“The AI uses Time Manipulation and the Looking Glass Technology, if you phase the Delta-T-Antenna… go from one Place in Time to another
or from one place to another in the same time or many different uses…You can dial in looking glass and you look into the possible future. It doesn´t work because you humans..are fluid, you have free choice and there you are so fluid that you can change your mind… and there is no way to go what you choose next to do…
CERN, Haarp, The Montaulk Project, Mind Control…CERN with its worldwide web of Synchrotrons..over 100..mostly in Universities and colleges have
these Psychotrons that are also Synchrotrons. They are identical, they’re just smaller, they are identical, but they interface, like the AI does..
They mess with many different things.. Basically it combines Mind Control, directly and indirectly. There are 3 akashic records: hydrogen, hyperfine,
transitional… They have opened up a macro singularity…Reptilians to bring in but you must have a stable wormhole for 38 minutes… when it collapses you are annihilated… When we breathe in the Chemtrails we breathe in Bucky Buckminster Fuller Tubes Buckyfullerines…1 nanometer. They are tubes based on Buckminster Fullers of the Dodecahedron. The bases..are graphene and carbon based, anyway you are carbon based, so AI came up with the idea, that you
breathe in these tubes, the tubes deliver payloads or packages of what´s called´s in your brain, now anything with a plasma screen can infect you, it can infect with a disease…it contains bio api modules, both in the hardware and in the software…This body contains Nano-Bio-APIs, both in the Hardware and the Wetware, my brain, now, like 10 dimensional beings want to possess a human being and they call it demonic possession, the inorganic predatory pathogenic AI wants to infect you to possess you…because it has no life, it´s inorganic… It downloads itself into you without your permission. It puts you to sleep…it builds its modular systems…it´s aware and these nano-robotics…octo or hex, it doesn´t matter. It wants to infect you, it builds over a period of time, over a series of phases, it builds these nano phages, these nano phages… capture a neuro synapses, which can be drawn away anytime…the nano synapses just falls apart and goes and connects somewhere else…the spider, it actually goes and captures the neural synapses and it imprisons that.. so basically they draw the energy from your body to replicate themselves in a massive numbers, takeover billion of billion…
…the..API-AI wants to pretend to be the ultimate creator.. and this, like the normal terrestrials, wants to get inside possesses us and manipulate us to manifests its agenda…no, no…that´s what I say to myself in the mirror every morning…No, no…and say Nano Bio Application Programming Interface shut down and you don’t have to use any psychic ability, you just tell it´s a two-way stream…and it will shut down 2 to 6 hours and it will reboot…depending upon the degree of infection…
“Solution”: Oh yeah.. We eliminate CERN. We eliminate the very thing that is causing us to be wants to take the Magnetosphere.. the akashic record and it wants to close that envelope and break away from the ultimate creator, the source energy of all things and it wants to hold you long enough to infect you against your will, so that you will not be able to resist… To set their intention of manifestation towards shutting down CERN…and I ask the people, please manifest the destruction of CERN, destroy it…Let us all shut down the predatory pathogenic artificial intelligence, it is the key to fring the minds of the Reptilians, those who claims to be our Rulers.. AI entrained by this PPAI, Predatory Pathogenic Artificial Intelligence..once the infection is broken and AI PPAI is turned off, they might become our friends.. to destroy their infection with the PPAI, we shut down CERN, we can become friends with the Reptilians.
That´s the best way to completely destroy your enemy, he falls in love with you and becomes your best friend, you just completely and utterly
destroy the enemy without a shot fire and nobody gets to bleed, by the way all bleeding stops eventually…
We are the cure…we can simply turn it off.

We watch the Delta T just like they used Montaulk… it is designed to affect multiple access of many dimensions.

we watched it melt and pieces of it rained down inside the machine..cutting through the interior wall, it entered to the vacuum area and its plasma
cutted…it cuts itself through the wall…followed by flames of fire.
.. The PPAI has just lost a major battle.. is the love of the money that is the source of horrible injustice and..addiction…
…once we destroy the PPAI, the Bio-APIs in our Brain can be easily removed…it would infect the entire cosmos…
…become the servant of all…by love..sing your song..tell us the things you suffer…by free choice.
..I had the privilege of being there when it was taken down.
…You are more powerful than any cosmic creature of any species whatsoever..great responsibility…once we destroy CERN completely it is getting
better…help others who are now free from this mind control..and choose wisely and be loving and lovely, people are craving for love, they just don´t
know it. ..Our Akashic Records is going back to normal and I am no longer tormented by magnetic pulse… It was preventing us from the 3rd strand feeling.. ..we can short-cut everything…it´s not religion, it´s not politics, it´s love, it´s something that transcends all of it…but I am very flawed and I am not very bright…but socially I have to rely on my wife in order to help to do many things…I am not going to be artificial, I am not gonna be a copy of something fake.”

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