The Pirates of today attack through TIME.

The Pirates of the past attacked through SPACE, the Pirates of today attack through TIME. The Invading Armies of the Past attacked to conquer land, the Armies of tody they loot and plunder TIME through satellite attack and by doing that THEY ROB LAND and everything else, even the human soul, because TIME is also SPACE, but the common average citizen remain a ZOMBIE and the reason is THE AVERAGE CITIZEN do not know physics enough to understand TIME.  (WAD Pereira) (2015)(6.10)
“The mind control VAMPIRE virus uses a TUNNEL that makes the distance between the victims and the attacking satellite zero, one’s brains and the CORPSE BRAIN stolen from the victim and stored in a clandestine cemetery in the supercomputer syphons the energy from the walking dead human being ( Target individual drained of blood, robbed of his/her life force ) to feed the corpse and raise the dead stored in the supercomputer. (WAD Pereira)(2015)(16.10)” not that simple because TIME is drastically altered by THE VAMPIRE technology. It is not like a telephone. The thermodynamic balance is totally different, so far THE VAMPIRES have the upper hand fooling everybody into believing mind control is for intelligence communications when it is in fact for the FEEDING AMONGST VAMPIRES, not operatives. The storage of the ROBBED human soul in VIRTUAL COFFINS by the MASER technology ( virtual corpses if you prefer ) is no different for the XEROX COPY RIGHT violation that made XEROX a trillion dollars as to become a one TIME THE RICHEST FIRM in the world, but XEROX reinvested all its shares and bonds into THE XEROX OF THE HUMAN BRAIN so that they can now get more trillions of dollars in piracy,.. the building up of CLANDESTINE CMETERIES with six billion corpses feeding real time from the LIFE FORCE of human beings is XEROX investors secretly returning into the scene as the future richest firm, in control of the VIRTUAL CEMETERIES and virtual coffins with your TARGETED INDIVIDUAL CORPSES inside. IT IS EXPLICITY VAMPIRISM, but the already VIOLATED humans have no idea. (WAD Pereira)(2015)(17.10)

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