Global Nightmare: Germany Announces Plan to Lethally Inject All Citizens

“Global Nightmare: Germany Announces Plan to Lethally Inject All Citizens”
Dec 3, 2021
The Alex Jones Show
Alex Jones breaks down how Germany has now taken full control of the European Union & has announced plans for forced Covid injections to begin continent-wide.”

“The propaganda around the western world from Australia to United States, from Germany to England, from Scotland to Spain.
All the paid pundits said: The time for forced injections has come, we are coming to your house and force inject you and if you resist us the Army will kill you.”

“Lockstep with the unelected President of the E.U. Commission, that actually runs the E.U., set up in 1956 in the treaty of Rome..The entire group running it are literally austria-hungarian empire royalty….”

“The dictator Merkel, the communist-global Merkel has handled power over the new puppet government.”

“The Globalists have bought up the Media, the globalists have bought up the Academia, the globalists have set up Big Tech to Censor and Control and now they are making their move.”

“Door to door with the Police that puts you in a database and the shot is linked to massive cardiac problems and cancer and turns off your DNA, so that you rapidly age and die…depending on the case. Population Weapon. The Police of Germany, when they follow these orders, are now walking the exact same steps of where the Germans went 70+ years ago…Nuremberg Trials…”

“It´s all about power and control over your body…You can argue that Real Vaccines can help people and when they are not tainted and not toxic..they have… many cases, these are not vaccines…of being able to roll something out that hurts people publicly and they still get away with it, gives them total, absolute dominance..”

“Armed stand-off.. Police stand-off in New York at the United Nations H.Q.”

“The 4th Reich is here.”

“Germany has now taken full control of the E.U…to force ..injections on the public.”

“Today Deutschland, tomorrow the world…they squeeze, squeeze, squeeze…”

“so much injections, so many violations, so much rape, they want control over our bodies to force us into the metaverse…”

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