HUNDREDS Cremated in Mass Funerals as Coronavirus Cases Surge in India

“HUNDREDS Cremated in Mass Funerals as Coronavirus Cases Surge in India”

“India has set a new global record for daily coronavirus infections for the fourth day in a row.
More than 349,600 cases were reported on Sunday, bringing the total to 16.69 million.
The country confirmed 2,767 covid-related deaths in the last 24 hours – its highest toll so far.
Total fatalities from the virus have now reached 192,311.
As the death toll rises, families are left to cremate their loved ones at overburdened crematoriums.
Indian authorities have been scrambling to deliver oxygen as hospital admissions and infections surge.
The new surge is thought to be driven by the emergence of new variants, as well as mass gatherings.
The government have deployed trains to transport supplies across the country.
The US has vowed to send support after expressing “deep concerns” over the country’s situation.
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“India overwhelmed by world’s worst Covid crisis – BBC News
International help is being pledged for India as it battles a ferocious second wave of coronavirus”

“Hospitals are overwhelmed, crematoriums overflowing and oxygen is so scarce that people are turning to the black market in an effort to save loved ones – as India struggles to cope with a devastating new surge in Covid infections.”

“COVID-19: India’s oxygen shortage leaves people begging for air
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Sky News
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An acute oxygen shortage in India’s hospitals has left desperate people begging and bartering for air.

Britain announced it was sending “more than six hundred pieces of vital medical equipment” which will arrive on Tuesday – but the people on the ground have yet to see any substantial help from their own government or from other countries.”

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Triple Mutation Variant Detected In India; Why Are So Many Mutations & Variants Emerging?
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The triple mutation of Coronavirus has been detected in parts of the country. The triple mutation is a combination of multiple Coronavirus variants. Watch the video to find out why there are so many variants and mutations emerging in India.
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India ‘shaken by Covid storm’ – BBC News
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“India resorts to mass cremations as Covid deaths pile up in second wave
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“India Covid crisis: Scramble for oxygen amid surge in coronavirus cases | ITV News
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“Corona-Katastrophe in Indien: Massenverbrennung auf Parkplätzen, schreckliche TV-Szenen”

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