Shiva Comes Now at the Darkest Moment in History – Shunyamurti Teaching

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Shiva Comes Now at the Darkest Moment in History – Shunyamurti Teaching
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“so in India, because this is a hindu holiday even though it’s actually a universal holiday the coming of shiva is also the second coming of christ the coming of the
moshiach, the coming of khalki the coming of whatever avatar maitreya or
the if you’re one of the shiites then it’s the last imam or whoever all of
those are different metaphors for that coming of god consciousness,
there’s one religion with many names and many ways of expressing the same truth,
so it doesn’t matter which cultural intonation or idiomatic expression of
the truth that you received in childhood or converted into
recognize the universality of what is being revealed and uh and not
feel some need to choose one religious belief or another because
then you would be on the level of the signifier and not the signified
so we have to go beyond words beyond any uh linguistic or conceptual
uh paradigm that would try to put this within some frame of reference that the ego can
grasp because the whole point of this is to shatter that paradigm and all of its
illusions and breakthrough into infinite consciousness that cannot be contained
in language so an orthodox hindu on this day would fast okay
now yogis prefer to feast i’m quite aware of that which is appropriate if you are already realized in shiva consciousness then yes feastingis the appropriate way to uh to respond
to this holiday it’s a fact it’s an occurrence it’s not a hope a yearning
that one has to purify oneself for by giving up and renouncing every pleasure
in order to want god’s redemptive light to fill one but if one is not yet
in that state you can still feast but fast from maya for the next 24 hours
okay fast from illusion fast from mental chatter do yourself that favor
you can still eat the delightful food that’s on the menu but eat it in a state
of meditation and do everything for the next 24 hours in a meditative state realizing not only that all the shiva everything is shiva the whole world is only shiva and drag
but that also means that you are that and so move away from the illusion that you’re
separate from shiva and realize that you are just one more manifestation of shiva
consciousness as an individual molecule within the whole but that shiva
consciousness that is the whole is what is animating you and is the true nature
of your awareness, alright, superimposed on your awareness which is shiva is mental chatter that’s the ego, okay, then there’s the intellect the buddhi
that recognizes that it’s mental chatter and that it’s an illusion and wants to
break free that’s the soul, the soul must turn away from the chatter
and turn toward the awareness and dissolve into it the soul then becomes
one with god and the ego mask falls away and is burned in the in the light in the
sacrificial fire that is created by the consummation of love that the soul has
for god and it’s in that that we are liberated from all suffering okay so it’s a very simple thing nothing needs to be done because you are already shiva… let go of all dualistic ideas and realize that the shiva consciousness the absolute the buddha nature the ultimateconsciousness is already what you are it’s only obscured by the mental chatter let go of that and the light and the power and the love the joy the bliss of
god god-consciousness will be revealed as your essence, so this is what we must do
relentlessly for a full period of of a 24-hour day in order to wipe away the tendencies the samskaras of going back into the illusion we must keep the illusion away
out of our space long enough, so that it is so filled with the power
of that divine presence that your energy field will not have any weaknesses that
would allow maya to re-enter right it’s that simple create an energy field of
silent, peaceful, serene, loving presence….and a beautiful divine play
and you will be ready to emerge as manifestations of that supreme being… the public revelation of god by changing the morphogenetic field of the planet through your own vibrationalfrequency, having become a transmitter of god’s presence into the world,
so that’s our job as yogis nothing less, but nothing very difficult … i brought one of my favorite books of swami muktananda, he was he was a actually a kashmir shaivite
and uh and one and one of the last of the gurus who really understood uh shaivism this is my favorite book of his is called nothing exists that is not shiva… maya is actually
the goddess… and then that potentiality gets activated and it becomes the goddess, the
activation of the infinite potency of the mind creates ..the world..”

“From that pure consciousness then the kingdom of heaven will emerge as your true habitat and it won’t take a lot of time…”

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