Here’s How the U.S. Military Hacks People´s Brains🎙Darknet Diaries Ep. 65: PSYOP

“Here’s How the U.S. Military Hacks People’s Brains🎙Darknet Diaries Ep. 65: PSYOP”
“Jack Rhysider
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PSYOPs, or “Psychological Operations” are happening all around us, 24/7. Sometimes they’re used in warfare against foreign enemies, and sometimes we know them by different names: Marketing, PR, spin, and propaganda. This is the story about information being weaponized for good and shady ends.”

“Even though this isn’t quite a tech-focused hacker story that you might be used to, this is a story about how the US military hacks people’s hearts and brains.”

“They can get aerial photographs and videos to the commanders. They literally are the eyes in the sky and by the way, the US military has tons of satellites
pointed all over Earth so within a minute or two, they can get a fresh new image of pretty much any part of the planet with a pretty good level of detail, even if clouds
are covering. Okay, so then there’s electronic warfare teams. These are attacks that either use or target electronic equipment to carry out objectives. They might have radar-jamming tools or the ability to take out cameras remotely. Jeez, it looks like they can even send electromagnetic waves to disrupt and degrade facilities and other equipment, too. These electronic warfare weapons can be mounted to vehicles like Humvees or tanks…”

“The way of defeating an enemy is by having the friendly population shift their
perspective or be empowered by this type of encouragement.”

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