Transhumanist Agenda are mind stealers!

VANCOUVER, BC – In this ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, founder and director Magnus Olsson gives an update on significant aspects of the Transhumanist Agenda, which he describes as “mind-stealers”.
Magnus Olsson estimates that already several million persons in Europe are actively “chipped and online” with nano-neurobots in their brains inhaled from chemtrails and now entrained to super-computers and HAARP. Approximately 80% of humanity has inactive nano-neurobots in their brains inhaled from chemtrails that can be activated and entrained to super-computers and HAARP in the covert program to “robotize” humans known as the Transhumanist Agenda.

“131kimber: Don’t know what their using Alfred but their stealing neurological patterns from thought, memory and biological processes. It’s much worse than we could have imagined. Neurological patterns ARE bio-signatures just like virus and bacteria biological signatures. The pigs are modifying our brains without knowledge or consent. See Obama’s Brain Initiative includes local universities, police departments coordinating with DOD and DARPA through IARPA.”
“fanufanufan: no wonder we see such insane “brainless” behaviour of so many humans who are being programmed through the mediums you discuss: nano neuro chips – and indeed are robotized – thank you again”


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