The Trueman Show #51 Catherine Austin Fitts

The Trueman Show #51 Catherine Austin Fitts
106.023 Aufrufe – 18.11.2021”

“So I left the Bush administration basically thinking, you know, these guys are going to get hold of the technology and kill us all… so I’ve had my life threatened on many occasions I’ve dealt with physical harassment that was the only time I had my family threatened, I had my family harassed and that was pretty upsetting.
Well, tyranny is fantastically expensive..not just financially, but environmentally, oh my god, t’s the same companies,
the same investment bankers, the same lawyers, the same university endowments and they’re playing the same game everywhere,
but nobody sees it, because we each know what we’re dealing with and we realized you know this is a global coup the head of the president the largest pension fund was on the board and he looked at me, he froze and he said, you don’t understand, it’s too late i said what do you mean, it’s too late, he said…the people leading this come with an energy and it brings an energetic into your life which we don’t realize is the spiritual corruption…”

“At the end of world war ii you had a series of laws in the united states that created
a wall of secrecy and something called the black budget so you had more and more of the financial system,
particularly the government financial system being run on a secret basis that was financing,
tremendous developments in technology that were all secret and so you literally have a divide in
the in the population between the population leadership, because they’re moving forward at high speed with all
this fantastic technology and everyone else is in the dark and you literally are getting this
tremendous divide in learning speeds and intelligence and awareness of what’s really going on,
so when you look at the technology they had in 91 and what they were going to do with it i you know it really shocked me
and and what most shocked me was the the sense you got from them that they literally were beginning to look at the average
person as if they were a member of a different species… so you were watching a society evolve that had lost any sense of
empathy with the general population and that was scary, so I left and said you know we need a new plan
and I started a company and the company’s goal was to figure out how communities could basically get rid of government money
and finance on a self-supporting basis, community currencies, community equity pools, community venture capital
..and basically because with the new technology you could so improve the learning metabolism and intelligence
of a place…”

“It was always members of the council foreign relations they’d call me and say you know i want to invite you to
lunch and then you’d go and you get the message you know that was and you never you knew it it was somebody on the
executive committee who’d given them the message but you never quite knew no who it was and what the discussion was, it
was always the royal we..”

“If a reset was taking us back to human civilization it would be a good thing,
we would have hard choices to make, but it would be a good thing, it would be a healthy thing, but the reset that is currently happening is a reset designed to keep the people who’ve stolen all the money and who are extracting much more money
out of the economy than they’re contributing in value, to keep that going
and the way they’re going to keep that going is by implementing tremendous amounts of automation,
literally integrating digital technology into the human body …aka transhumanism and exercising complete control in a way
which is frightening and the way they’re going to get the population to go along with it is a combination of force and
mind control, it’s a very ugly picture.. China is like a prototype, so one of the big mysteries is how much of China, because if you look at China, China’s expansion since 1990 has been financed by the west, so i’m always wondering who exactly owns China, because we financed it and it’s our satellites enforcing it, so how much freedom does China have within the
global system that’s a question, but i think a big debt was made on China and that bet’s going to continue and
China’s going to grow in power and importance and and that will not necessarily be a good thing for the people in the west.”

“I think one of the most important goals for mr global is to build a multi-planetary civilization
and it’s a goal i think is a good one i mean i share that goal because if you’re a
civilization you never want to bet the ranch on one planet.. diversify, diversify, diversify, so
i think if you were sitting back in 1990 and you said how are we going to build a
multi-planetary civilization, what you need is you need incredible engineering capacity and manufacturing
capacity and you can’t get that in the west you have to bring asia into the first world and if you bring
asia into the first world, if you look at the space programs of Korea, Japan, China, India, that’s what’s
going to turn us into a multi-planetary civilization.”

“Everybody’s trying to buy up all the real estate, Isuspect the plan is not dying, but..carlyle group
is not behaving like the planet is dying, anyway , i think those are the important unanswered
questions, one of the things that can best inform that is what is in these injections,
we know there’s no medical reason for a vaccination and we know these aren’t vaccinations,
so why are they trying to eject this stuff into people’s body if there’s no
medical reason, i don’t know if you just saw the latest interview by the pfizer whistleblower,
who said that the people .. were not allowed to know what the ingredients were, so how can the people who are making the
injections, not being allowed to know what’s in it, how are they supposed to do quality control
and one of the things she described is they dropped the labels on the bottle,
because the the material in the body bottles had a blue fluorescent glow, it was very interesting
and when the people in the plant said what’s in them they would say go
read the cdc website well if you go read the cdc website they have sections of
the ingredients where it’s redacted you can’t know what’s in there is no informed consent, because
you don’t know what’s in it and you don’t know why we’re it’s being injected we do know that the
people who most wanted injected it into us were the central bankers.”

“you know my guess is whatever is in it it’s designed to lower life expectancy or depopulate or sterilize,
so whether you depopulate through increased toxicity and immune suppression or you sterilize …
controlling the genetics or making people sick and lowering their immune system….you know the question is how much is it
aboutdepopulation versus getting something in us that allows them to run 24 7 id and surveillance or
hook us up to the cell towers. I mean you know if if if you’re getting material in our body that helps our body
act as receivers, it’s going to be much easier to mind control us..”

“It could be all of those toegther.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 26.11.2021: It is secret, because it is utter gruesome, debilitating, genocidal, evil and destructive and against the divine and natural law.

“you know but but if you also look at the united states, you have a freemasonry infrastructure
that runs from every county you know all the way up to the top of washington and wall street and that’s why there’s very
tight execution between the top and the bottom, because you have those networks…you know when i was growing up in philadelphia ,we had three different groups um you had the vatican the archdioceses and they controlled they had
the italian mafia, they controlled the ports, the transportation the police then you had the freemasons and they
controlled the banks and the law firms and usually city hall and then then you had the jews who kind of out
punched their weight and were very innovative and involved in the financial system and um if you sort of look at the
history of america since that time that infrastructure with the black budget got fantastic amounts of money
behind it so the more and more money you could create through the federal government
and the more and more you know we we had an executive order in 1981 that allowed um private companies to do highly
classified technology and that meant all those sort of you know whether it’s the jesuits, the freemason, the jews, they could all get fantastic amounts of money ..running through their companies to do whatever their they wanted to do
and it really took the whole thing on a whole new level of steroids….they’re really running the government.”

“certain is that they are controlling us with the money actually right”

“but here’s the big secret, they’re controlling us with mind control, in other words if you look at first of all it is a mistake to assume the corruption is at the top, the corruption is throughout the society,
so if i can talk about the united states which i know well, the corruption that we’re talking about is in every county every state…I just described 99% of spiritually evolved people will not push the red button, how do you expect
the president to push the red button, if 99% of the people want the profits of organized crime and war?”

“We should refuse to harm other People.”

“but if we help each other be productive and we help each other not get isolated or picked off
that will make us strong .. my theory on what’s going to happen here is I think their plan is going to fail
but I think we need to be alive and have alternatives when it does,
so i have a my favorite bible story is the story of gideon and i have a theory
about in the story of gideon the midianites who are the bad guys kill each other,
so i think the midianites are going to kill each other but when they do we need
a way of sort of picking up the ball and leading.”

“so the average person does not understand and and i was this happened to me s..,
this is not critical, you don’t understand how much of your energy is being drained by trying to go
along and you can’t, there is no middle of the road and you can’t get along with tyranny, so you have
to just leave and when you can be with like-minded people and getting something done it’s so energizing,
unbelievable.. i’m positive on the future, because it’s it’s like an infection it has to rise to the surface and it’s
rising to the surface, so my attitude is you know this is a this is a 10 000 year old war between good and evil slavery
and freedom and you know i believe freedom’s going to win, i don’t underestimate how much pain we’ll have to go through to win but i will tell you this i have two choices i can be on mr global side or i can be on my side and um and i’m always willing to allow mr global to join me…but what i will tell you is it’s more fun to be on my side whether or not we win yeah, in other words i’m not on this side because we’re going to win i’m on this side because it’s more fun, more real, it’s more real it’s more fun. i believe we’re going to win but if we don’t win i’d still rather i’d rather lose on this team than be on
mr global i’ve been on mr global’s team, i don’t want to be there, it’s too creepy.”

“we need to bring millions of people back to the light exactly, right, so that’s our mission for the next couple
of years.”

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