How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose

Extremely important Information… Whereas he neglects and downplays the malevolent E.T. Topic… apart from that the Informations are crucial…nothing new but a compact summary of the Root of Evil…and how it suppresses our freedom for 100 years..instead we are forced to live in a Truman-Show with artificially generated Terror, Genocide, Suppression, (Mind) Control, Brainwashing, 40 years old Technologies, Corporate Implants, Violence and Scarcity…unter The Veil of The global Corporations and the ruthless Shadow-Medical-Military-Mafia and their utterly evil practices…

“Dr. Steven Greer – Nov. 21, 2015 – How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose -“

“These are interplanetary vehicles…in Word War 2, because of the types of weapons being developed, both by Hitler and Amercia..the Interstellars as I call them became very concerned about what humans were doing on Earth and the risk of destroying this planet…that they have a interest in its survival…in humanities survival.. They were very concerned obviously that we were developing weapons that could terminate life on the Planet.  ..
There has always been competition between FBI, CIA, Air Force Intelligence etc etc..
They were studiyng material recovered from Interstellar…crashes that were the result of these scalar longtitudinal electromagnetic systems, which
Tesla had worked on others had worked in the early part of the 20th century…earlier 19th century… The light in this has wave function and a particle function… A scalar longitudinal system there is no wave. It´s bum! It´s a point, it is multiple Speed of Light…
They are using zero-point energy and gravity control.
It was in the 50s that we actually mastered gravity control…Gravity control is the ability to put an electromagnetic field at certain that this object becomes massless – weightless – no mass … this has to do with angular momentum of the sub-atomic particles…it can make this object so light, that it has no mass…if mass become zero, velocity can go to infinity.. which means you can go into another go into
transdimensional. .. This began to experiment with in the 1920s…Very High Voltages…so that an object began to levitate. …Marcel Vogel Chief Engineer Scientist for IBM in North Carolina did the same thing in the 60s… worked with Marcel Vogel… It can be crystals, but it can also be nano-crystal and material such as metallic, most metals, rocks and water is cristalline…and it will become increasingly massless.. You will still see it.
Army Secret Projects, it was Adolf Hitlers secret weapon.”
Pushed aside by these Neo-Fascists who had taken over the intelligence community, the aerospace community and the large corporations… 1947 until 1965…take-over by the corporate state, corporations working with unacknowledged special access projects, which are completely off the Radar… there are a lot of tragedies here, the main thing being the loss of almost a century of evolution by the human race…I used to say I try to
save a life one at a time, now we have to do something to save the entire human race and the planet from what is a disastrous situation that has all of us have to work together cause our patient is Gaia, the Earth and her 7 Billion children. …
It was this infinite field of energy that is at the root of space-time… embedded within space-time. bringing out something like that would of course make oil, gas, coal, exxon mobile..jet engines, rockets..ocean liner….everything you could think of would be obsolete and would be retired very quickly… This is a whole new world, now we could have had this world before I was born and we don´t have it yet and as a result…we are facing world
war 3…so there are consequences to this kind of secrecy…intended and unintended but the unintended consequences are really blowing back really hard at us both physically, geophysically, environmentally, politically and militarily…use them for peaceful purposes.

So you basically accumulate people who are enormously evil and who want to see terrible damage done to the Planet, because at the core they love war and they love conflict, they do not want peace to break out, as one of them said to me: Heaven forbid we should have peace on this planet too many (people) of us would be out of business, very cynical but true.

The Big Media do not allow certain things to be exposed…we have been brainwashed…is a prison… cause how do you have a free market if the most important technologies and information of the last 100 years is suppressed and can´t be used.
This is no free market, that´s a managed market and control..same thing with the Media…that´s a very important component how MAGIC works and operate.
…luckily we are able to bypass it know..
cause how do you have a free market if the most important technologies and information of the last 100 years is suppressed and can´t be used.
This is no free market, that´s a managed market and control..same thing with the Media…that´s a very important component how MAGIC works and operate.
…luckily we are able to bypass it know…a millionaire who approached me…gets killed..gets killed…gets killed..

how they special access projects can not only penetrate not just the intelligence and military but also other agencies and siphon off…
EG&G, very key facility for creating electronics and also the state of the art nanotechnology implants, that are put into abduction victims, people that think they had contact with E.T.s but they are actually being abducted by military and corporate folks. E Systems which is now a division of Raytheon. …MITRE Corporation very key in key of Anti-Gravity and High-Tech. ..
The Gang Bankster have learned how to use that system… There were Jesuit Priests who involved the technology transfer…
Retirement Exile France…it was shocking….
Do you know how dangerous this group is? Yes, I do…They are destroying our world, they are destroying the planet, they are destroying our country…
and it deals with Drugs…..this is why you don´t have legalization and decriminalization of Drugs…if it was made legal you would take enormous part founding for this criminal cartel and it is the biggest criminal enterprise in the world. If you know an attorney who has the courage to do it let me know…
Roswell… There was a red headed sergeant.. his son became a part of MAGIC Security, this Renegade Group, This splinter Group..he then..set up the
electronics for this electronic warfare abduction of Aliens…it was 100% military ops.
“William Pawelec – Raw Video (UFO)”
When we first put it up it had over 600.000 Views… the next day the intelligence community went in…you had 6000 views. It´s all manipulated, because it moves you down in the search engines…He passed away…
He gave me this interview and in it he talks about RF-Radio Frequency Chip-Implants…back in the 70s and 80s..It was a total accidental thing to
happen..CIA..they started doing special programs for the CIA and at a certain point Siemens in Silicon Valley manufactured 2 Billions of them…they can
be so miniaturized…the really advanced ones have a neurophone capability to control thought and behavior, very sinister stuff.. you can actually do a
lot of psychological warfare with these rf-frequency chips…that were the early stages in the 70s and 80s…now we are 40 years they are more and more
..holografic projection capabilities..directed energy technologies…
…induced auditory input…these are the neurophones..I mentioned…
Wernher von Braun said the most dangerous thing is the neurophone non-local things that can be done… Directed Energy Surveillance and Weapons Technology of all Types..will be used for purposes of spreading fear and confusion in the population at large
under deniable circumstances…for eliminating persons deemed adversarial to U.S. National Security Interest…Neurocybernetics and other psycho technologies will be used..for confusion and hypochondria in the population…the symptoms and effects produced by these and other directed technologies will parallel the effects by various microbes, viruses and chemical imbalances…medical intervention which in turn will be a basis for being used for medical experimentation under voluntary circumstances..Psychiatrists and Psychologists will play an important role in these experiments particularly for denying the efficacity of neurocybernetics psycho-technologies is concerned… Citizens who complain of hearing voices will be used as a basis for generously government founded schizophrenic brain research ….if you are not falling out of your chair yet..all of that is to pass and came to pass between the 1950s and 1970s…a man that I worked with before his death had developed an electronic system in 1956 or 1954 that would enable one to remote view anywhere… developed decades ago…

So there is no possible future except a peaceful one…no matter what your belief systems are about the other civilizations. …don´t be afraid of anything interstellar, you should be very concerned about paramilitary humans.”
PS: I am transcripting high-speed  nonstop – time has become ultra short – so keep the minor slips of the pen for you.. and get used to my style or redefine it for yourself…

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