Gnarly Carly & The DARPA 2013 Proposals Revived – lllicit Smart Dust – Chemtrail – Nano-Quantum Infiltration of Humanity

Conspiracy Revelation: 8.12.2019: Gnarly Carly & The DARPA 2013 Proposals Revived – lllicit Smart Dust – Chemtrail – Nano-Quantum Infiltration of Humanity. I have researched for her 2013 DARPA Bill Proposals, because they disappeared on her account and I think it is very important to eternalize them in the Internet, she had the deepest insight from most Facebookers about the Quantum Dot Nanotech connection I assume. She was from Harvard University? I just found that it is worth mentioning, because nobody else in the whole Internet described and showed these DARPA Proposals, so I repost them, because I stored almost all informations, luckily I can revive her important Information from 2013, that was lost in Time:

Conspiracy Revelation Archive Vol.142: 6. Dezember 2019: She made the Pentagon DARPA BILLS (Proposals) Public from 2013..(and proved objectively the Morgellon-Smart Dust with Microscope – irrefutable Proofs)…which proves the illicit quantum sabotage acts and nano-tech infiltration of all living flesh on the planet via ARPA/DOD/CIA/DIA/NSA/USAF/NAVY/NWO/NIH/ Corporate Crime Inc and of the U.S. Gov on the global population.
John Brinsko: she was killed in a car accident near Gainsville FL..Monday night. T Boned by another vehicle.
Conspiracy Revelation: 7.12.2019: Diese Frau war eine der Haupt-Zivilforscherinnen bzgl. der Morgellonsbiowaffe/DODs/DARPA Nanotechnologie auf Facebook. Das Thema behandelt auch sehr stark quantenphysikalische Effekte…Das wächst in jedem Menschen… die Menschheit ist eine Cyborgspezies geworden durch Chemtrails. Kann jeder mit dem Mikroskop nachprüfen,…das sind objektive, unwiderlegbare Beweise für synthetische Nanobiotechnologie und die komplette ungefragte/verbotene Transformation der Menschheit.
Ich habe 2013 auch ein paar Mikroskop-Bilder veröffentlicht (bin aber bei weitem nicht so tief in die Materie eingestiegen über die selektiven Quantendots) und bin auch auf ihre Pentagon-DARPA-2013-Rechnungsvorschläge gestossen damals…wo man schwarz auf weiß die zukünftigen Menschenexperimente per Quantenanotechnologie sehen kann.
This woman was one of the main civilian researchers concerning the Morgellons bioweapon/DODs/DARPA nanotechnology on Facebook. The topic also deals very strongly with quantum physical effects … That grows in every human being … humanity has become a cyborg species through Chemtrails. Anyone can check this with the microscope … that is objective, irrefutable evidence of synthetic nanobiotechnology and the complete unsolicited/forbidden transformation of humanity. I also published a couple of microscope images in 2013 (but I have not got that far into the matter of the selective quantum dots) and I also came across their Pentagon DARPA 2013 invoice proposals back then… where one can see in black and white the future human experiments through quantum nanotechnology.
“Gnarly Carly: Quantum reaction taking place.”

Gnarly Carly hat 9 neue Fotos zu dem Album „Chemtrail Bio Nano Networks“ hinzugefügt.
17. Mai 2019
The project is in full operation, now that we have 5G. These are just a small sample of what is growing everywhere in So. Cal, from 2 weeks of solid chem dumps.
These are fully functional communications networks that work just like wired networks. They all self assemble into what is called The “Internet of Bio Nano Things” (IoBNT)
This is no joke, and its everywhere. But specifically created for the human body. Yes, its inside of you, on your pants, on your shirt, and inside of your kids and babies. It about time people stop laughing and rolling their eyes, and realize that nobody, not Trump or anyone who you think gives a shit about you, is doing anything to stop this. It transmits and receives over wifi, which is called the Bio Cyberspace and contains synthetic RNA/ DNA, engineered viruses and bacteria, and feeds off your proteins, lipids, and many other compounds, all controlled by frequencies. It literally communicates with the outside world. I know, it’s impossible you think. Well that’s what they are counting on. There is tons of data to back it up. Here is enough to convince you that I have not lost my mind.

“Album Chemtrail Nano dump in So. Cal 5/9/19
10. Mai ·
Today we got mostly red and white. The red tubes each have their own power sources up and down them. Very powerful little bright pretty wires of death.
Whenever you see a bright field of light around a tube, that is electrons spinning. There is a reaction taking place, and usually there is a blue wire touching a tube to make this happen, but red tubes can do this on their own or make any other tube spin out and grow.Album Chemtrail Nano dump in So. Cal 5/9/19
Conspiracy Revelation: 7.12.2019: Man kann das schon Morgellons nennen, sie versucht nur das Rockefeller-Hirnwäsche-System zu umschiffen, weil der ICD-666 natürlich eine Fehlleitung für die ignoranten Doktoren beinhaltet, um das Entdecken der globalen Archontifizierung (Synthetifizierung) zu verzögern…so glauben sie wohl mehr “Casualties” erzeugen zu können..
You can call that Morgellons, she´s just trying to circumvent the Rockefeller brainwashing system, because the ICD-666, of course, contains a misguidance for the ignorant doctors to delay the discovery of global archontification (synthetification)… so they probably believe to create more “Casualties” ..
Gnarly Carly I can’t believe I’m back into this shit again. It’s just so much more advanced now than it was back in AZ. There is none in Florida. I may just have to go back there.
Gnarly Carly Please stop referring to this as Morgellons. That is the name that they gave you to use. Get it, (Morgue – ellons?)
It’s DNA Nanotech poisoning, and maybe if you woudl stop using that stupid name, people would take you seriously,
as there is no such thing as a Morgellons fiber, so the doctors can call you a lune. But there certainly is such thing as a DNA Nanotube, and these can easily be verified as such.
Christina Holbrook Gestalt meaning. People first heard of it thst way…ok, I wont say it. I thought it was doctors name who publicly made it known as diseases are given docs names. Regarless, most have no understanding of why and how it occurs. Same name calling when one differienates between contrails and chemtrails, We were taught in elementary about contrails and discussed in class how rare it was to see two form a small X in the sky. Now I am referred to as an uneducated idoit because, prior, this shit wasn’t reguraly sprayed in skies and I notice it is not a contrail, by all means. People just look at you like your stupid for understanding the difference. We know who the lunes are. So, who is their leader and who is going to stop this. We are ignored, censored by the media and made out to be the criminals. F b here just keeps truth contained between the ones sharing. We have a republic government separate from the US Corp. We need to form more unification here to expand.1Diesen Inhalt verbergen oder meldenGefällt mir· Antworten
· 30 W
📷Gnarly Carly It’s not the same, and if you don’t call it what it is, nobody will ever be exposed or take you seriously. You can call it what you want, but I would think that you guys would want to know wherre it comes from and what it really is,.
Everything is a lie that you are told, and I don’t have anything to do with any of those groups anymore
(Ask Kandy, I help start some of them) because the Rockefellers have paid so much to put out misinfo like CEHF, Charles E. Holman foundation. Not named after an old guy who had it, as that suggests that anyone had it prior to the chemtrails. “Charles E” is “Engine Charlie”, who was high ranking llunimatti, former CEO of GM, and first one of their little crew to be high in Govt., I think he was Sec. of Defense to Eisenhower. Very tied in and so obvious to me. The Holman comes from Eugene Holman, First president of standard oil. Which is Rockefeller, who is leading this genocide program.
So I have never called it by this stupid name, and I used to scream at the top of my lungs to tell people, but nobody listened, as I don’t get funded or donations, even though I was at Cal Tech in the Lab, and those CEHF skanks were in NYC living large off your money.
“Gnarly Carly: Pink Nanotubes from the chemtrails sprayed on So. Cal 5/4/19
Chemtrail nano that was sprayed on Southern Calif. on 5/4/2019.
The pink stuff, which all has it’s own self contained power supplies, and works hard to activiate the nano networks. Look at the first pic. Remember how I always say how they help each other? Each arrow shows where one tube grew thru the center of another, causing it to split down the middle and replciate. The stuff tonight has a payload too. See the little balls in the tube in the second pic? that is a payload. These balls are released into the body as the tube splits. It’s a great shot of them here.
The little balls on the ends of the pink tubes seem to have a lot of power, as everything they touch seems to be going thru a quantum transformation. Just pay attention to how they are always growning thru the center of each other, without ever breaking either tube. This is how they create their netoworks.
Lance Hays Fucking nanos,
📷John Graf It is in everything….go to the heath store and test organic fruit..anything…the nano fibers are all over everything.
📷Gnarly Carly Yup. In all the animals, food, fruit, veggies, etc. Anything that touches air is contaminated. Doesn’t leave us much choice. I laugh my ass off when someone claims to be eating organic. yeah it helps to not eat GMOs, but if it touches air or grows in dirt, it’s infested. Even a greenhouse has air. And unless you fill it up with compressed scuba tank air (haha), it’s filled with nano. Hell, scuba tank air probably has nano in it too.”
Carly Lebrun ist mit Lura Jim und 11 weiteren Personen unterwegs.
7. Juli 2013
These have all been found in the chemtrails.(200x Magnification).
Either collected straight from the air, or pulled off the skin before they could bore down thru the skin into the body, which they do.
Conspiracy Revelation: 7.12.2019: Ohne Eisenhower und Kennedy hätten wir weder das DARPA-MIL, noch das NAVY-Infiltrationsmassenfolter und Massenbiowaffensystem…dann wären wir der Freiheit um einiges näher gewesen…Die Welt hätte viel viel weniger leiden müssen…für die machtbessessenen und größenwahnsinnigen Gestalten..
Conspiracy Revelation: 8.12.2019: Here some of my eternalizations from 2012 out of over half a Million Facebook Screenshots… and most people still have no clue.. 7 years later after non-stop conspiracy revelation efforts.

Add-On: 13.12.2019:
Conspiracy Revelation Archive Vol.170:
“John Brinsko
4. Dezember 2019
It’s not my Loss! It’s OUR Loss! Carly is a “TrailBlazer”. She went so far beyond being a “keyboard” Warrior…if only you guys knew! She got her hands dirty in the “trenches” of nano tech research..she is a scientist.
Marian Sutherland: I’m so sorry to hear this tragic news John.
Dana La Mare: Doula John Brinsko my condolences to you and Carly’s family, it’s so sad we’ve lost a beautiful precious truth seeker, the circumstances sound suspicious to me, like Carly was targeted for making a big difference 😔
Cathy Dolbec: John Brinsko those are the targeted ones…I keep my vehicle before 2007…computers can cause accidents…look at Princess Di!!”
“Jana Korner: No freaking way! Was it a true accident???
Sean Casey: Jana Korner, a couple of years ago she said they tried to run her off the road. Accidents happen but who knows what really happened?”
“Libby Hejdukova I can not get over it, unbelievable, she was so full of life. It can not be normal accident. She was smart!
John Graf: That is what I was thinking too.
Sheryl Behnke: Princess Diana ACCIDENT.
Libby Hejdukova Yes, I think so too!”
“Amy Peeples: I am trying to tell people with out making her daughter mad that I called the city of Gainsville police got transferred to their records department and they have no record of anyone with the last name of Lebrun or Hill getting into a car accident or any report ever being generated.”
“Jana Dixon One of the brightest stars in the Universe has just gone out. Our lives are so much more deprived without this amazing, shining queen.
Martina Kaldenhoven Jana Dixon one of the brightest stars in the universe might have been realesed to shine even brighter.”
“Rebecca Andromeda: I can’t really believe it. I didn’t get to know her well enough yet. But I’m so sad .. In tears. Will salvage her posts about nanotech.”
“Catherine Elizabeth Barley-Albertini Another psyop heart attack.? Wow!
Sean Casey Catherine Elizabeth Barley-Albertini, car accident. She told me a couple of years ago they tried to run her off the road.
Catherine Elizabeth Barley-Albertini Sean Casey oh my gosh. That is terrible.”
“Lynn Jensen: I checked out her page. She posted amazing stuff I had never heard about. A tremendous loss all the way around.🌹”
“Scott Ellis: Yes people are dying mysteriously from chemical trails RIP to her.”
“John Brinsko: Gnarly Carly is a True Patriot….she is in Effect a Martyr as well because she was banished from long term gainful employment by the Powers that “Be” for her defiance to their merciless tyranny. Thus she had to constantly go to great lengths to maintain a steady income…”
“Sean Casey: I met Carly on Facebook through a friend who has known her since high school. Carly was the one who first told me all about HAARP & Chemtrails back in 2014. Carly worked at DARPA on the HAARP Project & knew all about what this technology is being used for. Carly never held back, she was very outspoken about the conspiracy, a true Whistleblower. I will miss her greatly. :(”

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