NSA Attacks citizens with Hardware Rootkits

The NSA plants rootkits in the computer chips to invade our privacy. These rootkits act as keystroke loggers that transmit — in real time
— what you type, to the NSA. Even if you don’t post or save a file of
your text, you’re still in trouble. Simply typing whats on your mind..

Evil NSA builds hardware/firmware rootkit chips and solders them onto
motherboards. This means the people who are supposed to protect us are
mistreating us.

“Firmware rootkit implies use of creating a permanent illusion of
rootkit malware. It can remain hidden in firmware as this is not
checked for code integrity. This was proved by John Heasman in ACPI[8]
and also PCI expansion of ROM.”

Hardware/firmware rootkits are the nastiest type of rootkits because
there is no way to eliminate them without physically-damaging your

“Firmware rootkits are the most malicious type of malware because they
are capable of creating malcode inside the firmware while you computer
is shut down. Every time you start your computer this type of malware
will reinstall. Firmware cannot be detected by the user and is very
difficult to remove.”

Source: NSA Attacks cvitizens with Hardware Rootkits

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