Badbios connecting and hiding traffic from WAN using zyxel USG20…

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Badbios connecting and hiding traffic from WAN using zyxel USG20 – Other Badbios attacks linux kernel with live cd bash script and random process injections

Not only are all the machines in my house infected but the firewall i bought from was tampered with before i got it in the mail.

The entire USG20 is under stealth control from the WAN – It also demonstrated the ability to break the rules if you make your own browser. I discovered this when i compiled a basic browser that would pull http data even though the firewall had no rule to allow it + Other browsers like I.E , Firefox and Gchrome obey firewall rule and no data access while custom browser can access internet in secret past USG20. USG also powers off when running multiple VPNs or slows down to 1 or 2k a sec to stop transmissions from individual openvpn connections.

My personal computers have 2 different bios infections… The laptop badbios infection stops all knoppix based OS and older linux like MEPIS from booting at all

My older pentium 2 system which has an awardbios from 1995 is also infected with the same virus but it dont stop the kernel… but

Both computers are injecting 6 bash scripts or terminal windows that i can’t shut down or edit or view into every linux distro on the market i’ve tried so far.. now i honestly can’t say what the 6 bash scripts or terminals are doing but they can’t be killed because if you kill them them a mysterious root user logs in within 1 second and relaunches the bash. The only distro that doesn´t have any strange processes is TAILS… But when i use tails on my laptop the mouse stops working as soon as the tor network makes a connection to the internet and i have to move it to another port to make it work again. Seems to be automated

In windows 7 and windows 8 the 32bit service host is relaying the underlying badbios connection out every time a brower windows opens but i’ve managed to control the breakins using a combo of AVG firewall combined with zyxel + the Strongvpn with I.E because I.E detects the second “fake” connection to the webpage after the first one loads up. However the information is not totally SECURE sent over the vpn because badbios attempts to mess up the vpn but it does work to bypass all the “Routed” hacks that can sometimes slow up or block you from accessing info.

I also believe that Badbios is adding functionality to the power supply units of all computers allowing them to be the client END of a Network over power lines? I say this because some people i know who are connected to the infection on my computer seem to know what i’m doing all the time on the computer even though i have no wifi or bluetooth at all.

I had a laptop in 2012 was receiving wake up and turn on packets to the BIOS from an unknown network.. the computer even knew when I was in the room with turn on LOL which leads me to believe Badbios is much more than just a computer bios and it might be communicating with stealth sensors and or cameras relaying your position to whoever owns the unknown network… I say unknown because i drove the laptop 20 miles out in the country away from celltowers and wifi and it still turned on randomly out in timbuk2. I found out later they had also somehow installed their own “theft prevention system” over the network that allowed them to geolocate the PC and talk to it via some hidden networking that works from your car radio and possibly piggybacks on to SIRIUS or a random .gov satt in space via modern car antenna. Can say i’m smart enough to know but i don’t use any kind of cell phone so none of that. All i know is they knew where that PC went all the time

Anyway IF you have been infected with BADBIOS or have become a target of these asshats… take a few precautions here and know some stuff.

Don’t buy any OS from ebay or Don’t buy any computer hardware from AMAZON.

Unlike a lot of people who are infected with badbios… i know some of the people who are responsible for infecting my original computers with the original version and it seems to be something to keep you busy by constantly creating a new level of evolving computer problems based on how much you know about computer science.

I’ve had this shit on my computers in 1 form or another for other 10 years and i know some of the assholes involved with putting it on my machine as well. The same people are responsible for creating massive covert networks to spy on americans by putting small and almost undetectable cctv cams on a lot of telephone poles and in various locations and sometimes even put up fake cell phone towers to intercept and relay calls.

These cell phone towers can be really small and hell anything that has been covered by the news must be REALLY old news and i was thinking that what was stopping SAMSUNG or SONY from building a hidden cellphone into the design of my laptop s0 If you program the bios and tell the hidden phone to “call” the same .gov # in secret on powerup somewhere you can easily maintain secret ethernet over cellphone dialup for keylogging.”

BadBIOS and other firmware rootkits, nation-state spyware, interdiction and implants, forensics… side channel attacks, power line hacking, hacking smart homes, constructing faraday rooms, forensic bags, Libreboot, ultrasound and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) and shielding.
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