Fight "Gang Stalking" – Fight the corrupt elite and their Stasi puppets

“1. Shine a light on the cockroaches.
Organized stalking is a manifestation of the view that intelligence and law enforcement agencies, their corporate cronies, and the military-industrial complex should have supremacy over all other elements of American government.
Even if you think that is a desirable power structure for national security reasons, it is impossible to deny that it grossly violates core principles of the U.S. Constitution. Organized stalking also violates stalking prohibitions under federal law and state laws in all fifty states.
One of the implications of that is that the perpetrators need to keep it a secret.
This is a primary difference between the use of organized stalking as a domestic counterintelligence strategy in America today and its use by the Stasi (state police) in communist East Germany: in the U.S. it is illegal.
“This was true during the original version of Cointelpro also – and was a primary reason the U.S. Senate conducted its Church Committee investigations after the FBI’s activities were exposed by civilian activists.
Many of the tactics and strategies employed by the Stasi were virtually identical to those now used (and largely out-sourced apparently) by the FBI and other agencies in the U.S.
In East Germany however, the Stasi wanted citizens to be aware that their society was infested with spies because it furthered the communist party’s goal of political control. In the U.S., such a public awareness would trigger a backlash against the abuse of power by the government and its cronies, so it is kept under the radar.
So the Achilles’ heel of gang stalking is exposure.
From the perspective of intelligence and law enforcement agencies and corporations which use organized stalking as a secret illegal weapon for subversion, the perfect operation is one in which the target becomes progressively isolated, impoverished, emotionally degraded, and eventually commits suicide. That does happen in some cases – the most prominent example being the FBI’s psychological torture of actress and political activist Jean Seberg.
Seberg’s case was tactically successful in the short term (they destroyed her emotionally), but it was ultimately a strategic failure for the FBI because their crimes against her ended up on the front pages of national newspapers.
Without question, the vast majority of Americans do not want to live in a society infested with spies working for a Stasi-type government. To the extent that you can educate your fellow citizens about the creepy and illegal stalking activities of private security mercenaries, vigilantes, and corrupt law enforcement officers, they will be on your side.
Targets of organized stalking must wage a two-front war: we must act locally to expose the harassment to neighbors and others, and we must expose what is happening on a national level as well. Both objectives are critical.

2. Take calculated risks.
Organized stalking is cowardly and illegal, but the strategy is not stupid. On the contrary; it employs tactics that are both effective and difficult to
prove legally. Also, it exploits the superior financial and political resources of the corrupt agencies and their corporate cronies which use it as a weapon.
Incidentally, civil disobedience is a well-established, respected, and morally legitimate way to protest injustices. For targets of criminal harassment by corrupt members of law enforcement agencies and security contractors, it is even more than that; it is a necessary form of self-defense.”

Several things are worth noting about the example of Martin Luther King, Jr. Although he was the target of cowardly and illegal harassment by creeps in a rogue law enforcement agency, he never bowed to their efforts at intimidation. Also note that King is now honored by a national holiday – whereas FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover is mostly reviled.
The “Streisand Effect” is when an effort to suppress information inadvertently causes an increase in attention to the information.
Before Streisand filed her lawsuit, “Image 3850” had been downloaded from Adelman’s website only six times; two of those downloads were by Streisand’s attorneys. As a result of the case, public knowledge of the picture increased substantially; more than 420,000 people visited the site over the following month.  – Wikipedia”
Gang stalking perps (including corrupt members of local law enforcement agencies) will not want to attract attention to their gang stalking crimes by doing battle with you in a public way, so they have to be very reserved in their efforts to suppress your exposure of what is happening.
3.  Exploit technology.
Technical counter-measures can seriously disrupt some forms of surveillance and harassment used in organized stalking.”
4. Never give up.

Already the digital public square is filled with information and rhetoric which the U.S. government would prefer to censor but cannot, posted by Americans fed-up with the corruption, secrecy, and abuses of power in the upper echelons of government and corporations.
Even the federal government’s massive self-serving security apparatus and its abettors in mainstream media institutions cannot effectively monitor and control the flow of information anymore. Dissent is harder to marginalize and censor in a digital landscape filled with whistle-blowers, citizen- journalists, bloggers, and alternative media websites (from all across the ideological spectrum).
Independent thinkers, entrepreneurs, entities such as WikiLeaks, and movements such as Anonymous have created an information network in which citizens
no longer have to wait for the New York Times to expose the next Pentagon Papers conspiracy – or the Washington Post to expose the next Watergate
scandal. Even the New York Times admits this:
“News no longer needs the permission of traditional gatekeepers to break through. Scoops can now come from all corners of the media map and find an
audience just by virtue of what they reveal.” – David Carr, New York Times, June 16, 2013
One of the objectives of gang stalking is to isolate and break-down the targeted individual by creating the impression that the whole society is against him or her. Don’t make the mistake of believing that false impression. Although the number of people who participate in gang stalking must be large, they are still a very small minority compared with the general population. The vast majority of Americans do not wish to have our society become a creepy police state filled with citizen spies, as happened in the communist nation of East Germany.
Gang stalking victims need to challenge the careerist statist rodents in the food chain, and support political reformers – libertarians, progressives, and others – who defend the individual rights and freedoms.. against the predatory inclinations of powerful government and corporate institutions.

It is far more realistic to work at exposing the deep corruption in America’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. ….”

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