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“Under so-called not normal circumstances the human mind is under operation of a core personality and the core personality will function and an intact manner during the daily life etcetera. However when trauma and extremes are introduced simultaneously the mind cannot handle the overload of input and  so it starts to dissociate, in fact very often the personality will actually leave the body to a degree, so that it doesn’t have to experience the pain and trauma that is being inflicted upon it and so the mind then starts to compartmentalize so that a portion of the mind will handle what’s being done
while another portion of the mind is distracting the consciousness of the personality from the trauma and if this is done repetitively then both the distraction and the awareness start to fracture because they can’t handle the overload.
The techniques that have been used actually quite as many thousands of years have been of course they’re not narcotics through pain and torture, but it’s also understood that human sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies that exists and so if they use that as the manner of torture and pain then the the mind opens up in incredible ways. Well for example the the process of orgasmic release the mind opens up, it is orgasmic energy is actually the replication of when the God mind released to create a reality so that’s why humans are compelled to replicate this over and over again, that’s a replication of the God mind creation energy.

well there is a difference between programming and mind control and I know a lot of people using synonymously. Programming is the actual software that´s
installed with the foundations of all the functions and alters, mind control is the operation of that programming and that is also different than brainwashing. Brainwashing happens everyday, your parents can brainwashing, school, politics, religion especially and that´s just telling you something over and over again so you believe it, but the programming and mind control is an embedded pattern that actually hooks on to your foundational mind
patterns and is an overlay and so you think that it’s your own thoughts when actually it’s been artificially introduced.
The agenda behind all of this is to create a society that is robotical, very similar to what you see on the Borg in Star Trek, you report to a computer system, you don’t question anything, you don’t deviate from your functions, you do what you’re told and there is no independent thinking to do otherwise. The part that is important is that to the Illuminati, this is a form of their society, this is their culture and they do this to ensure that
the culture does not deviate from its agenda…
… that is exactly what they would like a ruler queen bee or whoever happens to be sents out or transmits a signal to the worker bees, the slaves who carry out that signal or order
and that is what the Illuminati wish. Remember we are on a Planet of over seven and a alf billion people, the Illuminati, committee of 300, all the control systems, if you add them up, it´s only a few hundred thousand people and that might sound like a lot, but in comparison to billions its minute and so armies and weapons were not enough, the population could overwhelm that small minority and so the most logical thing that they can do is mind control the population.

and so when they say something you do it, no questions asked, complete and total obedience and this will ensure the continuation of the society that they want. Now the leaders of our world and I know that will be strange to many people that aren´t familiar with the information have a descendency from the reptilians who colonized Lemuria then created the civilization of Sumeria, became the Chaldeans, the Mesopotamians, the Babylonians and Khazars and so on until they went into western europe and everywhere else in the world and they reported in those days to their reptilian leaders.
However since the last hundred or so years there has been a decision within the leadership of the Illuminati to create their own empire with the earth as its headquarters, to create and access technology both from here and elsewhere, so that they can create a new galactic empire with themselves as the head and the earth is the headquarters and fan out into the known universe and other universes. That is the ultimate goal of the Illuminati, that’s why
they have created the particle beam accelerators at CERN… labs and building the third one soon in Japan which is actually surprising to me and of course the cover story for these things is that they’re looking for the god particle, but everything is a God particle, everything that exists is a God particle, that’s just a cover story they are trying to collapse other parallel universes into this one where the Illuminati and the control systems
have been successful in their agenda and so we are seeing a lot of anomalies in time and space because of this, but I will say that what you consider fortunate or not there’s yet another group which is based on the Kuiper belt which considers the earth to be the Iraq of the galaxy and needs to be liberated, whether we like it or not and they are sabotaging this, not because they love light and peace, not because they like humanity, but because
they consider to be a threat to them, so there’s a lot of factions within factions within factions that are out there. It is a very complicated situation and humanity is caught in the middle of all of it.

Now I went to Antarctica in 2010 and I visited several bases from Argentina, Chile, Ukraine, British base down there and it was interesting on the British base, there was this big plaque outside the base that said it was built to monitor the enemy, so what enemies… a danger to society… they would not show me the technological.. and the Russian base Lake Vostok as you know has very mysterious anomalies where there was a radiation and ELF rising up from underneath the frozen lake… if you went on Russian news you found out that yes indeed after several days they were in communication and they reported that underneath the ice they found a gigantic swastika flag, under the ice and so to get back to the first part of what I was saying the 4th Reich is in line with these beings on the Kuiper belt to create…sabotage to the Illuminati plans, again not for the purpose of uplifting and helping humanity, but for their own agenda of control and manipulation and so it’s my understanding that once they are successful in the elimination of the Illuminati, the Kuiper Belt beings will alow the 4th Reich to administer the earth for them and incorporated into a different galactic network. Back in the late 1960’s the US
government was in contact with a certain alien group who call themselves the network they claimed that they were a group of 17,000 planets, both in this galaxy and the nearby and the nearby Andromeda galaxy and that their leaders were not even from this physical Universe, they were from another universe and they were asked why were here and their answer was that our planet is in their jurisdiction, in their territory and so they have every rightto be here to monitor what we’re doing and what’s going on.

The misconception by new agers and certain researchers is that because these aliens are stopping these nuclear weapons, they’re trying to help the
earth and that’s not the reason, they’re trying to protect themselves from from what we may gain. Now I have to also say that there are civilizations or
groups that don’t care about that, that they are in league with certain governments on this planet in order to make a totalitarian dictatorship.
When people talk about an Alien Agenda, there are many Alien Agendas. It depends on the groups, they don’t work altogether.. very few of them work
together and so we have agendas that are for control and manipulations, some for colonization, some for using humans experiments or to be placed in
Zoos, some want you to minister for food, you see so there’s many different agendas and that’s why it is so complicated.
To educate Humanity is a task because quite frankly most people on this planet are so involved in their daily lives, paying their mortgages, keeping
their jobs, having food etc.. Most people don’t care what’s going on outside their front door, most people don’t care where their leaders are, as long
as they have their cigarettes and their beer and everything else that they want to entertain themselves with and that’s the sad part about humanity and
so in the work that I do is I tell people what I know, they can accept it or reject it, that’s their business, but at least I know that I’m telling them
the truth and they can do with it what they want. I feel an obligation to do this because number one of my family background, you know my great uncle ..
killed over a million people in the Soviet Union and the my other Uncle created the mind ontrol that attracted millions and millions tens of millions
and so I feel an obligaton to do something about this. I myself at the moment our project was involved and experimentations in projects that are not
helpful to other people… I felt a need to share this, so that people will not go through what I went through I don’t want my children and my grandchildren to go through that.

Montauk base actually was built in.. 1799. George Washington created a lighthouse and a small light house and a small underground area for supplies to
protect the continental United States in case of British Invasion… and of course then over the decades and centuries it was expanded and expanded and
then they finally at one point in the 20th century broke into an area that looks like the top of a pyramid… Well the pyramid that they broke into as they were expanding the base they determined was Atlantean and actually Montauk point is the top of a mountain range… and they did find technology inside this pyramid and incorporated that into the base at Montauk and they were nine levels of base underneath the ground and yes the base was built with sage radar which became obsolete the 1960’s to protect against Soviet invasion of the east coast of the United States…

They would start out with people they considered to be expendable, nobody would miss them, children of drug addicts, children who are in foster care,
orphans etc and then they found out through the German experiments or I should say the scientists were brought from the Nazi experimentation that a
certain type of genetics was usable or more usable, desirable for the input of mind control. Those that were considered to be Celtic, Germanic and even
Slavic, basically those who had a lighter hair, lighter eyes, have an enzyme configuration and their genetics that enables the downloading of programming
software to a greater extent. People who had darker eyes, dark hair, darker skin did not have that capability and were considered to be more
uncontrollable and that’s why you see the Illuminati trying to eliminate native peoples in Africa, South America, Asia, those who are considered
undesirable, until they came up with a very bright idea and the late seventies that they could try to manipulate data as well and so Michael Jackson
actually was a prototype of taking a darker skinned person changing the characteristics of that they can be more downloadable and that’s why over the
decades he went from being black to white, male to female, human to Alien. He didn’t know what he was, doing well they were programming him to changes
features and characteristics so that he would be more conducive to programming and then they could use that function or I should say that recipe to
extrapolate that into other populations that were considered on programmable, but unfortunately for him he became overloaded and that is a problem with
programming cause when I get something that’s really usable they really use it and they put in as much as they possibly can until it overloads too much
software and computer shuts down and he shut down and he needed drugs and medications in order to function…

You know, 1988 president Reagan was very happy to announce that the entire planet was ringed by satellites, so that there was no place on earth that would be considered remote anymore, but what he didn´t say to complete the statement was that…every place was now controllable, all mind control could be transmitted to anywhere on the earth, no matter how isolated it was and so when people think you know and they said they want to move to New Zealand I´m gonna move to Ecuador, because I get out of the control system, no, it´s a new world order, it´s a global order, it doesn’t matter what country you go to where you think you gonna hide, the transmissions is there.

They tested this actually 1962 and Havana Harbor.. Actually it’s based on alien technology and u.s. submarine surfaced not far from Havana harbor and it projected an image of the Virgin Mary over Havana harbor, so that the communist society would become religious again and get rid of their leaders. That was just a test now you’re correct a blue beam is so sophisticated, you think can project a holographic image that can actually picked up on radar produce a sound and you would even be able to touch it.

.be kind to each other, you must be kind to each other, get rid of the anger, get rid of the hostility. There´s no reason to fight, now is the time to unify, but for the right reasons.

Right now we are in the very critical point of the entire collapse of society as we know it, it will start with the collapse of the economy. The Illuminati are creating artificially events that they will correlate to the book of Revelation, so that they can prove the validity of the Bible and that´s why we see every week discoveries in the Middle East and Europe and other places that verify certain Chapters of the Bible…we’ve even seen Hebrew University in Jerusalem verifying the Shroud of Turin being two thousand years old and so that will establish the second coming of Christ. It will be a cloned being whose genetics will match the blood on the shroud. Now before that happens as I mentioned it will be the staged alien invasion, we will not see the so-called invading species, but a savior race savior race will come to chase them away and that will be presented as the reptilians who saved us and they will announce that they are true ancestor and sisters their mommy and daddy of human beings and then they will bring in the staged Second Coming who will announce the new world order as his new holy empire and when they match the genetics of the shroud who’s going to say it’s not him and so as George Bush said at 911 either you´re with me or you are against me, so there will be a dichotomy of those who will accept and those who will not accept and my hope is to avoid getting to that point, because there will be a lot of worse things before it gets better, but should all of this happen in the way that its planned ultimately those beings on the Kuiper belt that I mentioned will make their own.. and the Illuminati are afraid of them, because their purpose is to get rid of them.
(Steward Swerdlow)”

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