Digital Dermatitis comparative approach to Morgellons disease: Denied by CDC, but documented by NIH.Gov.

Irony of Insanity: U.S.Gov: Denied by CDC, but documented by NIH.Gov.
Medical Mafia: ICD deception and misinformation. Global Undercover Advanced Bio Warfare.
“Digital Dermatitis: Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease. dermatitis is an emerging infectious disease that causes lameness, decreased milk production, and weight loss in livestock. Proliferative stages of bovine digital dermatitis demonstrate keratin filament formation in skin above the hooves in affected animals. The multifactorial etiology of digital dermatitis is not well understood, but spirochetes and other coinfecting microorganisms have been implicated in the pathogenesis of this veterinary illness. Morgellons disease is an emerging human dermopathy characterized by the presence of filamentous fibers of undetermined composition, both in lesions and subdermally. While the etiology of Morgellons disease is unknown, there is serological and clinical evidence linking this phenomenon to Lyme borreliosis and coinfecting tick-borne agents. Although the microscopy of Morgellons filaments has been described in the medical literature, the structure and pathogenesis of these fibers is poorly understood. In contrast, most microscopy of digital dermatitis has focused on associated pathogens and histology rather than the morphology of late-stage filamentous fibers. Clinical, laboratory, and microscopic characteristics of these two diseases are compared. First described in 1974, bovine digital dermatitis (BDD), also known as papillomatous digital dermatitis,.. Since 1993, BDD has spread rapidly throughout the US, Europe, and Australia…
Symptoms such as fatigue, neurological disorders, and joint pain suggest systemic involvement as well as dermopathy. Peripheral neuropathy, delayed capillary refill, abnormal Romberg’s sign, decreased body temperature, tachycardia, elevated proinflammatory markers, and elevated insulin levels are reported to be objective clinical evidence of the disease.
The hallmark of Morgellons disease is “mysterious” fibers of unknown etiology, easily visualized with the aid of a 60 x hand-held digital microscope, that appear both in nonhealing or slow-healing skin lesions and beneath unbroken skin.
The fibers resist extraction, and attempts to remove them may cause shooting pain. Patients with the affliction may experience crawling and stinging sensations from under their skin. Immune deficiency and the presence of inflammatory markers indicating cytokine release suggest that an infectious process is involved, and Morgellons disease has been associated with spirochetal infection.
Keywords: Digital dermatitis, Morgellons disease, Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, spirochete”
Clinical features of digital dermatitis versus Morgellons disease
Characteristic Digital dermatitis Morgellons disease
History: evolving disease, rapid spread. Environmental conditions associated with prevalence Moisture, rainy seasons, unsanitary conditions
Contact with soil, unsanitary conditions, wet environments reported, third world travel also reported
Gender and age distribution. All genders, ages, and races, but mostly middle-aged Caucasian women
Geographic distribution: Primarily northern hemisphere. US, Canada, Europe, and Australia reported. In US, high incidence in California, Texas, and Florida
Etiology: Multifactorial. Spirochetes and other bacteria are present in lesions and required for successful experimental infection. Moist unsanitary
environmental conditions and female gender are predisposing factors
.. Considered to be highly contagious. Familial associations suggests contagiousness
Symptoms: Lameness, loss of condition, decreased milk production in dairy cattle Lyme-like symptoms including joint pain, cognitive
dysfunction, neuropathy, fatigue… response to antibiotic therapy: Yes, primarily treated by local antibiotic sprays and disinfecting foot washes
Yes, responds to antibiotics.
Morgellons disease has been debated publicly through extensive media coverage, including television segments on major networks, and it was the cover story of the Washington Post magazine on January 26, 2008. The disease was also featured in the popular science magazine “New Scientist”.
“Black specks” or “black oil” associated with lesions have been reported. Fibers may be present under unbroken skin as well as in lesions and scabs.
Microangiomas found upon examination are reported. Healed lesions demonstrate hyperpigmented scar tissue.
Patients with Morgellons disease experience symptoms consistent with systemic pathology, including fatigue, cognitive disability (described as “brain fog”),
fibromyalgia, joint pain, vision decline, neurological disorders, hair loss, disintegration of teeth, intermittent fever, low body temperature, and sleep disturbances. Frequent physical findings include reduced exercise capacity, peripheral neuropathy, delayed capillary refill, abnormal Romberg’s sign, decreased body temperature, cardiac arrhythmias, and tachycardia. Many patients with Morgellons disease report inability or impaired ability to work.
Symptoms in some patients such as headaches, visual abnormalities, short-term memory loss, and emotional lability are consistent with central nervous system involvement. Patients with Morgellons disease regularly demonstrate abnormal laboratory findings, including occasional low-grade anemia, test results indicating endocrine dysfunction such as diabetes and thyroid dysfunction, test results indicative of immune dysfunction such as low CD57
+ natural killer cells and inflammatory markers, such as elevated C-reactive protein, complement C4a, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interferon-gamma, and interleukin-6.
Digital dermatitis and Morgellons disease reported from California, followed by Texas and Florida. The prevalence of Morgellons disease in southern coastal areas of the US suggests that the incidence is greater in moist humid climates. The disease appears to be more prevalent in the northern hemisphere.
Some family members of patients with Morgellons disease experience the above symptoms with or without associated dermal lesions, and have also
reported similar symptoms in family pets.
//… [Smart Dust Dispersion via Chemtrails is the leading cause of Morgellon symptoms by this advanced bioweapon and combined digital-nano-biotechnology (aka wetware / body area network (BAN) / BCI-Invasion) which is spread by Lawless Criminal Factions of Corporate and Shadow Governmental Military Alphabet Gangs like e.g. DOD/DARPA/CIA/NSA/DIA/NAVY/USAF etc… Remark from 12.11.2018] …//
Further evidence of a bacterial etiology is the fact that patients with Morgellons disease respond to antibiotic therapy.
In view of the above discussion, there is evolving evidence that Morgellons fibers have physical properties consistent with keratin. Keratin and chitin are the strongest known biofibers, and keratin shows no cellular structure. Likewise Morgellons fibers are very strong and show no cellular structure, consistent with keratin filaments. They are colored blue, red, purple, and black, which are all colors found naturally in keratin.”

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  1. MdB sagt:

    Ich kann die Existenz der in diesem Beitrag beschriebenen Krankheit bestätigen.
    Ich habe alle beschriebene Symptome seit 2 Jahren und lebe in Houston . Ich bin kein Freund von Verschwörungstheorien und Sience Fiction , kann aber bestätigen das der Inhalt in diesem Beitrag ohne Übertreibung und in jedem Punkt eine existierende Situation ist.

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Ja MdB, natürlich ist das so, ich bin auch großteils ein Objektivist und Realist und habe die Nanotech-Teile unter dem Mikroskop gehabt 2013..das kann jeder selbst verifizieren, unwiderlegbar, umso geisteskranker, dreister medienmafiöser und verbrecherischer, dass z.B. der WDR immer noch Desinformationskampagnen betreibt, insbesondere auf Facebook, wenn es sogar von den Verursachern teilweise zugegeben wurde.
      Dem CDC blieb nichts anderes übrig, als das zuzugeben.

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