“Aggressive Remote Control”
“which is basically the Big Brother patent that controls everything it is called the PFTRACFACT, now that means the
“protected primary focal node trusted remote activity controller federal access control technology”.. what that
means later on they show at the head and the heading of one of it it says “aggressive remote controll”, all
filtered into one single place and that place has control of the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the White House, it has control of
everything that’s digital ..FAA.. who are these people how could a guy write a patent that says he’s going
to take over the world and then any patents afterwards have to pay him his rights because he conceived of this
first and it’s somehow connected to Hillary Clinton and the same group of people who are part of uranium one part
of the dossier and all this kind of stuff.”
“Well, that that patent was issued in 2005, but if you actually read the patent and I’ve read a few patents known in my
career, the underlying paperwork goes all the way back to 1996, so since 96 this patent has been developed and if you actually
incorporate all the pages of prior filings and application filings it’s almost 2,000 pages to this patent.”
“This wackadoodle wrote this patent, he gets to subsume anything that came afterwards just because he wrote down
that there was going to be 5g, he wrote down that there’s going to be wetwork technology that gets put into your body,
which by the way there already is and instead of just a little thing to keep track of you, as we say it’s a thing that
can literally demobilize you, they want to aggressively remote control..”
“I mean the patent patent is appallingly shocking, it’s just beyond on the surface it’s just legalese, you’ve really
got to read it and really understand what these guys are saying and it’s obviously not written by one guy it’s
clearly a cabal of people that want to claim that control of all things tha move and don’t move on the planet,
including all of our inventory and our cars and our houses is going to communicate with this point focal node,
this one location, where everything can be controlled from that location at two directions, you can hit a button and stop
everything, that’s clearly the intent of this technology, where they started in 1996 was the control of cars and so as the
technology developed they added robots, they added planes, they added trains and ships and eventually if you look at
their illustrations now, it’s everything, everything under the planet and actually in low orbit , they actually have the
terminology for low orbit included in this thing is controlled by this pfn track federal control system, satellites, nuclear missilers..there’s plenty of illustration.. they have control, they have control of everything..you can´t get a
patent unless you agree basically with this patent, they’re not even going to let you put your patent into application
and even if you had a patent that was beyond this patent they would simply subsume, because there are patent laws that say
that they can take anybody’s patent if it affects national security…it turns you into a thing, it turns you into wetworks.
“that’s what , we are considered .. basically a biological machine that they needed to figure out how to control like they control all other machines and if they don’t have that then they just don’t feel comfortable. Well, there is a place, the Department of Defense now is allowed because of the National Defense Authorization Act to the board of broadcasting governors operate within the U.S.A.”
“..which we call the Ministry of Truth that is the center that admits that they use 40 different tools that they can go in
target anyone and attack them in, in the virtual world, in the world of cyber warfare and so this isn’t a joke, no this
is already happening..”
“and Obama’s patent: America Invents Act , that’s nothing more than a scam that can allow these corporate warlords to harass
entrepreneurs endlessly and run them out of money and therefore whether it’s they stole it legally or not, they’re gonna
keep it because they’ll just run everybody else out of business.”
“Cisco Systems, when the internet was created it was created by DARPA which is the Defense Advanced Research Projects
Agency which is all weaponized, stolen inventions, stolen patents in many cases and so what did they do with it they
said well, you know, we were making weapons with it and so the universities were using it and it was called DARPA.net and then they said well, let’s just go a little bit crazy, let’s see if we can’t … open this up and see if we can’t do some psyops with it and so.. they open it up and they they invite all kinds of … horrible things into even the darknet system and what is it that they’re really aiming at with that well what happened was an accident, there’s a fight, there’s a war between the intelligence agencies..
..then we all get on the internet and now it’s completely out of control because of leader technology’s invention has allowed for
global communication.”
“American Intelligence Media
Published on Feb 24, 2018
We don’t want to become robot extensions for the corrupt Silicon Valley boy kings so we came up with a citizens’ solution. This is not some pie-in-the-sky solution. This is something we can do to free humanity. Please educate and inform others.
Do you receive your free daily TRUTH NEWS HEADLINES? Then you are missing out – big time. www.aim4truth.org”
“Pinned by American Intelligence Media
3 months ago
Pretty hard not to flip out over this little nugget, only a criminal mind would go this direction to secure control over so much. All done in the dark, never in the light of day these operations are moved over the people. One giant umbrella to steal the shine off an apple. They effectively rob creation from us all in one move. Back the bus up, I`m not going any farther till these devices are neutralized because between Agenda 21 and every other liberal idea of the last 40yr. These people are not our friends.
You Are Free TV
3 months ago
SERCO controls all US patents bc the British Gov’t literally owns everything in the US INC., as all people, property and “things” were collateralized as repayment to Britain when the US Constitution was suspended by FDR in 1933 when the US was declared bankrupt and turned into a Corporation controlled by the DOE and FED. Nothing can be truly resolved until men and women remove themselves from corporate membership and return to the Law of the Land. We can strategize all we want about patent control, but if Trump does not declare a debt jubilee, restore the Constitution, end corporate law, and break the contract with England, then it will not be cut off at the root.”
“Izreal Zeus
3 months ago
The Nazi Party was formed from the Thule Society which was founded by Rudolf von Sebottendorf. Rudolf was a Freemason, Islamic mystic or Sufi and trained in alchemy, astrology, and numerology. Alchemy is the manipulation of the human psyche and biology through chemicals. Astrology is about interpreting celestial patterns to predict likely events based on cause and effect. Its used for making predictions similar to the idea of predicting the weather by studying warm fronts and air currents. Numerology is about developing words and phrases into geometry which gives the words and phrases more influence through a geometric structure. Numerology is for designing mind control spells. Freemasonry is an occultic organization and is involved with numerology, astrology, and alchemy and most high level politicians in the world are Freemasons including former US Presidents …
The Nazis incorporated their occultic beliefs into their technologies. After WWII Nazi scientists and intelligence officers were brought into the United States under Operation Paperclip. The Coronado Naval Base in California has a barracks designed as a swastika. The Nazi salute is the ancient Roman salute and the United States formerly used the Roman salute known as the Bellamy salute in the US for the pledge of allegiance. Nazi scientists helped to develop the US rocket programs, US nuclear program, NASA, DARPA, and electronic systems. For decades the United States Department of Defense used tax paying dollars for their Project Stargate which was research into psychic phenomenon such as telepathy, precognition, remote viewing, and astral projection or out of body experiences. The Roman Knight of Malta Reinhard Gehlen was a Nazi military general and the chief of intelligence of the east. When the US took over Germany they used Reinhard Gehlen to continue running intelligence for them under their Gehlen Organization which later absorbed into the still existing Federal Intelligence Service of Germany which is allied with the CIA today. Raytheon BBN Technologies is in contract with the Department of Defense and DARPA develops Parallel computing software used for predicting outcomes based on calculating all information similar to the concept of astrology and predicting patterns. Vannevar Bush founded Raytheon and was the head of the Office of Scientific Research and Development and Manhattan Project. Alsos Mission and Operation Epsilon was a US and UK joint operation where they “imprisoned” Nazi scientists working on the German nuclear weapons project which included the Nazi scientists Werner Heisenberg, Horst Korsching, Karl Wirtz, Walther Gerlach, Erich Bagge, Kurt Diebner, Otto Hahn, Paul Harteck, Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker. The Nazi scientist Heinz Schlicke worked for Allen-Bradley a division of Rockwell Automation and specialized in electromagnetic emissions and was president of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Society. The modern day electronics are emitting electromagnetic emissions or radio frequency interferences using geometric structures for the purpose of hacking into the human nervous system. US Patent 6506148 under Loos Hendricus G. is titled “Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors” and his other patent is US Patent 6,238,333 titled “Remote Magnetic Manipulation of nervous systems” and both support the scientific basis for using electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronics to manipulate the human physiology by hacking the human nervous system. Erich Traub was a Nazi virologist who was brought into the United States and worked at Plumb Island which is believe to be the source for Lyme disease. IG Farben was a chemical company that developed the deadly chemical agent Zyklon B used by the Nazis for carrying out genocides. IG Farben was redeveloped into several chemical and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer. Alchemy is used for covert chemical warfare on society. The Nazis were also financed and promoted by some American businessmen and companies like Henry Ford, Chase Bank, General Electric, IBM, and Standard Oil. Henry Ford awarded the Order of the German Eagle under the Nazis for distributing Nazi propaganda in Europe. IBM developed electronic tracking for Nazi concentration camps.
The Rosicrucian Order is a secret society of alchemists established in Germany during the 17th century. Fama Fraternitatis was one of the earliest Rosicrucian writings published in Hesse-Kassel during Landgrave Maurice of Hesse-Kassel’s rule. The Hesse family were involved in the Nazi movement with Philipp the Landgrave of Hesse as a member of the Nazi Party. Rudolf Hess was a high level Nazi politician and likely related with the German House of Hesse. DARPA is involved in protein engineering which has the capabilities of changing DNA structure. Steven Walker is the head of DARPA today. The Walker family married with the Bush family. Prescott Bush and his father in law George Herbert Walker were co-founders and owners of Union Banking Corporation which was seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act for financing Nazi businessmen. Operation Paperclip also brought in Nazi physicists like Friedwardt Winterberg and Arthur Rudolph. Particle Accelerators are used as covert nuclear powered weapons designed to oppress society. Through the BAE developed USAF’s HAARP system they can shift magnetism generated from particle accelerators through ionization radiated from HAARP’s frequencies. Ionization effects the magnetic molecules in the atmosphere causing them to transfer through the vector known as the magnetic moment. They can create a increased negatively charged magnetic field over someone’s home causing more downward pressure on those in the affected region by moving the magnetism around by ionizing selected parts of the atmosphere. Occult means hidden. The Nazis were really working on all sides of WWII and are militant scientific supremacists involved in the occult. The US imprisoned the Japanese in concentration camps. The word holocaust means wholly burnt offering and the US and UK firebombed at least tens of thousands of civilians in Dresden, Germany and bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The Nazis were covertly working on all sides of WWII.”
“Lapis Lazuli
3 months ago
Barry, these people are not human. Humanity doesn’t eat humans – only in distorted text books. Their books.”

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