Archons/Demons want to A.I. everything and wipe out humanity and the illuminati…

“The humans on Earth have for the last 200-300 years technologically advanced at an unnatural rate, I don´t care what any scientist says to me. The way that the human race has evolved technically, it outstrips humans spiritual understanding and that was deliberate..would have said slow down this isn´t tight, but because our spiritual development has been artificially held back on our technological advances have been synthetically pushed upwards, we have been led to believe that this is the only way forward, that technology is the savior and if those of you could remember the nineteen
seventies that was the great period where people were told that science was going to save the world… we now have corporations all over the globe manufacturing very advanced technologies… captured the minds of the leaders in many countries and the individuals who exert power and through them it  has created a massive network, it´s very clever, so I will say that is very clever, very manipulative. (Simon Parkes)”

47810cookie-checkArchons/Demons want to A.I. everything and wipe out humanity and the illuminati…
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