“Veröffentlicht am 22.12.2015
Description: The Boston Police Department requires informants (perps) to sign a Working Agreement that states the BDP is not liable for injuries or deaths while an informant is conducting police-supervised investigatory work. It also states a crime committed by an informant is subject to arrest and prosecution. ”

“You really have to decide that you are not going to fall inline with the wicked agenda, period, no matter what they do, no matter what their means…The Agenda is wicked and I don´t wanna be any part of it, period…You know you are a good person, you know you haven´t done anything wrong. You know that most of the People involved in this are Criminals, they have no real authority over you anyway, they are Criminals…and I would say that even for the corrupted Officials that are involved in this, because there are many corrupted Officials in my own targeting, that I know for sure, are involved in this. We don´t need to be controlled, because we have self control…I say No. You just really have to take care of yourself… Ask God to help to operate in love, no matter what they are doing…We can choose between bondage and freedom and this program is bondage, it is a virtual prison, you know and we can choose that is not what we want for our life, that is not what we deserve…and we don´t have to be victims in our mind, yes, they are victimizing us, victim is also a mentality that we don´t have to buy into, we can be a victor.. Go on and do what you need to do, because you have untapped abilities laying dormant in you, they pretty much know that, they know your capabilities, better than you do probably, because most people don´t realize what they are capable of, because the reality is so distorted when you are targeted and thinking is so foggy, most people have forgotten…that creative side of them, those abilities that we have, that BTW we should be using.. God has a plan, he has something for all of us to do and we should be doing that and they don´t want us to do it…everyone is different, but we all have some sort of ability…we can take that power back… cause all Truth will be revealed… Trust God, all the way through this…Just stay strong, stray strong TIs…”

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