Inner Earth Civilizations Exist & I Can Prove It

Inner Earth Civilizations Exist & I Can Prove It
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“Into the interior of Europe there they met who he called the elder race, friendly, intelligent, lengthy 12 foot
Giants, he said later they were able to grow tall in this unique electrical energy field that was always there
inside the earth and that these giants were able to live up to 800 years. Jensen described the inner world as warm where
it rained once a day and was filled with highly charged electrical air there’s a density to the atmosphere he said and this is what he believes led to the immense vegetation there. The title of the book Smokey God refers to the inner
worlds glowing and smoky Sun, most interesting was his explanation of these fast, noiseless, flying objects on which
he rode, he said they had revolving fan-like wheels which destroyed atmospheric pressure or what he called gravitation and this force prevented them from falling to one side or the
other after spending two years with these beings in Agartha Olaf and his father attempted to return through the

“Hitler ordered a team of researchers to find an inner
earth opening in Antarctica, later a German U-Boat commanded by Henrique Brodin claimed that they had reached the
interior of the earth and even stated that they didn’t want to come back, adding the earth is in fact hollow a
diagram of Agartha was then drawn by a German scientist in 1935 in corroboration with the u-boat navigator, these stories are backed up by maps made for the National Geographic Society in 1966, but the famous cartographer
Henrique Baron in that map Antarctica can be observed without its thick layer of ice but the most interesting detail
on the map are the underwater passageways spanning across the entire continent which appear to converge at the exact location identified as he opening into inner earth and then there’s the disturbing part of this legend that Hitler and many of his minions escaped Germany in the closing
days of World War two and fled to Antarctica where they
escaped into the Earth’s interior, for it was after the war the Allies discovered that more than 2,000 scientists from
Germany and Italy, along with almost a million people had vanished, according to the Hollow Earth Research Society in
Canada this entire culture still resides there, of course they were not all Nazis, but for those guilty of heinous war
crimes a higher power will have to administer justice.”

“Von Universe Inside You angepinnt:
Universe Inside You
vor 10 Monaten
Few months after I first uploaded this video it was demonetized and deemed unsuitable for viewers by YouTube. I contacted them by e-mail and they said that after a manual review they confirmed it’s unsuitable. When I asked why, they said they can’t answer. Then I re-uploaded this video, a few days later my entire channel got demonetized. Thanks to all of your help and support you showed by Tweeting to YouTube they reinstated my monetization and now I post this video for the third time. I disabled the notification because I don’t want you to get spammed for the 3rd time with the same video, but this is one of my favorite videos and my channel without it is not the same. Thank you for your support 💜”
“Mike 0891: vor 6 Monaten: It’s amazing that humans are told where we can and where we can’t go on our own planet. Who the hell are they to tell us where yo go like they own this planet.”
“Denis Mills: vor 6 Monaten: Adm. Byrd’s son was found dead under bizarre and mysterious circumstances after he published his father’s diary. Kudos to a dutiful and honorable son.”
“Amu Moore: vor 3 Wochen: @SURFRUNNER D Think of earth as a boiled egg, the “dome” is the egg shell & the “egg” earth having 3 physical worlds. You everyone lives on Middle World, burd went to Underworld & they don’t speak on upperworld. Indigenous “dark” people know the 3 worlds so they stay oppressed & within targeted chaos, so the mind can have so many “Viruses” attached that the brain “computer” can’t receive its monthly/ yearly updates/downloads. Peace.”
“shantel raeburn: vor 3 Monaten: I’m putting together a crew and we leave in 5 months.Wish us luck!☺”
“Kopie: vor 7 Monaten (bearbeitet): This video has been removed by youtube time and time again. I have recorded this and backed this up 5 times, so that this would never disappear. Title of this video before was Agatha, Inner Earth.”
“Tails Prower: vor 1 Monat: This video was against the copyright. It has secenes from ohter movies.”
“Dirk T: vor 3 Monaten: The most interesting documentary I have ever seen. I started skeptical., but I ended believing.”
“James Jurome: vor 1 Monat: Posted this on my Facebook wall and was immediately removed.”
“post boredom: vor 1 Woche: those who want free expression online are moving to parler, minds, and bitchute, and they’re growing fast!”
“summer_rain /: vor 3 Tagen: Why do they remove it?
Biffa Bacon: vor 11 Stunden: Sorry to tell you but bitchute is going down the same path as this garbage and blocking videos and comments. It’s true.”
“Brick Tamland: vor 1 Monat: An interesting read is Edward Bulwer-Lyttons “The Power of the Coming Race” later titled “Vril”. It was published anonymously in 1871 and details a “fictional” account of a miner who happens upon an advanced civilization beneath the earth’s surface. This book would become famous among known occultists and theosophists of the time. Edward was a known Rosicrucian and was versed in the occult, one can but wonder if it was more truth than fiction.”
“Kash Sattar: vor 2 Wochen: Vril is something the elite use. It is apparently a leech like creature that they place on the left eye and from there it inserts itself into a human and slowly taking over. That’s why all who are part of it show signs of reptilian attributes.”
sunwarz: vor 5 Monaten: If there are beings living in an inner earth, then it belongs to them not us, we should not try to invade their lives, or threaten, their way of life. We should stay out unless invited!
Eurica summer: I agree.
Lotus 369: Lol you are only scared what if they are inside of of every object watching us all the time?
Space Angel: vor 2 Monaten: It doesn’t hurt to begin knocking on doors. How else will we know Welcome?
Dαυgнтєя σf тнє Eclιρѕє: vor 1 Monat: Space Angel :
If someone you didn’t know knocked on your door asking to be let in, would you even consider it?
Storm Dog: vor 2 Wochen: @Dαυgнтєя σf тнє Eclιρѕє You gotta start somewhere and see.
Ovidiu Sarbu: vor 6 Tagen: @Dαυgнтєя σf тнє Eclιρѕє Yeah, if I am not wrong nobody invited Admiral Byrd also, and they did not seems to care to much about that.
tina c: vor 2 Tagen: But lets say the same goes for them, we arent sure they are there, they might not be sure we are here and therefore fear keeps us apart just like the governments want.
Paul Neilson: vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet): This is an excellent compilation of the supporting evidence.
Forestall was thrown out the window of the naval hospital for mutiny.
Byrd was poisoned slowly with heavy metals. He was a loyal Navy man. He always believed that loyalty was the key.
Byrd’s son was shot for releasing his fathers diary.
No flying cars with any range because we would all flee to Agatha and abandon the slave masters of New Babylon.”
“Joey Hollister: vor 1 Monat: Holy smokes i had a dream of this place! and all of a sudden it might actaually be real?!!!”
“Gregory Watson Amerukhan Citizen: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet):My heart goes out to you; this is crazy and honestly scary.
This information isn’t new , in fact it’s old. Stories of the inner Earth go way back. The Mainstream’s hold on reality – or , more to the point , their version of reality , is crumbling. As less and less people are bamboozled by religion, science and the media, more people are beginning to think for themselves. According to general physics, any sphere spinning in space would generate a hollow center. But the way our education system is set, our colleges are collages. Our colleges represent divisions of education that should not be divided. So the math/science geeks are left-brain oriented and aren’t exposed to ancient philosophy and music. For me, when I began to study astronomy , I saw a blissful relationship to musical scales. Apparently all is frequency. But as the tenuous hold on reality lessens, we see aggressive reaction, aka covid-19. The hidden hand aggressive moves show motive and reveal the hidden hand, even more. What scares me ? How connected to the hidden hand our beloved youtube actually is.”
“GamerGirlTamz: vor 2 Monaten: In a word: CENSORSHIP!
Storm Dog: vor 2 Wochen: Well, its made and controlled by the clowns so lets keep pushing til they pull the plug.
Conspiracy Revelation: 31.7.2020: With Clowns he wants to say the Criminals In Action, if anyone doesn´t understand.
shaily rai: vor 2 Wochen: I love ur comment. I personally feel like we are living in a controlled environment. In a shell perhaps where the government, tbe media feed us half truths or lies to cover the whole truth. In ancient times, there was monarchy and other forms of government which were just as bad but at least ppl were free to explore. We are free to explore now too but not all places. It’s funny how the government just claimed Antarctica like that, and planted their research stations without revealing much and just prohibited us from going there in the name of ‘environment protection’. There’s a documentary call Unacknowledged on Netflix that talks about Aliens and stuff that the government tries so desperately to hide. If all these stories were lies, they wouldn’t have bothered hiding it. You’ll watch that video and realize how selfish the elites and government really are. How long do these retards think they can shield us from the truth? I really wish everything would be out on the open someday.”
“Wendy Lynne: vor 6 Monaten: Mind blowing🤯 simply amazing and exciting, I can’t wait to learn more!!!”
“Tague Relyea: vor 2 Monaten: Tesla states it’s an electric universe . Which at a smaller level is frequency.”
“Ashanti71: vor 1 Monat: There are inter-terrestrial beings, meta-terrestrials and extra-terrestrial beings. It is not just interterrestrials.”
“Astrea 7: vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet): Really very interesting and going through the hidden secrets! Very well done video! Thank you! Read Jakob Lorber 1800 – 1864 “Die Haushaltung Gottes””
“Young Shadow: vor 1 Monat: This is the best hollow earth documentary I have seen. Thank you 👏👍”
“ram khadka: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): I have never commented on Youtube. Now I suggest you to listen ”Lacerta files” after watching this. You will get full sense.”
“vor 1 Woche: There are many craft above from the Pleiades, Lyra and many star systems and there are craft from Mother Earth. As above, so below. Thank you.”
“Saree Clayton: vor 10 Monaten: I went crazy trying to find this video to show my husband! I thought I’d dreamt the whole things! So glad it’s back and I can share it with him! :)”
“Augastin Nguta: Vor 10 Monaten: if this wasnt true they would not be so concerned with this video.”
“Jesse’s Theories: vor 1 Woche: Rip to those extraordinary men who Shared the truth.”
“Keith Ian Vogt: vor 3 Monaten: This is by far the best video on the Hollow Earth theory I’ve seen. Awesome work!!!”
“ES: vor 5 Monaten: The age of Aquarius will reveal all.”
“mind body soul: vor 3 Monaten: Teach this in schools!”
“ccol009: vor 1 Monat:This is probably your most valuable video and most important video. I Love it! I am watching it over and over.”
“Laura Mitre: vor 6 Monaten: Thank you so much for the enlightenment and for sharing.”
“Lucas Remmerswaal: vor 10 Monaten: This is the best video I’ve seen on the subject.”
“ty lunsford: vor 4 Monaten: Clearly better than being on the surface world! I live in Tennessee, maybe I can find a way in threw the coves in Kentucky. If I were to every make there, I´m staying, never to come back!”
“Shkelzen xhelili: vor 4 Monaten: One of the best videos I’ve watched so far.”
“Paul Richard: vor 10 Monaten: Universe Inside You…Thank you for your persistence in re-uploading this documentary for a third time, one of your best, if not THE best, you have ever offered!”
bluntedntoasted: vor 3 Monaten: Great video, I’m convinced.
Jay Hawk: vor 6 Monaten: Flat Earthers left the group… Haha..
IPRRD M: vor 7 Monaten: I’ve entered several holes on this earth.
Georgina Graham: vor 3 Monaten: Absolutely loved this video.
Julie Campbell: vor 2 Monaten: Indeed, one must tremble at the iplications.
Tony Paz: vor 5 Monaten: Such an amazing video..thank you for this.
John Kavanaugh: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): Being demonetized just means that you told the truth, an they can’t stand it,so good job girl, I’m with you, It’s a badge of honor.
Skoout: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): They used Videos from Avatar and Valerian this is the reason.
4 and a half fingers: vor 5 Monaten: All the best inner earth docs keep getting taken down.
K J: vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet):
The beings (Annunaki, Reptiles) below the ground in Egypt and Middle East are responsible for the proxy wars on the surface in the M.E.
Suor Choeu: vor 10 Monaten: Wait… are we being simulated from the inner world?
snaptzer: vor 2 Monaten: could it be that the Truth is hidden in plain sight on YouTube? beautiful insight and narration too.
Emily Rose: vor 10 Monaten: You have the best channel on YouTube 💖
Mont M: vor 6 Monaten: Great video! Very informative!
Mariana Lazarevic: vor 2 Monaten: I hope they will save us from any evil For coming. And it’s happening. I believe.
John: vor 3 Monaten: Will this inner earth civilization catch the coronavirus? I hope so cause not fair on us upper civz.
nivek kobe: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): what a load of crap full of contradictions and myths.
Khabib Nurmagomedov: vor 3 Monaten: Hyperborea is on a ton of old maps from 1300 to 1600, definitely believe its real.
Paul Skywalker: vor 6 Monaten: So there are Nazis and Mayans together in the inner earth?!
Syed Ahmed: vor 6 Monaten: Hollow earth starts from 600-800 miles inside. There are oceans, clouds, inner sun, animals, vegitation and even advance civilization inside the earth.
teven c: vor 1 Monat: Anyone notice on Google earth that it shows that hole in the poles and someone erased it.
IAMINT: vor 2 Monaten: SO how did the little girl in England tell the people of the town what happened?
She just happened to speak English?
Karen Carney: vor 6 Monaten: Avatar is based loosely on Inner Earth.
Cory ryder: vor 2 Monaten: the caves you speak of would be easy to set up for dumbs too underground military bases.
ose Saldivar: vor 2 Wochen Already ruined it with Gravity.
ennesseejed1969: vor 3 Monaten: Schizophrenia can and does fect all types of people, even high ranking military officials.
yewwtooob: vor 3 Monaten: Hahaha.
Conspiracy Revelation: 31.7.2020: I am laughing my ass off about some of your comments…Unbelievable what people think on a large scale with different perspectives en masse.
David s Lefort: vor 1 Monat: They are called blue avian and occupy the 6 density.
ccol009: vor 1 Monat: All these organizations, companies, corporations, and other things that try to hide and suppress this from US WILL NOT PREVAIL. WE WILL KNOW TRUTH, SEE AND EXPERIENCE IT.
ALA87: vor 3 Wochen: wow this was a waste of time.
QuoteZ: vor 5 Tagen: Idont believe any nasa footage anymore.
Lynne Benson: vor 1 Monat: 1700 miles and he didn’t run out of gas?
Paul Grigor: vor 10 Monaten: Underground but not on a spinning ball, no way, with hollow center, there just underneath us.
Clay Hodgetts: vor 6 Monaten: If there were underwater entrances then it would flood.
O! RU, L82?: vor 8 Monaten: Wow! These videos are excellent! I hope I am alive when disclosure happens.
Fredrik Svärd: vor 7 Monaten: O! RU, L82? It will never happen.
Mariana Lazarevic: vor 2 Monaten: The moon is artificial is hollow this ancient civilizations put their to create poles. North and South the entrances for them in and out.
Natureboy tom: vor 8 Monaten: Yes, the MAN MADE LAWS preventing civilians from entering Antartica in certain areas or flying over those areas. Imagine what a world it would be.
black pearl: vor 6 Monaten: For your own safety.
Xeno Bardock: vor 9 Monaten: Einsteins space-time curvature gravity theory is incorrect. For aether based gravity theory, google “Electric Hollow Earth. Ether/Aether Based Gravity and Inertia. Capacitor-like Earth. Theory.”.
Thomas Paolini: vor 7 Monaten: I often wonder how Corey Goode has managed to stay alive and active.
Conspiracy Revelation: 31.7.2020: At least his wife had the typical symptoms of a DOD/ARPA/Pentagon/Alphabet/CIA/DIA/NSA/NWO/Zionazi Nano Domestic Quell Targeted Individual..with the many jerkings of the motor cortex, as I heard once, some years ago where he suddenly erased his private video statement about this scenario- after it got sharings in my many archives.
LokiCoyote77: vor 2 Monaten: He shows every single sign of being an absolute fraud… That’s probably why.
Sheriese Henderson: vor 7 Monaten: Maybe that’s why Hollywood make movies about inner earth . Because some people have experience it.
Scott Johnstone: vor 7 Monaten: Gravity/ warped space-time, moves matter – so gravity is just another dimension that we can’t detect, or a force emanating from it – a dimension just being essentially a direction.
Sunny Times: vor 7 Monaten: WE NEED NEW LEADERS!
Umang Bhatt: vor 7 Monaten: CONspiracy.
Alisson Monteiro: vor 7 Monaten: The hollow heads theory.
Jack Brison: vor 7 Monaten: Gravity says no to this whole theory.
Xeno Bardock: vor 10 Monaten: Gravity is not due to curved spacetime or property of mass. Gravity is a product of electric charge within earths crust and aether flowing from space towards it producing the gravity and inertia we experience.
Specter Mad: vor 5 Monaten: Great video.
Joe Goodwin: vor 2 Monaten: Germans found it during world war 2 then the yanks went down there 1947 operation high jump after three months they high jumped out of there.–
Lois Ray McInnis: vor 7 Monaten: The Ancient School Of Wisdom is here Teaching us now.
Adam Huehn: vor 4 Monaten: Raid the Vatican and the Smithsonian. Better idea than 51 folks.
sai krishnan: vor 8 Monaten: The best informative video I have ever seen.
Vetri V: or 8 Monaten: there are many underworld civilizations in India the famous one all know is ajantha and ellora caves.
Victoria Papesh: vor 7 Monaten: My uncle before he died said there’s a volcano and jungle in center of Antarctica.
Joan Groulx: vor 7 Monaten: 100% true.
Kunal Hazra: vor 8 Monaten: In ancient Hindu mythology, these inner world s are called patala and there are 7 of them. Each ones are ruled by different intelligent species.
Joan Groulx: vor 7 Monaten: The bible also speaks of the inner earth.
arborcidal maniac: vor 1 Woche: Jesus called it paradise.
Ron Jeremy: vor 1 Monat: The reptilians are absolutely running the show.
hank fontaine: vor 4 Monaten: If you follow NASA you are lost already.
Simon Hall: vor 7 Monaten: Haha thanks for this video, needed some entertainment today!
freshlystealthy45: vor 9 Monaten: I’m in love with her voice!
Ian Chafer: vor 10 Monaten: There is a tunnel that spans from Tibet to the middle east pyramids.
Tomas Tylecek: vor 9 Monaten: this is a beauty.
Adam: vor 10 Monaten: Corey Goode is a fraud!!!
James Taylor: vor 8 Monaten: i want to go there.
s Shawross: vor 10 Monaten: The Bankers want to keep us ignorant so we can give them slave labor. Free your mind.
Jamie Cain Photo Images: vor 10 Monaten: Gold!
slomoe49: vor 10 Monaten: If youtube can use everyone’s videos for free that´s what they will do. Until the whole industries regulated they won’t pay shit.
Conspiracy Revelation: 31.7.2020: Yes. It´s a serious issue of corporate-totalitarian discrimination, fascism and censorship and military intelligence front proxy sabotage companies aka Prism-Zionazi-Gatekeepers…Youtube Criminals must pay, like Facebook Criminals..Pay for content, not censoring high-value content and wanting to get money for virality.
G G: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): RAMA was GREEN in colour not BLUE, KRISHNA was BLUE.
Baba Tsukato: vor 6 Monaten: Is inner earth like Zion in the Matrix? Is it filled with black and brown people? If so, I’ll pass.
Ward AlienVideo: vor 10 Monaten: Why ruin a documentary with Goode? He is a fraud.
Rosita Megchelenbrink: vor 10 Monaten: Our earth is not hollow, the torus around our earth is hollow.

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