BOMBSHELL DISCLOSURE & Appeals – Techno Crime Fighters Forum 7 (Stop 007)

BOMBSHELL DISCLOSURE & Appeals – Techno Crime Fighters Forum 7 (Stop 007)
“We are here to tell the rest of the world how to clean up your human rights act so we are here to inform the president and inform… that there are indeed most horrendous domestic .. torture programs currently running and being run by this whole mechanism of the intelligence agencies the NSA the CIA the DHS the DIA DARPA in collusion with the military we´ve got
military working full-time on this and they´re covering it under classified labels they are running under cover of surveillance these are covert US military Intel mutilation programs using EMF weapons neuro weapons these are programs that are aimed at so-called pacification of the homeland of the so-called homeland quote-unquote remember we must remember where that word homeland came from it came directly from Germany it came from the Nazis so this is what we said and basically we started off just saying that these programs are running in the country electronic
warfare COINTELPRO based domestic terrorism programs they´re being run by the US intelligence US military u.s. Homeland Security and they´re not normal intelligence or surveillance activities you see we are living in this vacuum of media coverage of the subject thanks to the fact that mainstream media is completely taken over and this is why all that we see covered in the media is phone tapping wiretapping this is you know and maybe a ittle bit about facial biometric surveillance but in actuality the biometric surveillance today is now neuro surveillance it´s physical organ surveillance and and more and radiation weaponry are being used on citizens and on civilians so and they´re being used through police departments they´re being used through fusion centers you´re being used through the DHS and yet they´re not spoken about because our media is not going to speak about it being part of the part of this entire protocol or mechanism so.. and the people who are being hit and this is very important to underline the people who are being hit with these weapons are people who are standing out in their communities for some reason or another and people whose paths have crossed with people who are doing very corrupt things, people in power people in official positions who are engaging in corruption, so we are talking about whistleblowers and communities we´re talking about human rights activists we´re talking about animal rights activist eco justice activists we´re talking about outspoken civic minded community minded people in the community who are being targeted and thus targeting program actually is not restricted to the US alone the exact same protocol this exact same format is being used worldwide in what I guess we´ve now come to understand is some kind of global Phoenix program that´s being run on all UN countries. (Ramola D.)(2017)(5.5.)”

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