The Main Saboteurs sit in Palo Alto and San Francisco California…

Conspiracy Revelation: 9.12.2020: The Main Saboteurs sit in Palo Alto and San Francisco California…

Conspiracy Revelation: Sub-Reference… all that is connected…
#Ecdyson Stanford-Criminals…
“The ecdysone system uses luciferase, so the location of the new genes may be easily determined.”
“The ecdysone system uses enhancers or promoters derived from viruses such as SV40, Adenovirus, Bovibe Papilloma Virus, polyoma virus, cytomegalovirus and retroviruses, such as Leukemia Virus, Rous Sarcoma Virus & HIV.”
“The ecdysone system has effects in some kinds of blood cells, such as lymphocytes and neutrophils and may regulate the immune system.”
“The new victim changing DNA is cloned using E. coli and other microbial hosts, such as Bacillus subtilis, Salmonella, Serratia and various Pseudomonas species.”
“Who sells this system to the creators of bioweapons? Stanford sells the rights to RheoGene who leases them to Invitrogen who has contracts with the military.”
“Human skin produces hormones which are released in the circulation and are important for the functions of the entire organism. Therefore, it is the target for the insect ecydysone receptor.”
“Hormones exert their biological effects on the skin through interaction with receptos for peptide hormones, neurotransmitters, steroid hormones and thyroid hormones.”
“The goal of gene therapy as a weapon is to effect a permanent debilitating change in the genetic makeup of the victim. The weapon does not have to be lethal.”
“Gene therapy is used to change the genetic makeup of a person without their knowledge or consent by means of an insect vector. Insect transmit genes via their saliva, reproductive systems or excretory systems.”
“A PROMOTER in the ecdysone system activates only the glandular cells of a target organ, so a disease could be placed in the brain, heart, pancreas, liver, skin or hair follicles, etc.”
“Stealth viruses can remain long periods without causing detectable harm. They can be contagoiuus silently spreading throoughout a targeted population over an extended time and then triggered.”
“Transgenic DNA is implanted in cells preparing the human for further genetic changes which eventually create pathogenic protein products which cause disease.”
“It´s time to STOP this entomological murder.”
“This crime of terror is affecting numerous babies including this most loved little child.”
“Morgellons Hormones Genetics, Monsanto & Bio Crime.”
“We are going to talk about Morgellons, vectors, ecdysone and a patent for the receptor molecule hormones and Monsanto…gene therapy and human skin.”
“NASA Future Warfare Psychopathen 2001: Weapons/Munitions: Utilize animals (e.g. urban rats)/ insects as “delivery systems”/munitions (“feeding,” swarming, biting, poisoning)”
“Are insects or worms, bacteria, fungus or plants growing in your skin?”
“The following are Morgellons specimen from skin.”
“Insect Hormone Ecdysone”
“Geneticists have designed a system for use in transgenic animals where the insect Ecdysone Hormone Receptor Molecule can be synthesized continuously in the glandular cells of the organism.”
“Transgenic means an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.”
“New DNA is insterted in an insect´s cells. During molting, ecdysone or other hormones attach to ecdysone receptors and trigger translation of the New DNA.”
“WHAT IS A VECTOR? A Vector is a delivery system.
The insect is the primary vector.
Tech secondary vector is the bacteria or virus.
Nucleic Acid (DNA) is placed inside a viral or bacterial vector.
The Viral Phage has a needle that comes out of the bottom and injects its DNA into the cell.”
“The nucleic Acids which are DNA or proteins, could be meant to help or harm you. Harm is intended when the proteins are used in a bioweapon like MOrgellons.”
“Here is an example of a harmful protein: AGROBACTERIUM Transferred-DNA Complexes”
“Bacteriological, Viruses, Prions, Parasites, FUngi, Carcinogens, Toxins, HORMONES/REGULATORS”
“Bio-Hacking / Natural, Genomic, Direct an (undetectable) BInary” /NOnsens ist detectable.”
“Morgellons would not be an effective genetic weapon without hormone control.”
“Some think this document released in 2001 was a joke. It´s not. It´s being executed now.”
“The patent for the Ecdysone Switch is entitled: “Polynucleaotide Encoding Insect Ecdysone Receptor US 6245531 B1”
“The assignee is the Board of Trustees of Lelan Stanford University Palo Alto, CA. (Files 1992/Published 1996)”
This patent describes the insertion of a molecular switch using the ecdysone hormone receptor molecule which is genetically inserted into insects, worms, bacteria, plants and mammals.”
“In insects, the presence of ecdysone triggers the ecdysone receptor. In the absence of ecdysone nothing happens.”
“Ecdysone has no effect on animals that do not have extra genes inserted, so its presence indicates the transgene is working.”
“New Words: The hormone (ECDYSTEROID) and the ON/OFF switch is called and Inducible Expression System.”
“Insects and Worms provide a continuous supply of ecdysone which keeps the transgenes turned on.”
“Insect Hormones (Ecdysteroids) and Monsanto”
“This is very important! Adding or removing Ecdysteroids from the DIET turns the genes on or off.”
“MONSANTO: This powerful genetic switch could be is placed in every human via (Food-Gene-Switch, Radiation and Chemtrails) injection or vaccine and triggered by FOOD.”
“The military´s “fingerprintless” plan included making all biology Binary Biology, so that people can be controlled.” (can be switched on and off)”
“Genetic Binary Weapons have 2 parts and when 2 parts are combined, they work together to create the effect-ILLNESS.”
“Bio Crime (binary pathogens, genetics)”
/(Biowaffen) /(Sabotage) /DOD /ARPA /(Crime Syndicate) /(ShadowGov) /(Spy) /(Agencies) /(CoIntelPro2) /(Medizinmafia) /(Öl-Mafia) /(Bankermafia) /(Anti-Pharmamilmafia) /(GenMutator) [66752]”

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