The Red Dragon Family vs. Illuminati Zionist Cabal

The Red Dragon Family vs. Illuminati Zionist Cabal

It would mean as the Ambassador said earlier on the program.. It would mean that he has to end Canon Law… which sees us basically as already dead, not just enslaved, but dead people. Now that´s the foundation of our law system. That´s why force and police and governments treat us as if we don´t have rights, because in their perspective based on the rules of the Vatican we are not even living beings.. The Church, The Vatican has literally claimed ownership of our souls and our bodies and they don´t even allow us to own property I mean technically even if you buy a house.. I know it´s true in the United States and I think it´s probably true in most of the world. …because The Vatican claims ownership of everything on the planet. Now how can there be freedom as long there is this mentality of owning everything on the planet and the people owning nothing, coming from the highest levels of our institutions and our human culture and this is the problem that we have to address from The Vatican and from all of our other institutions, because we will never end war, we will never end slavery as long as this mindset of “We are the boss!” – “We are in control of everything!” remains intact, this is the issue that we face and yes, it´s inside of each of us, but it´s also instutionalized in the world and the institutionalization of the mindset creates an invisible prison, an invisible slavery system, where we live in fear all the time, because our brothers and sisters get jobs working for the insitutions and the instructions that they are given are instructions to violate our natural rights and I am challenging the Pope to really mean what he says, but as it has already been indicated earlier, he comes from the Jesuit arm of the Catholic Church. The first ever Jesuit Pope. Now the Jesuits are
the Military arm of the Vatican, they are the ones that carry out all the dirty deeds, they are the ones that do the Mind Control, they are the ones that work for the Military-Industrial-Complex, they are the ones that create a lot of the problems on earth, that we are not going to create peace on earth, until we address the issues that are preventing peace on earth. (Ambassador of Red Dragon Family)

Freedom vs. Slavery

Ambassador discloses bioweapons attack; Red Dragon family seeking positive paradigm change

Have you heard of Andrew D Basiago who is running for President in 2016… He was a childhood time traveler, in the secret time travel program of the United States, as a 6 year old boy he went to the year 2045, to a DARPA forward time base and also back to the time of the dinosaurs and back to the Abraham Lincoln time, they have a documentary of Jesus Christ, all of this stuff and also to a time travel in 1971, they pre-identified Bush Senior, Bush Junior, Clinton and Obama as future presidents, when tey told them, they co-opted them to be life long CIA Agents… so that We have a permanent Time Travel CIA Government. .. He´s coming out and saying we need Teleportation as the planetary transportion method.. He is the President to take us there and now he´s giving us all the secrets of how the Cabal works, it´s through Time Travel. (Alfred Lambremont Webre)

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