Manly P. Hall – Biography and How He Was Murdered

“Manly P. Hall – Biography and How He Was Murdered”
Conspiracy Revelation: I get a strong spirit reaction…
“I am a fast talker I know we have haven’t much time
so hopefully we will be finished in time
for a good lunch, so Manly Hall, he was the last century’s most prolific writer on ancient philosophies, he wrote 50 …books, he wrote hundreds of essays and he made over 8,000 public lectures, he did more to keep the man in America spiritual than anybody else, he only ever charged a dollar to hear him speak and he made millions and he was an extraordinary man and..I did this lecture in California earlier in the year because I wanted to find out more about him there’s only 25 years since he died and it was you know I kept it light and it was a risk and I because I hope to find out loads and loads more
everybody knows about his secret teachings of all ages nobody knows anything about him and nobody knew that he’d been murdered…he brought to bring mysticism to earth and founded the philosophical research society in California to do just that..he was fabulous, he should have been a film star but you can see the dynamism you can see the passion you can see the personality of the man as the young man there…he was charismatic, arrogant, scholarly, deeply intuitive, humorous deceptive and self-destructive, like we all are, on
stage he seemed bigger than life, seemed channeling those from the great beyond and offstage he was meek to the point of being bullied by his wife, he had one hell of a wife anybody would have given in under her I think really, he was eventually thought to be one of the twelve wise men who control the planet, the greatest sage in America certainly, he didn’t see himself as a scholar but as a teacher who learns in order to
bestow his students with knowledge and insight the audience’s thought that he scrutinized them with his third eye and
he was beneath his smart blue suit both man and woman like the gods he lectured about…with a brain like his he could have
..ruled the world really.”
“In the 1900s California was just oil fields, green fields, orange blossom and the pioneering spirit, the West Coast was
interested in the new, the East Coast was interested in the established. The West Coast had the new thinkers: the
Theosophists, the Rosicrucians, Vedantists, Freemasons and fringe Christians who were building up meditation centers,
ashrams, temples, occult lodges and churches, as Philic Jenkins and his mystics and messiahs cults and new religions in American history says: some of the new movements contributed to the cultural and economic development of the
growing city of L.A., in a sense Hollywood was built on occult foundations and even Aleister Crowley was there for a
short while in the 20s.”
“..and he was tall and slender mainly but he was quite thick around the middle and somebody famously said that he was a
great big avocado of a man… alright that’s his oil
millionairesses, mother and daughter, they financed him throughout his life, the daughter was a lesbian, but wanted to
marry him, so he declined the offer…she’d had various illnesses and was jealous and angry of his popularity and
the demands of the lecture circuit, he was basically never at home..nor did she get any credit for the significant help she’d given him in completing the secret teachings of all ages and it’s quite probable that the success of that book enabled them to get married in the first place, they’ve been quite a glamorous couple about town much loved by Hollywood royalty..Manly Hall had no children in or out of marriage.”
“The Crowley fans in Pasadena were well aware of Hall and
Hall was a reader of Crowley. He described it was a horrible man and a great poet, he kept one of the great the great beasts books out of reach of his normal library users and he also kept a signed copy of an early 1903 Crowley poem in his top desk drawer, it was one of his rude ones and Hall said he kept
it there as a constant reminder of how low the human intellect can go in the cause of art. He was raised a Mason in that year after decades of writing about Masonic history in law he rose through the ranks of the Scottish Rite and took
little more than a year to reach the 33rd degree and then because he was oath bound he never wrote about it again.”
” California is the home of experimenters, in religion education, science and health and in 1940’s Manly Hall had his gallbladder removed and had trouble with his back hands and
feet, his thyroid gland was removed as he believed it to be a mediator between the body and the intellect and in control of the pleasing aspects of one’s personality. I would I kept mine. He became so fat he had to have the driver’s seat removed from his car, the pedals and steering wheel extended and he sat on
the paper box in the back of the car to drive they were all into alternative healing treatments and their film star
friends were too.”
“His partner was Eugene Roddenberry who created Star Trek a talk on Blavatsky by Hall, involving parallel universes became
the Star Trek episode. Ingalls believes the popularity of the show stems from the themes of decency, morality and
sacrifice for the common good, he says: in a broad sense my time with Manly helped expand my views of life, his teachings of the great schools of philosophy were very helpful in my creative endeavors, they expanded my capabilities and added a sense of balance, calmness and self-control, basically Hall helped me to develop a different personal value system than chasing women and the fast buck one based on honest labor and poise under pressure.”
“By the 1960s Hall was in decline in popularity, you can see him as the sleek burger that he became really, he was a
backslapper, he was a high Mason, he was … a rich Californian…That´s him as he begins his decline, in
the 50s, the late 50s early 60s, he was in decline in popularity and out of sorts with society, he offered gentle systems of thoughtfulness aimed at smoothing out ones eccentricities and inconsistencies. Magic drugs, lashings of sex, great music and flower powers were more attractive to people.”
“2.3 million dollars in cash and a treasure trove of antiques and artifacts and rare books went missing. Hall’s house and the PRS properties worth millions were now in danger of getting away from Fritz without the death certificate.”
“The family’s autopsy showed traces of soil around Hall’s
eyes mouth and nose a bruise to his face, another to his neck and recent trauma to his back and legs, there are also small needle marks of the skin and mucosal surfaces of various bodily offices, the conclusion was that Hall had died from asphyxiation from smothering or from manual strangulation
and have been outdoors lying in the dirt at the time of his death.”
Sylvia Simpson: vor 1 Tag: Fritz looks like Marlon Brando lol.
Mike Angel: vor 1 Tag: He was a Satanist.
Travis Henry: vor 2 Monaten: The Rudolf Steiner of North America.
Jack Booted Hug: vor 1 Monat: i hope i dont go mad researching this man like half the commenters here seem to be..
Zoltarman: vor 1 Tag: Should someone fix the text on Wikipedia them? In order to describe how he left?
Conspiracy Revelation: Wikiliar is never a reliable source, it is CIA and Deceptive Government owned. Forget Wikiliar for complete accuracy!!!
7even1-8: vor 2 Wochen: Great talk.
cdc0186: vor 8 Monaten: This is absolutely wonderful. I’ve listened to him so much but did not know anything about him!?
Takoma El: vor 1 Woche: Ritual murder… but you devils are going to hell we see you all. Amun amen amin.
George Washington: vor 3 Tagen: Wasn’t he a Luciferian???
cease_33rd: vor 3 Tagen: Murdered??? He was 89 years old!!! If they wanted him dead they could’ve killed him at his prime!. Stop with this nonsense.
Miss C: vor 3 Tagen: Lol not many people use logic these days! Glad to see theres still some of us left.
wideawakenow: vor 1 Tag: cease_33rd, there was a lot of money to be had, whatever his age.
chuk mok: vor 11 Monaten: Creepy…
Henry Figueroa: vor 3 Tagen: Manly has always looked like Harry Houdini lol they both were Freemasons,wonder if he could’ve been related some how…Keep sharing this work and may we all accomplish the Great work!For Truth Light Love and Freedom!
50k3r2: vor 1 Jahr: He didnt get murdered. Good friggin god. It´s easier to let old men die than face murder charges, especially when Manly was a threat to no one when it came to specifically technology.
Subtle Nature: vor 8 Monaten: Actually, he was because they stole some interesting items from him.
Pasajero De La Brújula: vor 7 Monaten: Clearly you didn’t listen to the whole reading.
nate prati: vor 3 Wochen: Lol bro he was strangled in the dirt by a “healer” conman who didn´t report his death and stole all his shit. What? A 90 year old cant be murdered over jealousy and fortune?
Elizabeth Ashby: vor 2 Monaten: HE LOOKS POSSESSED.
Sonya Bell: vor 4 Tagen: Again, a European missed the message of the Gospel. Christ taught Holiness. If Manly Hall was a mason, he very well wasn’t Christian…

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