Michael Tsarion – Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation – Truth Against the World

We strongly believe and advocate that it is quite impossible for good men to ever triumph over the malign (and originally alien) Establishment that controls humankind without a thorough working knowledge of the way in which it operates to achieve success. If we are to defeat the world’s merciless and tyrannical hierarchs we must, like detectives, be thoroughly conversant with their modus operandi and, like hounds on a trail, must be familiar with their scent, so to speak. Our adversary is both a mutilator and a scavenger. It is a virus within the ailing body politic. It is a cunning alien force that has infected humankind with its own anti-human nature. It is within us as much as it is out there in our world. We are either of its kind, and under its power, or we are its sworn opponents. In light of this, my inquiry is not for everyone. It has been composed for the new generation of Opposers, imbued with an ardent and unvanquishable Spirit of Rebellion. It is a manifesto for those who will in their time witness the demise of evil and the ruin of its agents. It is not for those who cannot comprehend the severity of the infamy in their world or who lack the Spirit of Contradiction.
It is not this author’s intention to provide weaponry to those without inherent systemic strength, will, and passion. My message is intended for those readers who do understand that the domestic, social, and economic worlds they live in and labor to perpetuate, like the political parties voted for, have been created by powerful and sophisticated unseen forces that have, age after age, placed men, women, and children upon the dark altars of sacrifice as offerings to their vile perfidious gods. Like Edgar Allen Poe’s nightmarish pendulum, the blades of the tyrannical ritual-murderers are now as I write descending toward the neck of humanity for the last time. Time is short but, though it may at first seem meager comfort, let us remember that
if and when lightening strikes in a shadow-haunted landscape, we get to see everything with incredible lucidity. For that incendiary instant nothing is hidden from the eye. May this work provide such a flash in the dark. (Michael Tsarion) (Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation)(“Truth Against the World”)

The problems that beset us today, both existentially and socially, have a date of birth. As I show in my work on Atlantis, we were not always beset by such chronic psychic and social problems. Historically speaking they are recent phenomena. They date to about 13,000 years ago and they do not have to persist. In fact, it is my belief that we are now in the final phase of the old paradigm. The time is coming when both the protagonists and the antagonists in the human drama will be compelled to face the legacy of the past, and the forces that enter their lives to restore balance.
Although I covered some of the key events pertaining to the alien visitation, and subsequent infection of our perfumed planet by their presence, and although I did bring things up to the present “Silicon Age,” I stressed that it was not possible to cover the various exploits and machinations of the visitors throughout history. Space did not permit me to delineate the fascinating story of how the surviving Atlanteans and Lemurians (both descendants of the so-called “Fallen Angels”) toiled to establish new
civilizations after incomprehensibly horrific cataclysms decimated their habitats. It is time now to address the new world that arose in the aftermath of the “Age of Catastrophe.” (Michael Tsarion) (Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation)(“Truth Against the World”)

During the next ten years, the human race is destined to finally discover the facts about its true origins and destiny. As part of this discovery, we have to address the overwhelmingly important question of how the phenomena of evil came into the world and into the consciousness of Earth’s human inhabitants. This is a question that should be on the mind of every living man and woman. It has been with us for millennia and it will be with the children of the future if we do not come upon the answer now.
We have left the question of evil in the hands of theologians and scientists for too long. This was surely a mistake for, as the casualty statistics clearly testify, the institutions of religion and science have been the worst purveyors of evil that this planet has ever had to endure. After centuries of prevarication and criminality, we can no longer afford to look to these edifices to answer the all-important conundrum of evil…
The object of my book Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation, was to offer forth a theory concerning the origins of evil. I had long desired to discover how humankind’s penchant for sadism, cruelty, and injustice came about. The book tells the story of the intervention of alien beings from distant galaxies who, upon their arrival to our planet, engaged in several genetic hybridization experiments. As a result of these transgenic experiments, “homo sapiens” inherited a divided biology and psyche. This transgression of biological sovereignty by the alien visitors caused man to be perpetually at war with himself. Man’s schizophrenic nature has given rise to schizogenic societies infested with injustice, crime, delinquency, and perversity. This is psychology “101” and it remains a self-evident fact regardless of whether the deep symbiotic connections between mind and world are acknowledged and accepted or whether they are not. Sadly, it may take another age before people of today’s spiritually impoverished world understand the subtle rapport between microcosm and macrocosm. (Michael Tsarion) (Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation)(“Truth Against the World”)

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