Simon Parkes – Changing the Future Part 1 & 2
“Fullford…he is still a CIA Asset and technically this information doesn´t exist..he doesn´t exist…
He exists on a webside, but in the establishment view..people who have information and believe at the moment is okay and can use the system..Look at David Icke, he decided that he wanted to change society for the better..he created an internet radio television the present moment on the planet you canot use the structure to change itself and that´s why he was attacked, because he needed a Bank Manager, he needed an Advisor, he needed this, he needed Buiildings and Equipment, the System is inbuilt to protect itself and as soon as it detected that he was about to change that, it destroyed him. There have been many other people who have tried, in a physical sense to make change and it´s been turned against them and they are infiltrated and attacked, you are psychic and you will survive greater than others, because of that psychic ability (Kerry Cassidy) and you are aware of thiat and you have
been attacked, we all have, those who are trying to do good here. (Simon Parkes)(2017)(11.1.)”
“The White Dragon Society protects him…there are assets whithin particulalry in the CIA who are closely connected to white dragons and it is a protection for the future, in other words there are people who have the ability to model the future and there was actually, less than 6 weeks ago, a very serious attempt to put us off the timeline.
They really tried to take us off that timeline, it failed, but if you have the ability and you can model the future, you will that humanity is going to evolve. So, okay, which side you wanna be on, the winning side or the losing side? So, Fullford is protected, but there are also groups who don´t like me Fullford is genuine, he is absolutely genuine. (Simon Parkes)(2017)(11.1.)
Well, you guys and I mean you guys Americans.. you have a military government, you will have a military government, this is the first time, they are all dressing in suits, but you will have a military government. The reason for that is that your politicians are generally not holy, generally cannot be trusted anymore, the military can, because the military in your country lost its connection with the citizens. They never allowed themselves to be corrupted to that point. (Simon Parkes)(2017)(11.1.)
Aynthing Crucial? (Kerry Cassidy)
How money is such a control system on this Planet, how a black magic spell was placed on money and that´s why all major banks are placed on energy node points on the Planet and the only way to truly free humanity is to remove the connection to money, this is the only Planet I am actually aware off where money is everything.
On most Planets it´s about trade systems, where you exchange energy or you exchange something for something else,
but here the lower connections are really attached to money. So what we need is a system where barter and trade becomes equal with that of money. So that is something that I think we should be looking for… They have had communication with Pleiadians that the Planet needs to move to a barter trade system.
(Simon Parkes)(2017)(11.1.) /(Genius!) /(Gnosis) /(Anti-Materialismus) /(Pleiadians)
“He has a great love for Japan, I am sure he is balancing a lot of things. (Kerry Cassidy)(2017)(11.1.)”
“In the sense that Nordics faces can be very pale…Well, you make a judgement Kerry, who is to say who is to say who is ugly and who is pretty. I have seen creature that people would say would look terribly ugly, but are very spiritual and have a very great deal for humanity. I have seen things that from an establishment view look beautiful, but are full of evil hate…Reptilians also masquerade as Nordics and this is a problem, because people can be taken in..So we have a group of very reptilianized entities that gave the running of the Planet to a much more human based grouping and went off..and these Annunaki..They decided they can run the show themselves…they found great power, power beyond their great fear apart from humanity from raising and evolving is that we turn their laws to dust, that´s why the lucifer telescope was built, because the Vatican wanted to be the first aware of their return. (Simon Parkes)(2017)(11.1.)”

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