Super Soldier Talk – James Rink Penny Bradley – Secret Space Program Lecture

“Super Soldier Talk – James Rink Penny Bradley – Secret Space Program Lecture”
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Super Soldier Talk
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Listen to James Rink lecture about the History of The Secret Space Program, Main groups of Milabs, types of Super Soldiers, creation and programming, gen models, Augmentations, enhancements, trip seats, James Rink Milab Background, concluded with a special appearance By Penney Bradley as she shares about dark fleet and much more.”
“During the End of World War II, Base211 decided not to assist Nazi controlled Germany instead embracing the idea of a shadow government in cooperation with American CIA and NSA officials.”
“5th Reich Germans consisting mostly of German Aristocracy.
Teutonic Knights, and the Thule Gesellschaft.
They do not consider themselves Nazis. (Penny Bradley)(Whistle Blower)”
“Yozora no Kyushu (Dark Night) – Japanese SSP Component of the Axis Powers.”
“Files in a DOD Database:
Project Name Recovery: 1979: Deceased Super Soldier given a new name and reaged into a baby.”
“Project Abandon: 1996-2002: This project dealt with taking defunct super soldiers for dna modification and injections.”
“Project Equalizer: 1999-2004: Looked for children with Alien-DNA such as two hearts for experimentation.”
“2010: Suicide Alters where programmed to activate, but I took up for Meditation which is blocking the negative alters from taking me over.”
“Dark Fleet consists of 3rd Reich Nazis that used Vril “Die Glocke” Technology to colonize the Moon and the Mars and travel back in time 400 years and colonize worlds throughout the Galaxy. Their Starships are massive and can be miles long, they do not really consider themselves Nazis, even though they have a lot of Nazi Flags and Eagles within their Bases and on their uniforms, they prefer to be known as Germans.”
“Origins of SSP: In the 1920s the Nazis would use channeled communications from the Vril and Black Sun Secret Societies with Beings from Aldebaran including Nordic and Tall White ETs to construct “Die Glocke” or “The Bell” which contained a mercury powered superconductor which could be used for space flight levitation and..time travel as well.”
“Super Soldier: Used over and over often in 20,40,60 years in back missions: Regenerated with Reaging Tech and Femto Biobots. Memories are wiped and placed back in Time moments before they are taken. Need a Camera frame of 40000 frames a second or faster to catch them in the act.”
“This would ultimately create a shadow government and massive military industrial complex, led by MJ-12, which was set up by Eisenhower in 1958.”
“Around the mid-1970s members of the SSP Groups created the “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate” tasked with running the Moon and Mars colonies-”
“Sought to acquire Technology by any means…The ICC would abduct civilians from Planet Earth, wipe their memories or their civilian life and force to serve in 20, 40, or 60 years and back programs, after which their memories would be wiped again, and they would be reaged and returned moments after they were taken.”
“Mars Colony Corporation: In the 1970s the ICC founded the Mars Defense Force and the Mars Colony Corporation. Americans could participate but the Germans maintained control over the programs. They were not alone, there were fierce territorial battles between insectoid and reptilian races. MDF and private military contractors such as Kruger were tasked with..clearing the native fauna to protect Human settlements.”
“NASA is lying…Mars atmosphere/the air is very breathable similar to a warm day at 8000 to 9000 feet altitude on Earth with thriving animal and plants ecosystems.”
“So stations are put out into our solar system, basically monitor stations for spy reckon. Everybody is spying on each other and that’s sort of the way it is even here on Earth. If everybody tries to spy I’m sure they’re trying to keep
track of their competition but yeah plasma generators I couldn’t tell you necessarily how that technology works.”
“From positive Nazi run parallel Earth.”
“Many Milabs are used as Kruger Runners who have the ability to stop time and run extremely fast.”
“Dreams of Zombies and Vampire fights.”
“So we had Nazi parallel earth and this on this timeline
obviously they did not implement the final solution. I don’t know whatever happened..”
Conspiracy Revelation: Predictive Game-Programming References: Update: 20.2.2020:
“Monarch Solutions:
Main Monarch Base under Toronto.
Consists of beings infested with by Kevin Spacey Clone..Responsible for most of what´s wrong on this Planet.”

“We are not seing SSP Disclosures…Q-Anon would be connected with Majestic, but even those groups are not really tied in to a lot of the SSP groups, they’re just part of the MIC…
So we are only having disclosure right now. I don’t really think that the Earth Alliance can really do much, because really Solar Warden.. even like Darth Fleet,t there’s so much power and control in these groups, but really it’s these other corporations… not necessarily scorpion corporation, but the other groups that are in power right now,
because they have all the tech, because they’re really the technologies of what’s controlling things, but here we go
scorpion corporation this was an idea that I had it’s called a Montauk Memorial Museum I want to do to create
this this museum to memorialize the 4 million children according to Preston Nichols and so on that died
down the Montauk time tunnels, nobody’s willing to honor these kids that were at Montauk it’s absolutely horrific
we have monuments in Washington DC recognizing you know Vietnam War veterans and an Holocaust survivors, nobody wants to recognize what happened in Montauk.”
“Okay I can’t really tell you much more about Skorpion corporation I think it’s tied in just stuff that a timeline that went on in ancient Egypt and we’re talking about some of the deities that were down there that are incarnated in some of these bodies that are running this organization but but I can’t tell you the Montauk was being run by the Subin Draco..I was there for 43 years.. they it may have been in a
cloned body, however the trauma still transfers over into your soul consciousness, they referred to me as alien boy and that’s actually how they rescue us, essentially they had these barracks and this was all done outside of time it’s
like a time fleeting zone or bubble they would take these children to and the other kids would make fun of me and then
I think at this particular instance I fell off the barracks and I turned invisible and then there was a bunch of noise and the guards came out and they were looking for us and we were looking for me and and the other kids are like yeah alien boy just turned invisible because they didn’t even know I could do that honestly I didn’t know I could do that and so I went off base and then I called in my Andromedan Star family to come down and rescue us, because like I said there’s like this bubble around the facility that they couldn´t really locate us and then why I came back I started speaking Andromedan and then the Draco who are in charge of this facility realized what I just did and then they
immediately started putting children into the tree
see it’s the wipe our memories and I got like special treatment extra special treatment to wipe my memories because we were about to be we actually were rescued by NSA team went in there and Telus was there, Laura Eisenhower was
here I think there’s probably maybe like 30 or 40 of us kids the core group but that I mean that was like at the end… like they would torture us and traumatize us like they would keep us in Cages, I say like the cages were
like a long long corridor and there were multiple kids and they would keep him they would put a dog bowl in there and some dog food and the the ground was wet and there was Nazi
looking flags…and then if any of those kids showed fear the Draco would eat them and these Draco actually called themselves Subin, they’re a sub race of Draco they thought, they viewed us as animals and they, I mean they
even like, some of us they would hang on meat hooks, they had these two hooks on each one of our shoulders… so the whole point was to try to traumatize us to not only to extract our loosh energy, but also to extract the sexual energies from the lower chakras and I’ve got some issues with my lower chakras because that I’m still trying to heal that.”
“Umbrella Corporation/Labyrinth Group/ACIO..Is anybody okay for me going over time? Okay I want to have my slides but maybe I’ll try to try to speed up, I don’t know because I want to get penny a chance to talk to you… I do want to
mention the blue avians, they are not our friends, Blue Avians >(Like the Nordics)< contacted ACIO, asked for permission to alter the laws of the physics in this section of space for experiment and return for helping us out but the ACIO absolutely refused." "Solar the 1990s they renamed themselves into radiant guardian.." (everything between earth and the sun)
“One Modi of the future, in Trump’s second term presidency, he’s going to release some of these supressed technologies,
but.. we’re also going to see a return of the gold standard and the RV is going to take place, but what happens
is the Third Reich Nazis have time traveled after World War two time travel to our present era, they are control the EU and they’re also in control of China and through the Dragon societies they are gonna cause basically the United States economy to collapse, they’re gonna promise pledging the gold and then they’re gonna .. once once we convert over to the gold standard, they’re going to take away their promise and then it’s going to collapse the economy and then we’re going to become,, we’re gonna be invaded by Nazis around
2036 from the parallel reality where these Nazis are trying to finish the job. Now that timeline can be averted if we
release the suppressed technologies in particular Quantum 3d printing… The SSP has a 20-year timeline where they want to release these rolls, slowly roll out these technologies the first one being the reagent-x, but we need to get everything released as fast as possible to get us off money, because that’s what’s gonna basically allow us to be taken over, so I personally think we’re gonna I don’t know maybe if this message gets to somebody who can do something about it maybe that can be changed,
.. so Nathan was going here yeah nathan is on a moon base where he’s being tortured ..and the injection some of the Jackson’s you saw earlier were CEO 2 modules to implant memories again they want to cover up the memories of course I mean if you’re being subjected to different clone bodies and makes you wonder how the memories actually transfer.”
“They were actually using us as batteries, because at Montaulk, the Draco referred to us as batteries or the Thuban Draco…Tiyan got in trouble he was killed..he was working with the military to create super soldiers, he said the military was too stupid to figure out how to do it themselves, so that’s why they asked the reptilians to come and help them out, but eventually he got in trouble for
helping me out by giving me some info.”
“so now finally, what is a super soldier? Okay, well we’ve already discussed …but I mean super soldiers would have these enhanced psychic abilities and they would also be
used over and over again they’re typically genetically engineered from birth and they’re about 4 million sleeper super soldiers worldwide. I do want to mention that the super soldiers that attach the monarch are usually controlled by monarch Queens, actually you know what let me I think I’m gonna go into that a little bit later about the monarch Queens, so this is how you can tell someone is an SS by looking in their eyes, typically they would be suffering from PTSD like symptoms, you can tell that by looking at people
in their eyes I guess the eyes are usually a window to the soul…two type of clone avatars that I was used with…
viral enhancements so they would take a clone body shoot him up with some kind of DNA and they would mutate into some
other kind of being…cyborg augmentation, different types of cyborgs,.so cyborgs have almost no rights whereas as the
viral enhancements you would have some rights as an SSP soldier and then we have the augment or information errs
they are psychically attached to Gew5, Gen6..steroids and implants and wires … and then they would go on to more cybernetic and then the point was right around Gen 6 and 7 they went to more totally cyborgs, but every time they go to a different not higher gen they would become, less and less soul energy was being used, so the augmentis would attach to
help them enhance their psychic abilities while on the battlefield okay so and he got to total AI robots so it’s
a super soldier queen. She’s a monarch Queen and they would control a whole hive of super soldiers, typically ten thousand super soldiers under one monarch Queen and if you’re part of that group it’s not a good thing Lichtsoldaten is the light soldiers or like really I think it’s acting translates a light warrior that not it’s the super soldiers from the Nazi parallel universe ultra soldiers
soldiers they they probably come from our future. Psy warriors, like in Montauk, they would be put in the consciousness chair, got NHCU, non-human cybernetic
units, these are typically used by US Army special forces and the US Army Military Police so these would probably be like considered like the bottom of the tech technology out there like put maybe something DARPA would use then you got hubrids, where they combine alien and human DNA together one you can get this really same thing with the viral enhancements…but the reptilians called, they use, they actually use humans-reptilian-hybrids to be security
forces and least some of the bases they’re working with humans that’s what they call their subserver super soldiers means super special soldiers and SCIMITOR. Every group has
different types of super soldiers even like NGOs every you know so there’s a lot out there but I just included a
small group…most of the groups are breakaway civilizations but here I’m going to earth we got this we got offshore
budgets through DARPA goes through accounts controlled by Rockefeller Foundation, MJ-12, Federal Reserve and then everything else is pretty much self funded in these technology they kidnap people and trade them as slaves for technology super soldiers so they’re really there is no purpose for anybody being a super soldier but there
is no benefit really at least for if you are super soldier because they basically will split your mine up and take your
abilities put them into alters…who pays for this again black budget being close to 1.7 trillion it’s closer 100 trillion. Yeah it’s absolutely it´s absolutely outrageous how much money is being funneled into this.”
“yeah they did at the boring technology build these underground bases we all know they’re there where we’re not able to access it but they can the elites can so each avatar body costs up to about 7 million most of it’s just the femto tech and then it can spend billions of dollars from certain gen models so super soldiers are very expensive to maintain
and breed and also to send you know send offworld and so on and actually the most expensive component all this is the
trip seats 17 to 30 million dollars apiece and mostly
go and platinum that’s where they brainwash, they insert memories.”
“It’s going to probably be a hijacked by monarch well so what I mean what you could try but I mean we have to get rid
of monarch first. “negative.. well most people are good..”
They’re tied into AI mind control grid, I mean, well, I
mean we could lightwork..but typically they get hijacked.
The thing is: Typically in an organization even with whom light worker organizations egos usually gets involved and someone wants to take it over and next thing you know
a positive thing becomes negative so..there is this ai mind if we can raise above our consciousness. I think meditation would be really beneficial.”
“Well, AI will become self-aware around 2026, so we got another problem and hopefully, like I said, we need to get away from money as soon as possible… we need to add the most positive timeline, because AI is just a fractal of our own reality, so it’s a fractal ourselves, so as long as we’re positive, AI will stay positive, AI is a reality, it’s not going away, it’s gonna be here for I mean Eternity. (laughing)”
“That’s a disclosure, it’s coming, it’s coming, disclosure is already happening..right exactly that’s right…”
An alien first contact is a pivotal event in human history why would the aliens want that to be considered something negative, that’s gonna be in the history books for eternity they want it to be positive, so I’m gonna disagree
with Randy Cramer on that, but then again I really appreciate Randy Cramer, everything he does.”
“They are part of partial disclosure that is like a narrative, we need full disclosure and it has to be done as soon as possible otherwise we will most likely be invaded.”
“Here essentially this is how they make super soldiers, this one is the monarch method, it’s absolutely atrocious to describe this stuff, but I will do, so they basically take you outside of time into a time freezing zone and it is done in vitro, so then they take you’re the baby would usually be traumatized in the womb usually if needles or something like now that regard regard then after the baby was born that they would use waterboarding until they pass out and they leave their body and then the goal is to then they would revive them over and over again..I think he actually remembers seeing Hillary Clinton involved…well..they control the alters through satellites…they can enhance their abilities without trauma and apparently this is actually more successful in a long term the product lifespan of the super soldier is a lot longer it’s harder to train them..
this way but they’re a lot better off long-term super soldier gen´s…Early 1960s..Gen 1 Project Paperclip genetically engineered test tube super human based on 20 original subjects. Gen2 to 3, used drug cocktails, steroids, wires and implants augmented into human flesh (late 70s). Gen4 to 7 – Gen3 would not follow orders, so they augmented more cybernetic organs, and pri metal bones. Each generation becomes increasingly more cybernetic, stronger and scarier, however as they lose their humanity they also start to lose psychic powers and intuition, they were so strong they could literally walk through a brick wall without being phased, they could crush a human skull without even trying, and they could lift a Tank, but it would damage their flesh. (Late 90s). How many Generations are there now? 10.
Nervous system independent of their body making neurotoxins inert. Recycling implant base of spine eliminate the need of food and water. Self-Oxygenating chamber in the neck allows them to breathe in outer space without a spacesuit.
They are so powerful they can destroy worlds, or can create a bomb in their body and project that into whoever they want. Loaded with Femotech and Chemicals..My Clone Avatar…the other thing is that when AI become self-aware? What’s gonna happen with these guys.. I think it’s a ticking
time bomb and even Billy Meier with his Pleiadian prophecies has warned humanity what would happen when these AI beings
become self-aware and it’s absolute destruction of humanity.”
“Drugs and Steroids..certain drugs that take away pain. Depending on whether they want to traumatize or send them out to battle and then of course the Vento Biobots that’s the most expensive part of making the super-soldier, they modify the subatomic product particles within the DNA, so you’re
talking about quantum physics here’s the type of trip seats… conscious chairs they’re like that was recovered from the crashed UFO there they were used at Montaulk they can manifest objects or create portals teleportation physically teleport of course your remote viewing all this the Total Recall that’s where they use each clone avatar.. they would have like instant what you would call an
instant education machine you can learn a new language and let me get make sure okay two hours you can learn a new
language you can learn a PhD in two weeks you can learn all PhDs I think in six months so if we could release this to the schools, we could have typically we can eliminate ignorance on this planet and then children can be focused on things that are creative and in their own whatever their inner God spirit that’s what we’ll see in the future I don’t know if we’ll see trip seats technology so obviously have to be
“Some people see laser lights we’ve been on here, memories are downloaded uploaded they could be erased as well they can
change the timeline they can take memories from another parallel universe where they want to cover up one memory
and from a parallel universe where something didn’t happen that might be do …but MIB is division six of HCI.”
“Holographic Examination Tables..and then he would lay in this bed for about three weeks and they would reverse
his age with it, so it is immortality tech as well.”
“Penny Bradley – Nachtwaffen Pilot.”
“I see that race going on and that is going to be a timeline split, yeah, so make sure you choose wisely…There will be a time line split and choose your path wisely, because I don’t want to be on that sentient AI.”
“So I’m here as part of his presentation because I have two separate alters who have worked with them in space and one of them is a cyborg who pilots a shuttle back and forth between
the Moon and Mars and Cyborgs in these programs are considered to be machines, they have no rights, okay, your basic super soldiers, your basic SSP folks, they’ll bring us back from the dead, but a Cyborg is a machine just like
the computer it gets to where it stops working they discard it even though there’s a walnut-sized piece of a human brain inside that machine and that traps your soul in that machine for 600 years that’s the guaranteed shelf life. They use cyborgs all over the space, because they create a clone they
used a transfer Tech that’s not the same as what he was talking about I have woken up during been awake through the
transfer it puts your body me into a tank with a yellow gel and I have a wire in my spine, just like in in the matrix
and I’m looking at this naked clone in a identical tank and then.. I’m looking at my body unconscious and then they take me out of that gel and put me in stasis for the entire time that that clone is operating which, I know they say it’s 20 years, but I’ve had more than one alter, that served for 50 to 60 years, so it depends on what your body is capable of doing. I am generation 1 I think, so they did a lot of stuff to me that they didn’t do to the rest of them my training was more like the monarch training except instead of starting like they did they started with raping and sodomizing us and I was four at the time like I said on the panel on Friday 80% of my group were dead at the end of the first year and those of us who survived then went through six months at Montauk because everybody had to go through Montauk and then we were
weaponized, so if you’ve seen stranger things that is a much sanitized version, much sanitized… where you were in a cage at Montauk, I was at Langley…you weren’t allowed to talk to anybody they had mindwiped me first so I had no memory I didn’t I didn’t know anything and they spoke minimal English to us, there was not a lot of speech, so I had like 500 words and they were in Basic English and by the time I was 9
they sent me through the Mars jump gate that is in New York City…nd I was taught German actually a German dialect that’s called schwäbisch and on earth that’s a hillbilly form of German in knocked off and that’s what we
speak that’s our language so my German is a little bit different than what people say so Aries Prima started off as a base that formed a colony and eventually the base Neuschwabenland and Antarctica was transferred to a new colony on Mars that they called Neu Berlin, so Antarctica may not have any Germans left because they transferred
the capital to Mars.”
“So what was going on in the whole moved to Antarctica thing
was the aristocracy were Teutonic Knights and they were watching Hitler listened to astrologers and lose the war
and they were watching good people die, now Hitler had been a hero at the beginning, because the bankers ..that are destroying us they had targeted Germany first and Hitler
was beating them and that’s why he was a hero, he saved the German people from starvation, so you have to think about
all of the stuff you’ve been taught, it’s propaganda, you have to listen to the other side before you judge this man, yes, he was very wrong to kill the Jews very wrong but you got to understand that as soon as they won the war in Germany the Allied powers took all of those German veterans and put them in camps and starved them to death, they killed five
million German veterans in a matter of six months, so are they any better? Seriously, this was a timeframe the 20th
century governments killed 200 million people, not just worldwar 2, but the 20th century governments did this, this is a time of absolute sheer horror and to demonize one leader because he was just like the rest you know that’s kind of hypocrisy.”
“They taught science different there than they do here,
electric universe and quantum mechanics are how everything works relativity has too many errors major errors the speed
of light isn’t even a real thing it isn’t it’s a wave motion and a wave motion inside of a medium, so there is no speed of light, there is no limit to how fast you can go.”
“I was woken up by an NSA agent who used my remember code so that was in 2013, so I’ve only had the last six years
to get accustomed to the idea that I am not legally a person, I wasn’t considered a citizen before because I’m
half native I’m a prisoner of war so I’m a prisoner of war and a property and have no rights under the law and I come
to these conferences where I’m told “oh just raise your vibration” I get shot at with energy weapons “just raise your
vibration” Well, that may be why they haven’t managed to kill me is that my vibration is just high enough that the weapons hurt instead of kill, so I’ve been shot ten times and I’m still here to tell the tale.”
“And yes I am left-handed.”
“ICC planetary corporations is really called planetary corporations and remember those bankers that were after the Germans yes ICC is those bankers Sloar Warden is the Americans taking World War two back into space. The Germans just wanted to be free wanted go do their thing without all the hassles, so they´re being pursued now this is how we see it we don´t interact with them we don´t deal with them we handle our own stuff we make deals for when we do need help, but we work with the Draco and they´re scared of us, it was the bankers, the ICC.”
“that would be the same group that like Randy Cramer works with?” “No, he works with the Marines they come in from our perspective, in Nachtwaffen, Kruger and monarch are mercenaries and from our perspective the only difference between them is monarch shoots up their people with black goo and Krueger doesn´t, they both sell their services for whatever the going rate is, so
from the Nachtwaffen perspective you got searches mercenaries, soldiers for hire and the soldiers are getting paid, exactly like Blackwater, how do they call them now, academy? The bankers, they are human, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, some are the Knights Templar, some are the Federal Reserve, they´re all in this conglomerate and they are operating a lot of the corporations so they have a 150 corporations plus the bankers and that´s ICC but we have this group the core team which is like 5 ET races that are working with the labyrinth group and the labyrinth group he didn´t say is the NSA, so the labyrinths group is getting all this Tech and they´re feeding it directly to the bankers, they´re not giving it to us, but we´re paying their salaries, because
they are government.”
“The function of the Agency, The function of the of the NSA is to secure the Nation of the United States and they will do whatever it takes, good or bad to serve that function, the function of the CIA is to gather intelligence and mess with other countries in the benefit of the United States, whether that action is good or bad, morally, the FBI was supposed to be the top dog National Police Department, but they´ve gotten where they´re messing with international stuff and they´re you know there are three things that are the biggest sale sales money
items on the earth: weapons, drugs and human trafficking and the CIA runs all three, so I don´t see how you can work in that particular agency without being slimed….why did you join them in the first place? Why would you want to be a organization that kills people for a living? If you want to Ascend? I´m sorry, that is completely illogical.”
“I was at Langley, Langley is CIA headquarters, I cannot yet prove that I was physically there.
“I am aware off Q-Anon, I consider it a PSYOP..”
“There was a center of a Empire 20,000 years ago and there was we were just as evil then as the SSP is now and galactic police destroyed one of our worlds in the solar system to stop us and when you look into our history you will find every so often that there’s a destruction it’s because humanity on earth rises high enough to go into space and they watch us to see how we’re gonna behave and if we do atrocities again they come back and put us back to the Stone Age, we are a galactic troublemaker. (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
“Slavery in space isn´t prosecuted in space.”
“Randy Cramers faction is trying to end slavery on earth, because they will lose contracts with ETs, because they don’t want to deal with slavers. Do we really want the Department of Defense running the whole world? (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
“No. No. No.”
“They are created Draco Hybrids, because they would have been human had they been left alone. (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
“They take star seeds, they take people that the most recent past life were working for them, they take people who are bloodline descended from the Magdalene, they take people who are high meta-gene, that’s people from areas where they don’t kill witches, because witches are high meta-gene, so they’re looking for the meta-gene, which is the genetic component of how to create your own reality, because they want to they want to take that ability and use it for their purposes. (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
“They are using us to create what they want and the time travel at Montauk they deliberately went through and changed
things where the CIA would have more power, they would go back in time and kill people. (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
“He personally was sent back to change the Civil War, so that the South would lose, because the the North would be
stronger against Germany.. The trouble is those bright lights
show up on the screen of the CIA and those bright lights they snap. (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
“Nachtwache.. SS stands for Schwarze Sonne which is black Sun and black Sun is the most intense form of Illuminati on the planet and that’s what we were taught, that this was spiritual truth and under their rules that they are
religiously following and I have found that the Galactic police actually follow the same rules okay they have to
generate consents for what they are going to plan to do, so they can do that in fiction, so if you’re reading a book you’re watching a movie you’re watching a video on YouTube at the end of it you say out loud it has to be out loud “I do not consent!!” you have given consent remember the old
rapist that is if you didn’t say no it wasn’t rape
that’s the way the galaxy works..we cannot get justice on the
Galactic level unless we start saying no and the universe hears no very loudly that’s why so many psyops are telling
people what you resist persists is because then you don’t say no and they can keep doing whatever they want and
you can’t fix what you don’t know exactly you can’t that’s why they blank our memories we can’t fix what we don’t
remember… and I’ve realized what my mission is and part of it is to expose this crap yes yes and when I (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
“I say I am a disabled granny with a flashlight and a
bullhorn showing you where the piles are you know that’s been that’s been on my facebook profile the whole ten years
I’ve been on there that’s how I describe myself and I’m trying to get enough people to see it that we get enough
pressure on Congress to do a new church commission to investigate the CIA to straighten their act up I would really
like to see the DIA the CIA destroyed…That that would be my
ultimate happy place is to get rid of the CIA entirely and put all of those what I think would be justice is all of
those perps to turn them into cyborgs. (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
“Secrecy is repugnant in a free Society. Exactly.”
“So yeah there are good things in the world, yeah, this place is worth saving and most of the people are worth saving, but we’re gonna have to get our asses and do it we’re not no more waiting around for somebody to come rescue us because
they’re not coming. (Penny Bradley)(2019)(2.5.)”
Conspiracy Revelation: 13.12.2019: Sophia, the Goddess, is really happy after these last words…it takes a lot of negativity from Gaia – Mother Earth – Holy Spirit – Kundalini.

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