"Gold-Plated Nanoparticles Seek And Destroy Cancer Cells"

“Gold-Plated Nanoparticles Seek And Destroy Cancer Cells”

dixiegirl999: There has been a cure for cancer & other diseases for decades. They were just making too much money on drugs, chemo, etc. Now that it includes the mark, they are willing to expose all of the cures. How coincidental when it comes to Obama.
Salvatore Perna: We probable already have invested or inhaled Via water infiltrates or Chem trails
Lionsfan: Don’t fall for it!!!! They just want to get Inside our bodies with nanotech!! I would rather keep the cancer I have and die with some dignity than to
let these bastards get Inside my body!!! PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS LIE!!!
Serge Therrien: If you “need” the chip to get “healed” by that system, they’ll.. make all the people sick in order tp usher it in. We have the BLOOD of Jesus which is protecting us and heals us from everything!! Get under HIS covernig. HE’ll take care of you!!!
Mike Smith: Morgellons is nano-tech particles, I would never put that death crap in me. But we all have these from GMO foods. They have made a jet engine that is 1/10,000th of an inch in diameter, google it!!! This is non-organic death thanks to the satan worshippers at Monsanto 🙁 Activated via WiFi such as cell towers, smart meters and others. JUST SAY NO, NO THANK YOU TO DEATH MEDS!!!!!! Can you say MIND control!!!!
roylikesitlikethat: Aka Alien Implant! Learned the technology from those Aliens. Hollywood has an ingenious way of preconditioning from way back. What we believe is science fiction is not.
Bret Hines: I’m sorry but if you eat it it would pass through your digestive track. If it were injected it could be deposited all over the body making it impossible to remove.
michael „7 Thunders“ davis: this is why most of the chosen will Drop Dead,,,at the Rapture,,,,,KILL SWITCH !!!,,,or else be hunted down like animals,,,,,Most will comply,,,,,,,7 billion people….probably wayles than 10% will be taken at the rapture,,,,,,imagine that,,,,,Fema Coffins,,,and Jade HELL,,starting to make more sense now……less than 3 months remaining !!!!
rock323232: Bull crap! This is an excuse to give out the “Mark”
Give everyone cancer then put a chip in everyone to cure them… If they want to cure them. Bull… Bull…. Bull…
Chrystal E: Yeah, NOT A CHANCE, they will switch it on and off whenever they feel like and it will transform you into a cyborg before it will cure you of anything
and you will suffer great pain instead that you will wish to die but cannot according to the Bible, it is your passport to hell… This gold plated thing is white gold that is a cover for the nuclear reactor inside it that will meltdown in your body. Its not amazing it is DANGEROUS… Why do you think Nebuchadnezzar was eating grass??? what cured his madness… and why was angry Jonah sitting under a castor oil tree???.. just ask the Lord to SHOW YOU the way, to give you HIS WISDOM to guide, heal and protect you.

Pills the size of molecules to seek and destroy tumors. Miniscule robots performing surgery inside patients with a precision never before achieved. Nanobots, a billionth of a meter across, fixing mutations in DNA, or repairing neurons in your brain. Such are the possibilities as medicine enters the nano-era. Join leading researchers who are pushing these frontiers, to learn of new cures in the coming nano-revolution and possible risks of the molecular E.R.


“Google’s Nanobots to Search Inside the Human Body!”
Google wants your body to host a search engine, using a pill to diagnose health issues like cancer or heart disease. The nanoparticles inside would travel through the bloodstream and send their findings back to an exterior sensor.
The project, run by the company’s secretive Google X research and development division, is still in its infancy, the Associated Press reported. The technology ‒ which would be less than one-thousandth the width of a red blood cell ‒ would use disease-detecting nanoparticles, ingested via a pill, that send data back to a sensor on a wristband.
The internet behemoth hopes that the pills will be able to identify minute changes in body chemistry and act as an early warning system for diseases like cancer. Some cancers, such as pancreatic and ovarian, are usually detected only after it is too late for treatments to work, and thus are highly fatal.

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