Dr. Steven Greer – Talks UFOs | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST EP. 82

“Dr. Steven Greer – Talks UFOs | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST EP. 82”
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Dr. Steven Greer – Talks UFOs | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST EP. 82
Dr. Steven Greer is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and technologies, and initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations. For over 30 years, Dr. Greer has provided briefings for senior government officials across the globe, conducted numerous media interviews, and delivered hundreds of lectures. He has also written five books and produced feature film documentaries that have been seen by hundreds of millions of people. Dr. Greer’s relentless efforts towards the disclosure of classified UFO/ET information have inspired millions of supporters around the world. Learn more about Dr. Greer and his work at www.siriusdisclosure.com.”

“I went into outer space that’s where i was in my near-death experience and i
actually saw it experienced it uh out of body as it were and it was a
beautiful experience i mean i just like literally
went into this state of sort of cosmic consciousness and I didn’t know what that was
because i was not raised with any understanding of
the soul or the spirit or consciousness or infinity
so i said you know i really need to learn how to meditate. I survived obviously because here i am and what i decided was that i really need to learn how to get to that state of
samadhi or consciousness or higher consciousness without dropping dead
right and so I learned meditation.”

“what these civilizations have are extremely accurate interfaces with consciousness and
directed thought that pick up the thought as clearly as you and i are talking on this
electromagnetic signal so that’s how that whole event happened it was all based in
consciousness and thought now that sounds like something way out there
except when you start talking to people at the cia like dr dr russell targ who’s a laser
physicist for lockheed who for 20 years was at the cia doing consciousness studies
using consciousness to spy on the soviet union so everyone thinks that this is
very fringe, it isn’t, it’s only fringe because the mainstream media ridicules it but in reality everyone at a senior level of the intelligence community knows this is real,
so i stumbled across it and then i realized that these guys these et civilizations have
that ability but i didn’t understand how it worked it was all kind of a mystery to me
at age 18….”

“so this is the problem the problem i that they know we have great potential
and beauty within humanity but they also know that some of the
very powerful interests in the planet you know what president eisenhower called the military industrial complexum have this sort of addiction
to viewing everything as a threat they view anything they don’t understand as a
threat and as one naval intelligence guy
told me i asked him i said why are we targeting these et spacecraft and not in killing them
occasionally he says because we view this as our planet if they don’t
act as our military’s permission we’re going to kill them and shoot them down,
so that is how primitive and stupid the thinking is on that, people make it
very complicated, when i’ve been at the pentagon briefing three-star generals and people
like this, that is quite simply the mindset, so the general public doesn’t understand
that… as as danny sheehan who’s this famous civil rights and constitutional
attorney said: if you’re if you’re a hammer the whole world’s a nail,
so in this case if you know if you’re a military and you’re oriented towards everything being a threat that you don’t understand then they’re a threat, in reality it’s
the other way around, the reason you see in the media coming out
through the senate intelligence committee that they’re trying to
posit this as a national security threat because
the ets have been seen doing surveillance over our nuclear facilities
and what have you but that’s not because they’re a threat
if they wanted to take us out had been done in 1945,
i mean the technologies they have could have terminated our civilization in an
instant, but they’re not, they have a gandhian,
like gandhi or christ or some enlightenment, they have that
level of pacifism simply because they have pulled their punches waiting for us
we the people to resolve this problem over the last 60 or 70 years, so
that’s why i left my medical career a few years ago is to resolve this
crisis that is unacknowledged.”

“Our civilization is stuck in the late 1800s paradigm of oil and gas and linear electricity
lines, so we have a hundred years of lost social progress, anti-poverty, the environment is being very strange, because of this and we’re headed into a deep dive as you
know i mean an extinction level event is possible, all because of greed and stupidity of
men, so I think that we have to realize that these extraterrestrial civilizations to
pivot back to your question earlier they’re very knowledgeable that most humans are not
corrupt that way but they’re also not informed so i’ve sort of felt like somebody needed
to do something to get the information out to the public..”

“We have 200 000 pages of documents and blueprints and models 3d models
of man-made ufos that have come out of the lockheed skunk works,
my uncle’s company northrop grumman boeing
and other other classified contractors with the us government.”

“I realized at that point that we’re dealing with an unconstitutional criminal enterprise
and that’s when i went through the looking class that’s when it got really
rough um and of course this is a 30-year journey, i’m giving you a really quick
kind of cliff notes for, but it was scary,
frankly, i mean… i don’t know if you can imagine being younger than you are
being responsible for briefing the cia director and find out gee
.. we don’t know anything because this group is lying to us so that sort
of upended my whole world view of politics government, civics, all that.”

“well, definitely an aspect of all of this is your safety.”

“I don’t care about that, they want to kill me, I’m not afraid of it.. it’s funny that the
head of army intelligence in 1992 when he found out what we were doing, he
was so angry, he threatened me with i took me to a hotel room till late in
2 30 in the morning with the nsa national security agency guy and some other
spooks and he says who hell do you think you are, i said, well i’m a free citizen of the
earth and of the cosmos and we’re making contact he says you’re not cleared i said i don’t need your clearance or permission, so we went mano amano and i’m a nice guy.”

“When I was 17, I died, I know there is no death, I know that
what is within me and within all of us goes on forever and is infinite
and eternal and therefore if you want to kill me, go ahead, but i’ll be more trouble to you on the other side and he knows, he knew, those people understand that.”

“..and I said no i can’t be bought off an you’re not going to buy me or scare me… so i said no i said we’re not gonna we’re not getting in bed with these crooks and we’re not gonna be scared of the but yeah and that was when a billion
dollars was a lot of money now of course everybody in silicon valley
makes a billion dollars a week.”

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