Canadian Banker whistleblower Marcia Pavlis: Morgellons was released by US government as a bioweapon

Canadian Banker whistleblower Marcia Pavlis: Morgellons was released by US government as a bioweapon.

PS: Disclaimer/Update Info until Revision: Brief and Fast/Vague Summary of the content and the global situation – concerning the known informations (to the best of knowledge in 2015) to this date – not everything below is necessarily a direct 1:1 quotation, due to the urgency of the topic and global pandemic and the massive amount of infos that we as humans have to process to counter their Human Genome Take-Over and advanced biogenetic attacks and transhumanistic implantations. / 18.9.2017
“..there is obviously a cover up here,.. when you realize how the doctors are treating the patients.. and.. they are in denial of something that is actually physical,.. when you bring a microscope to your doctor to show them that something is real and can be observed under the microscope and your doctor writes in your medical report that you are actually suffering from a mental illness because you look into microscopes.. this is bordering on insanity.. and this is the type of thing that happens.”
“The only thing that you could do with the doctors is basically try to sue them for their neglect of treating you for your actual physical symptoms and for actually neglecting you and through this neglect this has spread to many many more people.”
“Also involved with this was the lawyer… This is a crime against humanity.. It´s been covered up and so the doctors are involved in causing more harm to humanity, okay, because of their absolute neglect, refusal to look at these things.. People are actually being genetically altered by this organism which was named in a laboratory involved in proteomic and genomic research, at the time this goes back to 1979, according to this scientist it was released by times between 1979 and the year 2000.”
She talks specifically about the rh-negative factor and how why she was selected to be a hybrid.. and it had something to do with them attaching a draconian consciousness, which cannot exist on his own, like it doesn´t have a body, needs to occupy a body,.. which is
an rh-negative, so it couldn´t attach to anybody that has no rh-negative in them, couldn´t attach to their genetics.. so in this interview she was talking again about iron,.. it has something to do with iron, also something to do with radiation.. the idea of taking over… it´s bad enough we have a reptilian brain, but apparently this, what she´s calling draconian consciousness, is actually attaching itself to the nervous system of these hybrid beings, ..we know this was made in a lab. Morgellons…a black fungus.. the silent superbug. These two funguses, both of them were both used in the research in the war on drugs and also the United Nation was involved.. The research was to make a biologically deadly weapon using these deadly fungusses under the guise of research for the war on drugs.. Slime Molds are basically the basis of all life. There is a lawsuit in the United States right now,.. a man is sueing Nasa for hiding the fact that there is life on Mars. ..A cyano bacteria, which is a slime mold.. Now the thing about why is Morgellons so hard to kill.. Slime Molds are the thing were life starts, they are like the first part of life, they can survive extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures.. if you are gonna program a human being, turn that human being into a Cyborg Robot that you can operate and give instructions like a computer, you are gonna look for a Slime Mold.
“That´s the thing of the medical establishment..and I am sure your know that´s also part of the control mechanism and one of the control mechanisms… was, because we have this government sponsored healthcare.. if you went to a doctor properly, as a Morgellons Patient, you would
go to that doctor you would tell him every single symptom you have had and for how long and you would be in that doctors office for a good portion of his time that day and he would be very annoyed with you because he´s not making hardly any money he´s got all these other patients
here… You are not allowed to have more than one symptom, if you are, if you got more then one symptom there must be something else wrong with you, right… That is why the majority of patients are not diagnosed with Morgellons. Nr.1 reason is not in the Doctors medical diagnosis book. It does not exist. You cannot go to the Doctor and get a diagnosis of Morgellons and that is the Truth. No Doctor can get paid by any insurance company for giving you a diagnosis of Morgellons or for treating you for Morgellons. The Doctor wants to get paid.. The Doctors lie on your chart, they lie about what you said and they conspire with one another and you want to know how they do it: cellphone. The Doctors now have a cellphone.. bioterrorism.. ..the patient must be crazy..that´s what they do.. Every Doctor in Canada belongs to the same medical insurance
company, if they get sued.. for a medical malpractice. Do you have any idea how powerful that company must be. I worked in the insurance company.. The insurance company makes certain that no lawsuits get passed the filing stage, they go into court, they are in bed with these judges… and they make certain, that none of these lawsuits go ahead.”

VANCOUVER, BC – Just days after a report by the New York Times that iconic Canadian singer Joni Mitchell has been hospitalized with Morgellons, another Canadian woman, Canadian banker whistleblower Marcia Pavlis, who blew the whistle on unethical practices by her employer HSBC bank in Victoria BC Canada and subsequently developed Morgellons, goes public in this highly substantive interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre.
In this interview, Marcia Pavlis, who has now become a public advocate of Morgellons awareness, demonstrates how Morgellons appears to be a release of a bioweapon by the US government upon the public.
If this is the case, such an act is a violation of international humanitarian law prohibiting crimes against humanity and genocide, and must be catalogued along with a rising list of war crimes charges against the US government and its officials and responsible employees, including members of any international war crimes racketeering organization carrying out such biowarfare to depopulate humanity.

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