Fall out Germany: Advanced Bioweapons Level5 U.S.Gov./Chemtrail/Nanotech-AI/Morgellon/Genocide

Fall out Germany: Advanced Bioweapons Level5 U.S.Gov./Chemtrail/Nanotech-AI/Morgellon/Genocide.
Things your NWO-Doctor won´t acknowledge… Seek physicians who know and dare to protest or to inform about.
Fall out Deutschland: Erweiterte Biowaffen Level5 U.S.Gov./Chemtrail/Nanotech-KI/Morgellon/Völkermord.
Dinge, die dein NWO-Arzt nicht zugeben wird… suche Ärzte, die es wissen und sich trauen, dagegen zu protestieren oder darüber zu informieren.
“SerenityNow: What an inefficient activity to have to spray everywhere everyday for it to then reach the ground.
felixthecat777333: This is so sick and twisted to think those satanist behind this take glory in doing this to us. Poisoning us and watching us die a slow and miserable death. Many have died already. I look at this method of killing as the most sinister. These devils come from a long line of evil in the highest degree. Thier anscestors of long ago were into the torture of people who didnt go along with thier way of life. They are the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to name 2. I imagine George Soros is in on it as well, and thier doom is coming. Thing is they know Gods word is true and will come to pass. They are them who say they are Jews but are not, they are the Synagoue of Satan…Dane has another video about trees dying around the world and now are a carbon source. I am seeing this all over ,trees half dead or totally dead.
Rachel Claire: Arrogance and greed, stupidity ..we are all succumbing to the effects of these noxious poisons deployed worldwide.. Silent weapons for quiet wars. The great culling is deep in progress. It is way past midnight
Will you continue to stay deaf and keep your eyes wide shut while all Gaia and its denizens are wiped clean from existence?
Cervantes Clan: A word for the climate engineers/sprayers from Rev. 11:17-18. “….The Lord God Almighty…. Will destroy them which destroy the earth…”
ctwatcher: Time to end all govt.’s around the entire world and stop their madness.
Charlie Mack: Ringing ears and the smell of burning wires or metallic sweet smell . LOVE COURAGE
jim w:Unbelievable……..they are killing us. Very powerful with the music, made me sad.
Jhere McKenzie: Unreal earringing!!!!!!!”

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