Nature vs GMO – 90% OF OUR DNA IS NOT OURS

Nature vs GMO – “90% OF OUR DNA IS NOT OURS”
“3) Since our bacteria changes and adapts so fast, how do we know that they won’t react to these foreign GMOs (with Frankeinstein DNA) by incorporating them into our own DNA? Maybe a few years back, people would’ve been laughing at the thought of the old movie “The Fly”, but it suddenly doesn’t seem that far-fetched, does it? I mean, we are in unknown territory here, nobody knows what happens when we mix genes from various kingdoms (flora, fauna, fungi and human), combined with synthetic chemicals on top. We know what happened when cows ate dead cows: mad cow disease. Same thing happened when sheep ate dead sheep. Cannibalism is not only frowned upon, it also seems to be forbidden by nature. There seems to be an order in which we’re supposed to do this, I’m pretty sure combining various species from different kingdoms is going to bite us in the ass. Did you know that GMOs can contain spliced genes from any of the kingdoms, including human DNA and synthetic chemical compounds made with petroleum?”
“Something else that comes to mind that I’ve read about a couple of years ago, was about how the GMO scientists have been hard at work getting patents on all kinds of probiotics (added to yogurts, cheeses and various supplements) as well as all kinds of medications. According to what we’ve just read, our gut flora is damn important. Is there a connection here? It makes me shiver to think of the catastrophic consequences that these foreign substances can and will do to us, in a world within us, that we don’t know much about.
At the same time, we can’t live in fear, and we can’t live off of each latest discovery either, so in order not to go crazy, I say we use the precautionary principle and eat food. Real food. Clean food… That means non-GMO food and products, including medications and supplements (that hasn’t been messed around with in labs at the DNA-level), that means organic (no synthetic chemicals used to grow it), that means whole foods (no extracts of everything), and no processed foods (with various added synthetic chemicals). Food that has grown/animals being raised naturally like this for centuries, that can be trusted, because that’s what people have been eating for that long. This, to me, is the true definition of ‘clean food’, and we can feel good about eating it.”
“To their surprise, microbiologists discovered that nine of every ten cells in our bodies belong not to us, but to these microbial species (most of them residents of our gut), and that 99 percent of the DNA we’re carrying around belongs to those microbes. Some scientists, trained in evolutionary biology, began looking at the human individual in a humbling new light: as a kind of superorganism, a community of several hundred coevolved and interdependent species. War metaphors no longer made much sense. So the microbiologists began borrowing new metaphors from the ecologists.
It’s important to keep in mind that, despite the powerful new exploratory tools, the microbial world within our body remains very much a terra incognita — its age of exploration has only just begun. But already scientists have established that the microbiota of the human gut is in fact an ecosystem, a complex community of species doing a whole lot more than just hanging out or helping us break down foods or making us sick.
So what exactly are the five hundred or so distinct species and countless different strains of those species that make up the kilogram or so of microbes in our gut doing there? Evolutionary theory supplied the first big clue. For most of these microbes, their survival depends on our own, and so they do all sorts of things to keep their host — us — alive and well. Indeed, even speaking of “us” and “them” may soon seem quaint; as a group of microbiologists recently wrote in Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews,* (*Robinson, Courtney . et al., “From Structure to Function.”) we need to begin thinking of health “as a collective property of the human-associated microbiota” — that is, as a function of the community, not the individual.”
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