News from Rome – Important Info – God = Truth vs False Choice & Divine Protection vs No Protection

“First published ..on November 28th, 2021.”
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Conspiracy Revelation: 3.12.2021: News from Rome – Important Info – God = Truth vs False Choice
& Divine Protection vs No Protection.

“Those making the Vaccines know these Vaccines will kill you…and we have to face the Reality of what is going on, that this is the intention, the intention is to exterminate humanity. Somewhere around nearly 2 Billion people, I hear it say, have been vaccinated, now according to Montagnier, anyone who has taken these vaccines that prime your immune system to react excessively…these all will be dead in 2 years, in the next 2 years we will see 2 billion people die on earth, if you are in a state like some of my relatives where 85% of the people are vaccinated, everyone on your street will be dead except you who haven´t and the others who haven´t taken it and as an anthropologist I feel strongly motivated..that you to start preparing yourself spiritually for this, because some people are going to be so shocked by it, that they are going to lose their minds, they will lose their faith and they will ask where is God? And why did God not prevent it? ..when a man throws himself off a cliff, is God obliged to stop the laws of gravity to prevent him from dying from it?
Anyone with a brain had enough time to examine the scamdemic and see that it was false..
hold fastly only to what is good…if you went and ran off to get to get the jab, so that you could go on traveling or not being offended or something like that..then you are an Idiot and a Coward…Truth didn´t mean anything to you …and if you live that way you cannot find God, you cannot arive in Heaven, because Heaven is not an automatic destination, a golf course that you get membership to after you have died…but if you live without truth and without any relation to truth, any concern for truth, you can´t be saved, because God is Truth.”

“God is not obliged to save you, he is not obliged to save you if you jump off a cliff…and so God is not obliged to save Humanity, if Humanity wants to commit suicide.
Now all of this makes me think of what Saint John…says in his book of the Apocalypse…A scorpion-like creature will come forth from an abysmal pit and go around the world and sting ..of which is third of the world will die…and its tail has a poison in it that can kill people…well, apocalpytic language is symbolical.”

“So the Vaccine is the poison, a third of humanity will die.”

“You can´t ignore it, if you are a person of faith…You can´t ignore it, if you are a person who is objective…and therefore the conclusion seems almost certain
and we are now living in like the summer of 1914, before the first world war broke out.
No one had an idea that in the next 3-4 years 20 million people would be killed in Europe, because of a war. There was a summer which people would still enjoy travel around Europe and peace…they want you think that nothing is wrong…”

“There is going to be serious disruptions of the economy, national security and your neighborhood…”

“This is going to be a very terrible age, it is going to be the darkest age in human history, in our entire history.”

“..and when it becomes undeniable that it is the people vaccinated who are dying. These people are going to get really angry…riots in big cities…so we might see the fall of governments, because they are going to kill these politicians and journalists and doctors who did this to them befote they drop dead themselves, so we might be seeing a lot of mayhem, a lot of disorder, so I highly recommed what Christ saays at the End of Time. Flee the City, go to the Country-Side and defend yourself, arm yourself…”

“I believe the Truth is our best defense.”

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