Alien Agenda2029

Billy Corgan: Shapeshifter Witness

“ of the most intense things I have ever been through. (Billy Corgan)”
“Brian Larson: 6 hours ago: It’s all coming out. I know it’s going to be hard to believe but it’s real.”

Billy Corgan Warns of Weaponized Zombies – Full Interview
“We are a Nation in decline and we go boom. (Billy Corgan)”
“Let us talking to Billy Corgan who is a super smart guy… He doesn´t give a lot of interviews…Mainstream Media…They twist everything you do, they are a bunch of critics nuts that hate artists and people that quite frankly are smarter than them…
The Elite turning loose on the real intellectuals and artists and real liberals..fascists, they call themselves liberals, to attack anyone that gets outside of the lines…in Austin, Texas…the last decade exposing global have been doing this for more than 2 decades…Transcending the divide and conquer jamming…The bad things of Americas past..Compared to other systems..We were the most rebellious..but compared to everything else it was wonderful…If you were born in ..Italy or in Japan or in China or in Germany or wherever you came from or Brazil you had to get here where you can get out of the cage and really show who you were..I mean let us take music…200 years ago, 300 years ago in Europe, it didn´t matter how good you were you weren´t ever get heard. (Alex Jones)(2016)
Frag Stainz: 1 year ago:
Billy Corgan has probably done less than 10% the research that Alex has done, and yet he is literally light years ahead of him intellectually. Corgan is bang on the money about transcending the system, the unaware propaganda minions, and Donald Trump.
D Dell: 1 year ago: Billy Corgan seems real to the core.
Jeremy King: 1 year ago: inspite of his rage, he’s still just a rat in a cage!
Punkrock Jared: 1 year ago:
+D Dell he’s real but the guy just kind of fell off. I think the music industry destroyed a piece of his soul.
Monica Kummerer 1 year ago: The world is a vampire!!!!”

“We grew up with a sense of personal ethic about what our country represents. (Billy Corgan)(2012)
The corporate globalism is so cold-blooded, it’s so robotic. (Alex Jones)(2012)
Yeah and I mean you address it ..with great frequency and I think I use that word again there’s sort
of a haunting feeling .. when it’s at the expense of my community, when it’s at expense of the values of the people
around me and ..people don’t even talk to their neighbors and they’re also locked into this we talked about last
night kind of a narcoleptic state where the TV is enough or the computer is enough that’s a scary thing..and
so there is a connection there between kind of stifling dissent ..what did Obama say coming in I want to run
this great open government transparent I believe the word they used and now you’ve seen where they go out of their
way to stifle dissent..Why are we so afraid of that dissent? What is the problem?..There should be uncomfortable conversation.
..and that’s why I appreciate what you’re doing I think you raise a lot of points that are uncomfortable, but they’re necessary
towards the greater dialogue about where a country is at the moment and where it’s going and of course as
alternative media which you know you’re a pioneer in…There is an awareness, an awakening going on…
I have a hard time understanding why there’s this fear that’s rising up around the discussion and that to me
that’s a big red flag. (Billy Corgan)(2012)”
“I think it´s a dark time.. what we all need to do is we need to start looking at what success looks used the term infowar …right, so what is what is victory in the info war right now at some point just resisting seems like victory, because
there is so little dissent, it’s shocking. If you and I could go back in a time machine to the 1960s when people were protesting what they were protesting that generation would be shocked at how little dissent there is right now.. I mean where is
this sort of dissent and particularly I would say from the artistic community, you know what I mean and I’m including myself in
this criticism, where is the artistic reaction, in the 1960s you had Neil Young, Ohio and you had these great protest
songs blowing in the wind was a protest song, where is the artistic response?.. There isn´t the hunger in the audience for that message, you understand? I could make an album of protest songs, there’s not an audience that wants to hear that, in fact often times when I’ve used like say my Twitter account to lodge a protest or lodge a point I get this response back that says: just be quiet and entertain,. so the role of the Entertainer as a social icon or an agent for social change has been diminished
and I don’t think that’s by accident. (Billy Corgan)(2012)”
“Well, I think it’s really interesting in the rearview mirror now we know that.. the CIA .. the FBI …,Well, they they had their eyes on him, why did they have their eyes on John Lennon?
Here’s a guy saying: all you need is love, because when a person amasses enough individual power outside of a system, they’re dangerous, they’re dangerous to that system and that’s why I think there’s a systemic level of control, whether it’s put in at the entry level, the mid level or the top levels or all levels to kind of try to keep people like that marginalized.. and I think now we’re going to be seeing the digital form of that marginalization. (Billy Corgan)(2012)”
“So we need.. as culture, as a people who care about liberty, care about freedom, care about the future for our country, we need to start setting that intention…I mean ..the iPads are part of our life, the cellphones are part of our life… so what does that mean what is how can we use technology in the right ways, how can you be an independent reporter, how can you create your own systems, how can people create their own systems to connect people together, how can you use the systems that are in place, the Facebook’s and the Google pluses, how can you use that to your advantage.. (Billy Corgan)(2012)”
Frank N’Beans 1 year ago:
I knew Billy Corgan was a genius when it came to music, I never expected him to be so intelligent on real issues. He definitely isn’t afraid to listen and debate issues. No wonder the Music industry hate him.

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